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  1. Hi Chris, its looking fantastic! What do you use to do your panel lines please? George
  2. Another thing i wonder if i should have done earlier.........................Masking the yellow wing tips? Anyway, a bit of toilet roll and some tamiya tape. Then some 40+ year old Tamiya Yellow (32ml bottle, if anybody remembers them?). Actually found it thinned better with a bit of water. If only the formula was still the same, as the old paint used to brush soooooo much better. Turned out ok ish. Spinner/props need some attention me thinks. George
  3. Blue is on! Gave it a couple of coats of Vallejo Model Air 71.313 Dark Med Blue then added a bit of Ammo Mig Dunkelbraun 0007 (sort of cream colour) to tone it down. Then sprayed a sort of dust coat mostly concentrated on the top surfaces. Not sure if it is acurate, but i like the colour! George
  4. Hi Nik, I am sure @Bullbasket will be able to help with that one. George
  5. Coming along nicely Nik. Good that you are showing what you are doing in detail, so others can do similar if they wish. Keep up the good work. George
  6. I am far from an expert, but i think it is better to form the curves around the drive sproket and rear idler, then connect the long runs to them. George
  7. Could be a bit risky John. You will have to work quickly incase the links don't meet up between the top and bottom runs. George
  8. Another for the tarps. They look great Stef. Wonder if you will get stuck doing the Nashorn early without paint? It has a big open bit at the back George
  9. I have used the broken windscreen, so it will look bad, but will worry about that after i have the blue on. Think this is really just practice for me now and this will not be going anywhere near the display cabinet. George
  10. I have also found that if you get the same colour from different manufactures they all seem to be slightly different shades. For instance, German grey from Tamiya, Ammo Mig and AK are all different so you can end up with a base colour and then a lighter and highlight colour. Maybe more for AFV modelling, but you get the idea. George
  11. BTW i do remember him talking about being in Iraq and flying sorties along the border. Nothing to do with Malta, but maybe Meteors? George
  12. Thanks for the info Mark. I am starting to think my Uncle is a bit more confussed than i thought. He was positive about NF11 and Malta, but not so sure about 19 Squadron. Obviously from what you have said, it sounds like he has the NF11 and Malta confussed also. Wonder if i can arrange to get him hypnotised to delve into the depths of his brain! George
  13. Didn't really find much help for basic aircraft masking on YouTube, so had to use my noggin. Anyway, hopefully this will do the job. Fingers crossed George
  14. Thanks Andy, I tend to believe the manufactures (wrongly), which has stuffed me up a few times already. Apparently, my last build of a Chevrolet Field artillery tractor has totally the wrong camouflage pattern. Oh well, nobody got hurt and it looked ok to my eye. I don’t mind mixing paint, but it is so much easier out of a bottle or jar, so I always prefer that. May not be totally correct, but hey……………….. George
  15. Hi, I have heard others talking about using Pledge, but which one should i get and do you need to thin it and if so what with? A photo of the correct stuff would be handy, if you don't mind. Cheers, George
  16. With the Meteor GB coming up in October, I would like to build one in honor of my Uncle who flew them in the early 50’s. When I talked to him about it recently (bear in mind he is 93) he said he was in 19 Squadron and flew NF11 Night fighters in Malta in 1953. I have done a few searches for 19 Squadron in Malta, Meteors in Malta, NF11 in Malta, etc. Not really getting anywhere, so hoping you clever BM people can help out me please. If he is right (and hasn’t lost his marbles) any photos, colour schemes and marking would be fantastic. Thanks in advance, George
  17. Bit more progress. I have tried a couple of different "primer" paints before, but didn't get on with them, so i generally like to use a coat of Tamiya XF as my primer. I find it covers and adheres well. In this case i used XF-66 Light grey. I guess i would have been better using XF-83 Medium sea grey, but i haven't got any. After a couple of thin coats it showed up that a bit more filling was needed. Was feeling a bit lazy, so didn't bother with another coat of Tamiya after the filling. Instead i gave it a couple of thin coats of AK RAF medium Sea Grey (AK11843). This is the first time i have sprayed the AK 3rd generation paints. It sort of implies you don't need to thin it, but you definately do! Anyway it seems to have covered ok. Next up is the masking before the lovely Dark Mediterranean Blue. Never masked up an aircraft before so i will be checking it out on YouTube. George
  18. Have been pottering on with this and it is starting to look like a Spitfire, however…………………. I have been making some right royal c-ups! Firstly, the fuel vent pinged from my tweezers at light speed, never to be seen again. So, I filled the hole and used a drill to try and make an indent. Don’t think it is quite central Secondly and even worse, while I was trying to mask up the front canopy, I managed to snap it in half. Disaster, was going to chuck the whole thing, but think I will try and stick it together and finish the model. As it is my first aircraft for some time, I think it will be worth finishing it to go through the painting and weathering stage……………….and then bin it Do people generally attach canopy’s prior to masking, or is this just down to my club fingers? George
  19. Hi Chris, i was actually looking to get the Airfix 1/72 Seafire, but it is currently out of production (i think). Looking on scalemates there are lots of other options, but no idea which kits are the best. Maybe my next build? George
  20. In an effort to minimize sanding and removal of details I have used Vallejo Plastic Putty to try and fill the gaps. I applied it sparingly, then after a couple of minutes wiped the excess off with a moistened cotton bud. Hopefully with a bit of light sanding/polishing and a re-scribe of the panel details it will do the job. Guess I won’t know properly until I give it a primer coat, but fingers crossed. George
  21. Thanks Chris. I find it strange that they make such a nice kit then seem to do a Friday afternoon job on the cowling. George
  22. Very nice. You might want to move it to RFI maybe? George
  23. Think you have done the painting and weathering spot on. The last photo makes it look like realistic heavy metal, which it obviously was. George
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