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  1. Hi Stef, i find these are good as a basic set. George
  2. Absolutely fantastic modelling. Love everything. Really well done. You must have so much patience, if i manage one vehicle and a couple of figures without losing interest i think i have done well. George
  3. Thanks for the info Stix. I have used a couple of different washes before, but one was a bit red and the other a bit brown. Anyway i will see if i can get the one you mentioned and give it a go. I don't paint the eyes either. This is one of my previous better efforts. George
  4. Thanks Darryl and Ed, feel i am getting there now, but still loads to do. George
  5. We now have wheels and tracks on. Think i am doing things before i should be, and taking shortcuts. Maybe panic about less then a month to go on this GB, or having a clear desk ready for the Canadian GB which starts next month! I know a lot of people will cringe, but i don't mind rubber band tracks sometimes. Saves a lot of hassle and money. Anyway, to that end I must commend Mr Tamiya on his rubber band tracks. They stick together with Tamiya liquid cement and the paint sticks to them really well. I made an ICM T-34 a while back and not only were the tracks in 2 parts per side (why???), but the paint would not stick to them for love nor money. Every little movement and big flakes came off, nightmare. Oh, i nearly forgot. My "easy way to paint faces" didn't work, so i have had to invest in some VMS Clean slate. Back to the drawing board as they say George
  6. Ended up looking fantastic Stix. Sure this will get plenty of votes in the GB. George
  7. Thanks for the comments Gents. I have started adding some mud to the hull/running gear and have had another "why oh why" moment. What was i thinking when i added the bogies all that time ago. Think it was so the model had something to stand on, but certainly makes weathering harder George
  8. A well overdue update. Have been plodding on with the detail painting, but not getting much time at the bench unfortunately. Have also done the pin wash. I didn't find it too bad painting the stowage in situ, but realise it would have been much easier if i had left the rope off. I am not very happy with my overpainted star on the turret. Why oh why, did i not use the blacked out one Tamiya provided! Oh well hopefully it will look better when it has a coat of Matt varnish. Have also given the other decals a coat of very thin OD to tone them down. Next job is to add a bit of mud/dust to the lower hull/running gear then get the wheels and tracks on. Then final weathering. Oh and then the base and the figures. George
  9. In my limited experience in the hobby, i have realised that a good coat of varnish can get rid of silvering and helps to hid the edges. Also your stowage looks a bit shiney, so whats to lose. George
  10. Really nice. Well done Steve. George
  11. I think it looks ok Darryl. I would just touch up the lines with a brush. That plane thing looks good btw George
  12. Fantastic stuff. So much detail and everything looks perfect! Really well done. George
  13. I have never tried it, but some people use White tack (a less greasy version of Blu tack). Maybe you could use it for the lines and fill in with the panzer putty? George
  14. Looking great Rob. Where did you get the MDF bases from please? George
  15. Very nice Filippo, but i think you have left it in gear! George
  16. Looking good Ed and i to like the green sand skirts. George
  17. Coming along nicely Darryl. Appreciate you have the cam to do, but it looks strange in brown George
  18. A strange looking beast, but very nicely done. George
  19. FANGTASTIC! Get it? Really great. An award winner in my book! George
  20. Fully agree with all that has been said above. Really nice! I enjoyed the WIP also. Very well done, George
  21. Really impressed Steve! I like it that you are basically only using 4 colours. On previous tutorials i have watched, they seem to use about 10+ shades of flesh colour, which just blows my mind and puts me off. I was going to ask why you don't use an acrylic base, but i now understand you need the base oil coat to be blendable. On that note, how long does it stay blendable and how long to totally dry? Keep up the good work, George
  22. I have heard of some people using Lighter fluid and i also have some VMS Oil expert (but never tried it), would these help to speed up the drying time? The tutorial is great btw Steve. George
  23. A couple of firsts here. First time using VMS decal set and softer and the first-time using Star decals. The decals went on ok after a gloss coat, but I ended up with quite bad silvering. Don’t think I have ever not had Silvering, but I now know that a good coat of varnish usually sorts it if the decals are well stuck on. I waited 24 hours then applied a coat of VMS varnish. Sort of came out ok although I seem to have a couple of tide marks. Not sure what that is, maybe I used too much decal fluid? The star decals are quite nice. I like that the stars and other marking are not perfect i.e, there are little patches missing rather than a solid white. They are in my opinion quite thick, which I guess I didn’t expect from a dedicated decal manufacture. Then again, what do I know George
  24. I have the British version of this kit, so am looking forward to seeing you perform your magic on this one Cesar. George
  25. Thanks for the reminder Darryl My hands arn't too bad. The problem i have is my eyes, I am practically blind in one eye (old rugby injury) so my perception of distance is not great. I normally get by, but sometimes this results in a big blob of paint in the wrong place, as I think the brush is further away George
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