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  1. Many thanks for your helpful posts, I have emailed using the address you suggest and will patiently await a reply, many, many other projects to consider meanwhile, the TT.18 will be a reminder of times spent parked at the end of Yeovilton's runway many years ago!
  2. I will try and wait patiently......
  3. Hi All, posted elsewhere in error!!! Does anyone know, please, if the Alley Cats Canberra TT.18 conversion kit is still available? Upon searching, it shows it is, but it cannot be put in the cart, and is not listed on their website. I tried to email, but the submit button disappears! Many thanks Mark
  4. Please accept my apologies, I noticed it too late, can you please delete. Thank you
  5. Hi Many thanks for your reply and offer, I am thinking about using some brass model railway handrail knobs suitably modified. Best regards Mark
  6. Hi Many thanks for info on the locking bolts and rivets can they be purchased? Best regards Mark
  7. Hi The Alfa is looking really good, I have followed your lead, and purchased a set of wire wheels for mine, sorry if I have missed it, but where did you acquire the wire locking bolts from? Many thanks Best regards Mark
  8. Hi I've just found the link. Many thanks Mark
  9. Hi The Alfa is coming along nicely, do you have contact details for the new wire wheels? Many thanks Mark
  10. Hi Just answered my own question, concerning the class 26 upgrade, Scale four Forum! Bookmarked for future reference. Apologies for thread drift! Mark
  11. Lovely modelling, I used to watch these from the end of Yeoviltons runway. FAA Phantom and class 26 in the same thread, phantastic! Could you tell me please, which model railway magazine was the class 26 article published in, I have one in the qué for re-gauging to P4, plus sound etc. Many thanks Mark
  12. Great models, especially the Meteor and Rapide and Avenger and.......
  13. Brilliant modelling, the Ferarri exhaust pipes must have left you, well, exhausted!!! (sorry)
  14. Lovely model, just brought back memories of getting a lift home from work in a bubble car!
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