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  1. Hi Tony, I can still see those Hastings formations in my minds-eye 60 years later!! On annual ATC camp, I flew circuits and bumps in a Britannia at Lyneham. There were Comets as well, plus a Meteor T7 dumped near the control tower! And Airfix kits were 2 shillings (10p) each! Mark
  2. Hi Tony The Hastings looks really good, I have the S & M Hastings in my stash. I remember them when I was about ten years old, very often, flying over, very low and very slow, in formations of three. I assume from Colerne, perhaps. Maek
  3. Hi Colin, I am interested in the Emma Hobby model stand, but can't seem to find any info on the internet. Do you have any more information. Excellent Gannet! Many thanks Mark
  4. Sea Kings are still operated from this site by HeliOperations(?) on SAR training. Mark
  5. Hi, I was wondering why the Mosquito bomber variant had a vee shaped windscreen, whereas, the fighter variant had a flat windscreen. I'm sure the answer is simple, but it alludes me! Many thanks Mark
  6. Sorry, 825!! Not paying attention!! Many thanks Mark
  7. Hi Colin, The "Green Parrot" sounds interesting, where did you get the decals? Thank you. Mark
  8. Many thanks for your helpful posts, I have emailed using the address you suggest and will patiently await a reply, many, many other projects to consider meanwhile, the TT.18 will be a reminder of times spent parked at the end of Yeovilton's runway many years ago!
  9. Hi All, posted elsewhere in error!!! Does anyone know, please, if the Alley Cats Canberra TT.18 conversion kit is still available? Upon searching, it shows it is, but it cannot be put in the cart, and is not listed on their website. I tried to email, but the submit button disappears! Many thanks Mark
  10. Please accept my apologies, I noticed it too late, can you please delete. Thank you
  11. Hi Many thanks for your reply and offer, I am thinking about using some brass model railway handrail knobs suitably modified. Best regards Mark
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