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  1. Hi All It's been a while since my last update so here goes....... Decals applied and rudder attached; the decals settled down nicely with an application of Microsol. I messed up one of the rudder crescents so had to take another from the sheet And a view of the underside....... And to complete the set, now the side view..... The decals were all sealed with a coat of Tamiya clear gloss and so the next step was a bit of weathering. I started with the underside oil staining using watercolours; finding period photo's of the underside proved a bit harder than I thought it would be but hopefully I have not overdone it? I need to tone down the top side decals as they do look a little stark against the lightly faded paintwork so I will do that with some Tamiya weathering powders before it all gets sealed with another coat of varnish, this time in matt to flatten the finish and tie it all together. I have the undercarriage doors all painted and the wheels done so I hope over the Easter weekend to get it close to finished. Thanks for looking and have a great Easter everyone! Best regards Tim.
  2. OK, managed to grab a bit of time in front of the modelling bench. Paper masks made and applied. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, the Tigerhead decals didn't come with any painting or decal placement guides so I had to rely on their website for a PDF version. This was not an issue apart from the camouflage scheme appeared to be different on each drawings they gave. As I believe these Turkish aircraft were ex RAF machines it seemed more appropriate to paint it following the Airfix instructions for the 112 Sqn that the kit decals are based on so that is what I did. Dark earth applied in a patchy fashion to represent a bit of sun fading. I left the model to dry a while then peeled back the wingtip mask to check the results, I got a little carried away and soon all the masks had been removed! The flash of camera is showing a couple of areas where the top coat is a little thin but in normal light the shading seems to blend better. There are a couple of places where I need to tidy up on the upper surfaces but nothing very drastic. The double sided tape I used to fix the masks has lifted a small area of the Azure blue on the rear fuselage so this will need to be attended to. I'll get the wheel wells painted up and the landing gear doors done before I put the the gloss coat on and then I'll be on for applying decals! That's all for now folks. Thanks for looking and I'll be back with more progress soon. Regards Tim.
  3. Hi A small amount of progress over the weekend. I didn't get as much time as I'd hoped so only managed to get the Middle Stone first layer applied. Like the underside, this had some lightened paint over sprayed to break up the solid colour. I now just need to make and apply my paper masks and I will be ready to apply the Dark Earth final camo colour and then we will see how it all turns out....... Thanks for looking and see you all very soon. Regards Tim.
  4. Hi All More progress to report! As my normal favourite choice of paints (Tamiya/Gunze) do not have a ready mix of RAF Azure blue (I know Gunze do in their lacquer range but did not want to place an order for a single pot of paint) I painted the underside using the Humbrol Acrylic paints as supplied in the starter set. The paint itself is very thick so it was heavily thinned using Tamiya thinners with a drop of Windsor and Newton flow improver for good measure; it flowed well through the airbrush at 15-18psi and gave a fine finish and good colour coverage which I was pleased with. However.............. Being used to the drying times of Tamiya and Gunze paints, what I didn't expect was that having waited half an hour, I picked up the model to check the finish and promptly damaged the paint! Having never used Humbrol acrylic paints before I was not sure if the paint had poor adhesion or if the amount of thinner and flow improver was to blame? As the paint pots that come with the starter sets have no instructions I went to the Humbrol website and it states that the paint should be dry in 2 hours so it would appear that the reason for the damaged was because I was being too impatient! I scrubbed the remaining paint off the kit with an old toothbrush and re-applied the colour this time giving it plenty of time (overnight!) to dry fully. Certain areas were then overblown with a lightened colour to give a bit of variation, unfortunately the flash of the camera has flattened the effect but in daylight it is there. As the weekend is here and I have some free time, I will progress onto the top colour and report back soon......... Thanks for stopping by. Best regards Tim.
  5. Hi Cliff Like yourself, I'd never used brass tube to replace gun barrels etc and I was concerned about crushing the tube but I was really surprised just how easy it was to do. All I did was put the tube on the cutting mat and roll it along with the blade of my modelling knife whilst applying light pressure and it cut straight through with a nice edge to it. Best regards Tim.
  6. Hi All More progress....... Airfix want you to add the propeller at an early stage in the build before adding the top cowling; given my previous experiences with other kits, this would certainly lead to disaster! The other problem for me would be getting a nice fit on the top cowling and then masking the spinner off whilst doing the painting so I decided to do a bit of an alteration to the front end. Firstly, I attached the cowling and made sure I got a good fit. Having left that overnight, I needed to find a drill bit and a punch in the same size from my punch and die set to create the discs that I needed. I decided that a 6mm bit would be a good size and drilled the front of the kit out. I then punched some discs from 1mm plastic sheet and a smaller disc which I would use to replace the securing part for the propeller which I appear to have lost from the kit. The disc on the back of the prop is a snug fit into the fuselage front and actually fits in without the need for glue, the spinner appears (surprisingly) to sit in the correct position and the propeller still spins! I also decided to cut off the moulded in gun barrels from the cowling. I then drilled the gun shrouds and replaced the barrels with some 0.8mm brass rod: After some final fettling, the main fuselage was then primered with Mr Surfacer 1000: The primer revealed just a few small areas that will need some attention so I will allow the primer to fully harden before tackling these, it will then be off into the paint booth proper! Whilst I had the airbrush out, I decided to apply some paint to the spinner and propeller. Once this is fully dry, I will mask off the tips and paint them: I also decided to paint the rudder. The super close up photo makes the finish look a bit "orange peel" but in the flesh the finish looks quite smooth: That's all for now........ Thanks for looking! Be back soon! Regards Tim.
  7. Hi Col The seatbelts were easy to use once they had been removed from the backing sheet. To remove them, Eduard suggests using pointed tweezers to get hold of each strap but I found that the tweezers I have were not great so I lifted the edge of the straps using a sharp blade and grabbed them from there. There is a warning to use white glue and not CA so I presume that would have adverse effects. Regards Tim.
  8. Hi Ok, so now I know I'm building a Tomahawk and not a Kittyhawk I've made some actual progress....... I very much doubt that the wing gun barrels would survive the build and as I was planning to replace them with some brass tubing anyway; I decided to cut them off. Cockpit painted and a small amount of weathering done. The wings halves were also assembled: Fuselage together. The bulkhead behind the seat had a noticeable seam running through it that would still be visible when the headrest was fitted so it was filled and repainted: Wings on and underside glued, about to run some extra thin cement down the wing root. The fit so far has been very good and apart from a couple of area's where I was clumsy removing the parts from the large sprue gates I'm impressed with the little Airfix kit. This view also shows the seat installed with the Eduard Super Fabric seatbelts. All buttoned up and tail surfaces attached. I will attach the rudder at the end of the build, this will aid the painting as the rudder will be all red! Just got a few seams to deal with and it will be time for primer and painting. Thanks for stopping by. More soon.......... Best regards Tim.
  9. Ahh, that would appear to present an issue then! OK, no problem I will choose one of the other options, like this one: Would that be ok? Regards Tim.
  10. Hi For my second entry, I chose the 1:72 Revell P-47D Thunderbolt. The box shot: The sprue shot: The decals I will be using: I will be adding Eduard Super Fabric seatbelts to this model with the other set going into the P-40B I'm doing. I also purchased the Model Masters barrels as the moulded in the wing kit ones don't look great, whilst I think the MM are great I also think that in 1:72 I could have got away with just using some Albion Alloys tubing cut to length instead...... Opening the sprue bag, it appears that the kit is a bit of a flash monster so there will be a few area's that need a good clean up before assembly starts. More progress soon....... Regards Tim.
  11. Hi About time I started a build thread....... I'm normally a 1:48 scale builder but given how I have failed to finish the models in other group builds I thought I might have a better chance with a 1:72 scale model. I was looking through Hannants for a suitable model for this group build and they had the new Airfix P-40B Tomahawk IIb in the starter kit on offer at £ 3.99 so I thought I would use that for my entry for Turkey. Here's the kit: And the sprue shot: The decals I will be using: I will be doing the top aircraft 710, surprisingly there are no placement instructions supplied with the decals but there are other images of the decals on Hannants site and also Tiger Head's site that show where the decals go. onto the build and more progress soon....... Regards Tim.
  12. Well thank you!! I came across this group build a bit late so thought all the good countries had already gone but there are plenty of countries still not represented. I googled "list of air forces" and a Wikipedia entry came up with all the nations and each entry has a list of the aircraft represented so if accurate (and why would it not be as its Wikipedia!) , here's the current list of what I believe to be left: Algeria Armenia Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Barbados Belarus Belize Benin Bhutan Bosnia and Herzegovina Brunei Burundi Cape Verdi Central African Republic Congo Cyprus Djibouti Eqatorial Guinea Fiji Gabon Gambia Guinea Guinea-Bissau Guyana Haiti Honduras Iceland Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Lesotho Liberia Libya Luxembourg Macedonia Madagascar Malawi Maldives Malta Mauritius Moldova Montenegro Mozambique Namibia Nepal Niger Panama Papua New Guinea Rwanda Senegal Serbia Seychelles Sierra Leone Slovenia Sri Lanka Suriname Swaziland Tajikistan Tanznia Tonga Togo Trinidad and Tobago Turkmenistan United Arab Emerates Uzbekistan Yeman (North and South) Zambia At the bottom of the Wikipedia list there is another list of now non existant Air Forces, which if the mods allow will give another 30-40 entries so there really is no excuse for not looking in the stash and finding something that fits! Apologies if something in the list has already been taken......... Best wishes for 2015 to all! Regards Tim.
  13. Hi All Can I join in with Turkey and Nicaragua? Many thanks in advance. Best regards Tim.
  14. Hi All Well some slow but steady progress........... White Cowling ring all painted. Cowling ring masked and cowl flaps painted, trying to find the correct colour was a bit of an issue; the information I found seemed to be different the more I looked at it. One builder used Dark Gull Grey which seemed too dark, another used Light Gull Grey which looked too light so in the end I used a mix of Light Gull Grey and Neutral Grey which seems about right in day light and when not lightened by the camera flash. I started to paint the main colour based on what others had done, I like Gunze paints so started with H55 Midnight Blue but this seemed way too dark so I used that to darken certain panels and used H54 Navy Blue for the main colour. Main painting all finished, I will leave to harden and carry on over the next few nights. I'm determined to finish this by the deadline..... Thanks for looking Best regards Tim.
  15. Hi All Well time is marching on the end date is looming large! I haven't had a great deal of time at my modelling bench over the past few weeks but I have at least managed to get something done. All the seams were smoothed and polished, the gap in the wing joint was filled using Mr Surfacer and lost panel lines were re-instated. I was happy with all the joints so the whole thing was then primered with Mr surface 1200 to give a good base for the top coat. This was then given a going over with a rough cloth to remove imperfections. Hopefully, I should get a chance to start the top colours over the next few days so will report back with more pictures soon. Thanks for looking Best regards Tim.
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