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  1. Fantastic looking start to the kit mate, now I'm compelled to get the same again and redo mine looking forward to your paintwork/extra details you might be thinking of adding!
  2. @Justin M Hi Justin! Thank you for your comment! I will certainly keep an eye out for your WIP on the Phantom In fact I've decided to deviate a bit and use the Revell 76 Aqua Lightgrey USAF Matt Acrylic, but essentially quite similar. Thinned it with water on the top of an old tupperware lid to the point where the paint just about clings to the plastic. The finish took about 2-3 coats without any primer on the plastic. What I learned this time round is that with brushes you'd want to take on a tiny bit of paint and scrub it onto the surface in all directions. Now I dont know if I just got a bad batch, but the Revell 15 Aqua Yellow Matt Acrylic and Revell 05 Aqua White Matt Acrylic arrived quite thick in the pot and were very difficult to paint on, something like 8 coats and the plastic + brush strokes shine through. Maybe recommend looking into the Aqua Color Mix they've got to fix the consistency. Totally with you on the Cold War era/Vietnam theme. Heller is doing an EC-121 Warning Star (essentially a Super Constellation AWACS from the time) in 1/72 and goes for £25-35 on eBay. 100% will get my hands on that once I'm perfectly happy with the finish on my models @Hamiltonian Thank you! looking forward to the journey!
  3. @trickydicky210 Thanks Rich, much appreciated! @Andwil Thank you! Yes that extra ordnance is pure fiction, but thought it would be more interesting than a pair of drop tanks
  4. @noelh Thanks! Phantoms are instant wins, and its a great kit for the price as well will definitely check Tony's work out! @Courageous Ahaha, indeed, thought it would be more interesting to go for a semi-fictional "strike phantom" bomb-truck config. Had two kits as I messed up the canopy (acetone print when removing paint), so the extra pylons came spare. @stevehnz Thanks Steve! It's a great kit for the price, but will require some extra work on the panel fits, there are some gaps to take care of. You are right about the figures, I ended up buying a second kit off ebay (£10) to replace a canopy which I messed up when trying to remove some paint (acetone fingerprint burnt into the clear plastic), so the second pilot figure and extra ordnance came as a bonus, plus some scrap plastic to test painting on. @dolphin38 Thank you! Indeed the Phantom is a beauty all around. @RidgeRunner Thanks Martin!
  5. Hi everyone, and happy upcoming new year! First time modeller, new member. Wanted to share this out of the box build using the simplest tool setup I could find on a side-table in my uni room. Kit went together just using the Revell contacta glue, Revell aqua color paints thinned with tap-water, and a £5 brush pack. Decals were applied using Revell's decal fix to form around the detail. For a first attempt, actually quite happy with the result, definitely inspires to keep going! Next step might be to use some Milliput superfine putty for the gaps, and use Revell's Aqua color mix for the thinning as opposed to tap-water. Looking to stick to brushpainting with acrylics, personally think it might be more enjoyable and much easier to setup/maintain, you can listen to music while you're at it without a rattling compressor nearby, not to mention I've seen some astounding results with them like the works of @PlaStix here on the forums. Looking forward to all the feedback!! Cheers, Ed.
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