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  1. Started this kit over a year ago. These were icons as I grew up playing Gran Turismo. As I got to laying down the clear, I must have left the door open or put it in the wrong spot or something......but dust got all over it. I thought it was a write-off as the kit is discontinued and I couldnt even order another set of decals from the local Tamiya distributor and attempt it one more time. Had more time on hand at home in the last month or two (obviously) so I decided to tackle the painstaking process of sanding down the ruined clear. This was tricky; I had to sand as deep as possible without sanding off the decals. I did burn through the paint in some spots. Its not perfect but I can consider this kit "salvaged".
  2. Thanks, the mixed wheel is inspired by the real thing.... the first kit released back in 2012 http://www.speedhunters.com/2012/10/the-rocket-bunny-frs/
  3. Just completed. Really enjoyed this build -quality kit from Aoshima. I've always wanted to build one since I had a 1/1 BRZ with Enkei RS05RR.
  4. Amazing build. Lovely details. Shouldnt the rear wing have West on it instead of the tobacco substitute dummy decals?
  5. Hello folks, Worked on this Ebbro Mclaren Honda for about 3 months on and off and this is my second completed F1 scale model. Paint is Tamiya TS40. Even though its debatably the "wrong color", I am more than happy with the outcome and I think its a good representation of Mclaren Predator Grey. . . . . . . . Two Mclarens, 24 years apart, both Honda powered, both driven by World Champions, one faired much better than the other
  6. Hello folks, Latest completed project. Kit is a BMW e36 318i Super Touring class race car which I've built as a modified street car. Paint used is Mr. Color Gx3 to replicate BMW hellrot, cleared with Tamiya TS13. Wheels are Aoshima Volks TE37rt. Cut out the grates in the front bumper and made a small lip with styrene and some putty. Everything else is out-of-box.
  7. Nicely done. A ride height drop would really set it off like on the box photo. The chassis weathering is also beautifully done.... although I'm not sure if a professional racing team like Leyton House/Impul would have a rusty muffler on their race cars
  8. Hello, Here is my first attempt at an F1 build. This is the 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix version. Had I done more research on this kit, I would probably have skipped it all together due to the various well documented issues. Its a shame as I think the MP4/6 is the best looking of Senna's World Championship winning cars. Body is decanted Tamiya TS26 and TS36 with Mr. Topcoat as clear. The chassis parts were painted with Tamiya acrylics. This was also my first build completed using an airbrush instead of spraycans. Built Out-Of-Box with nothing else. The biggest issue was the cowling fitment which is a well documented issue on other forums. So I just ended up gluing it shut after shaving and modifying a bunch of internals. Lowered the front ride height as the high front end another well documented kit error, but I might have gone a tad too low. Aside from the cowling, the overall fit and finish of this Fujimi kit is very subpar and can be frustrating to an inexperienced builders such as myself, so I ended up just glue-bombing a lot of the parts.
  9. Sorry, didnt mean to come across as an attack or being argumentative. Its a great build overall. As for harness mounting points, I've only ever seen the use of behind-the-seat harness bars (assuming the vehicle doesn't already have a rear roll bar or half cage). Any other anchor points are questionable and would likely not pass track inspection due to slack or spinal compression concerns.
  10. Nice build. I'm just slightly bothered by the front seatbelts going all the way to the back of the rear. Is the left headlight lens missing or just the weird illusion the photos are giving me?
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