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  1. I understand the therapy and enjoy what you have shared here -good work.
  2. 2nd stage after white primer. This shows base layer of Tamiya XF-12 Grey. Much happier with this layer as primer was difficult to get smooth finish. Probably my attempts with new airbrush. Some adjustments to airbrush achieved a better spray pattern and technique. Next stage to mask off for camo effect.
  3. Thank you. I tried to fabricate a window from clear plastic using recycled packaging. I also bought some pre-cut strips of plastic from model shop to try and make a frame. At the moment not happy with it, but see how it looks after paint.
  4. yes you're correct. I said I was a novice
  5. This is my first attempt after decades of building a kit. This was inspired by my visit to Dunsfold last year to see the RAF VC-10 with runway taxi demonstration, accompanied by two ex-RAF buddies - one whom had a tremendous knowledge of the tanker in operation. The kit is pretty basic and I bought the kit s/h with a missing cockpit window and a missing door hatch (you find out these things afterwards). Some of you may cringe that I am adding navigation lights on the fuselage using a circuit/LEDs for RC kits. I am going for the same colour scheme as Airfix used OOB. I understand this scheme was never used operationally, but for conversion and testing. It also puts me out of my comfort zone by using paint sprayer and a camo scheme. Being a commercial jet the 1/144 scale is quite big in comparison to fighter jet or similar. The main wings have good detail. The engines, tail and fuselage less so. The fuselage was not a good fit with varying thickness top and bottom. I had to use filler and it's still not perfect. Anyway, it's a trial so excuse my novice modelling techniques.
  6. fot0

    MFH 1/12 - Maserati 250F

    Simply blown away by this model - excellent
  7. fot0


    Excellent model
  8. fot0

    Changes to Flikr

    All of the above are image sharing and not really backup (although that's what they get used for most of the time). Instagram is more aligned with mobile devices and doubt you will have much luck sharing on the forum - but wish to be proved otherwise Many pro photographers use dropbox. Others are OneDrive or iCloud etc., again these are about sync'ing/sharing data across multiple devices. There are dedicated cloud backups, but likely to pay subscription for these services. Nothing in life is free as they say, unless you want to be bombarded with adverts or personal data being grabbed.... just saying
  9. fot0

    How do I post Pictures?

    <img src="https://www.dropbox.com/s/xk3t5tozwbadvao/512_768.png"> https://www.dropbox.com/s/xk3t5tozwbadvao/512_768.png?dl=0 This from OneDrive using "View Original" and copying URL from browser. However, need to ensure that you get orientation of your smartphone correct, otherwise it may flip your image!
  10. fot0

    How do I post Pictures?

    <img src="https://www.dropbox.com/s/4z9uwa3t3rtj2kc/IMG_6011.JPG" />
  11. fot0

    How do I post Pictures?

    I found a post by the admin using "View original", but it displays image upside down. The other place I use is dropbox. Not keen to register for another site.
  12. fot0

    How do I post Pictures?

    <img src="https://42gvbq.db.files.1drv.com/y4mvGDdGMZKcaYb5lWaVoBO3Jnu6vYIrsSRTTWjL_QhsFlwM35gS7A0Q1JLDL4Iwb5jfRiNDk8RIjz5lCDQbYFEvuWYo5nCXo2Qg1soUbdfagHUH3y7shOQC2aXeSrp9Zeg5PRFvIkWjylvKdfATC00PEyM1-ww5wtcQxTAHZHAZo7jzxd7QeFMJ0dfBU8FMLjfPirhPCQaHvOOVSVb4uHp-Q /> https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlbY2b2QbZCFgYFN1VGZ-Y0LyKZvpg <img src="https://42gvbq.db.files.1drv.com/y4mvGDdGMZKcaYb5lWaVoBO3Jnu6vYIrsSRTTWjL_QhsFlwM35gS7A0Q1JLDL4Iwb5jfRiNDk8RIjz5lCDQbYFEvuWYo5nCXo2Qg1soUbdfagHUH3y7shOQC2aXeSrp9Zeg5PRFvIkWjylvKdfATC00PEyM1-ww5wtcQxTAHZHAZo7jzxd7QeFMJ0dfBU8FMLjfPirhPCQaHvOOVSVb4uHp-Q />
  13. fot0

    Something strange going on?

    I suspect the 'snow' will be running javascript so some browser versions may consume extra cpu/memory - all dependent on versions users are running on their home PCs/Mac etc. Some anti-virus software maybe checking the 'snow' adding load to cpu/memory as well. The slightest flurry and the Brits come to a grinding stop
  14. fot0

    All I want FOUR Christmas

    and starboard is green