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  1. Sorry to jump on your thread, but here is part of the RAF Marham with last few flypasts
  2. 'Valiant' should never be used on a 'Bomber', former shipmates would not be impressed. Valiant & Churchill class were 'hunter-killer' SSNs!
  3. fot0

    45 Year Gap

    Very good. I fondly remember the Vulcan. Once when it flew over our school as fly-past for Sir Barnes Wallis that lived nearby. Also the Vulcan that used to sit on Gibraltar's runway as pedestrians crossed from the Gib/Espania border.
  4. Excellent - the camo looks fantastic. What masks did you use to the effect?
  5. I understand the therapy and enjoy what you have shared here -good work.
  6. 2nd stage after white primer. This shows base layer of Tamiya XF-12 Grey. Much happier with this layer as primer was difficult to get smooth finish. Probably my attempts with new airbrush. Some adjustments to airbrush achieved a better spray pattern and technique. Next stage to mask off for camo effect.
  7. Thank you. I tried to fabricate a window from clear plastic using recycled packaging. I also bought some pre-cut strips of plastic from model shop to try and make a frame. At the moment not happy with it, but see how it looks after paint.
  8. yes you're correct. I said I was a novice
  9. This is my first attempt after decades of building a kit. This was inspired by my visit to Dunsfold last year to see the RAF VC-10 with runway taxi demonstration, accompanied by two ex-RAF buddies - one whom had a tremendous knowledge of the tanker in operation. The kit is pretty basic and I bought the kit s/h with a missing cockpit window and a missing door hatch (you find out these things afterwards). Some of you may cringe that I am adding navigation lights on the fuselage using a circuit/LEDs for RC kits. I am going for the same colour scheme as Airfix used OOB. I understand this scheme was never used operationally, but for conversion and testing. It also puts me out of my comfort zone by using paint sprayer and a camo scheme. Being a commercial jet the 1/144 scale is quite big in comparison to fighter jet or similar. The main wings have good detail. The engines, tail and fuselage less so. The fuselage was not a good fit with varying thickness top and bottom. I had to use filler and it's still not perfect. Anyway, it's a trial so excuse my novice modelling techniques.
  10. Simply blown away by this model - excellent
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