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  1. Timosmodelworld.com do a wooden dry Dock kit in 1/350. It's about 1metre long and costs about $60.dont know about shipping though. Nigel
  2. If you search and download hobby color convertor you will have a useful tool for giving direct and indirect equivalences between loads of manufacturers and paint types. Very useful. Nigel
  3. Bob's buckles make something similar and they are really good. Nigel
  4. Glue on end should be fine. Don't use too much though as it could wick down the pin and glue the links together. Good luck with the clean up. It looks like 3 stubs on each link. Nigel
  5. You probably have this already, but, just in case, 215 half track by David Doyle has 2 further pictures of the interior. Nigel
  6. Shapways may have one but I find the search function unhelpful. Nigel
  7. Shapways have a number of different styles available in 1/350 Nigel
  8. I think that the circular things are Lewis gun magazines. Nigel
  9. NigelD

    HMS violet

    Hi Tony You probably know, but there is a site dedicated to Violet (platenboring.com/Violet). This has some photos, including one of your father. What is not mentioned is the fact that she was involved in Operation Postmaster in a small way. Google is your friend here. The hedgehog is the weapon which sank U641. My e mail address is Teamdeacon(at)btinternet(dot)com Nigel
  10. NigelD

    HMS violet

    Thanks for your information Tony. My father in law would definitely have known your father as he was the CO for most of the war, Charles Napier Stewart. I never knew that Violet was used for minesweeping. All the information I have shows her as convoy escort or air sea rescue. Unfortunately I never knew my F in L and have nothing of his apart from his DSC which he received for the sinking of U641. Nigel
  11. NigelD

    HMS violet

    My aim is to build the revell 1/144 corvette as my late father in law's ship, or at least an approximation of it. Does anybody know where I can buy suitable decals for the Hull markings, K35? Nigel
  12. This kit has been re issued by revell this year. I think that the only change is in the decals and box art. Nigel
  13. Fort Nelson has a great display of Artillery through the ages. 18" rail gun anybody? The Fort itself is very interesting, from the tunnels to the ramparts. Good cafe Parking £3 but admission is free. Nigel
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