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  1. How true. I'm keeping my eyes open for the correct kit as the deck is so nice. Even revell themselves don't have one.
  2. My wooden deck arrived and it looks fantastic. Unfortunately, it is for the previous version of this kit, with the larger conning tower so it won't fit! This older kit is not available anywhere, so if anybody has one they no longer need.... Nigel
  3. They crop up on talking pictures TV as well.
  4. https://themuseummodeler.wordpress.com/2015/06/25/kriegsmarine-konfusion/ I assume that you have seen this article, but if not, it may be useful.
  5. I apply ca (gorilla glue micro precise) with an acupuncture needle. It is possible to squeeze the bottle and bring the glue to the neck and pick up a small amount with the needle. Releasing the sides, allows the glue to withdraw into the bottle, minimising waste. I have been applying circles which are just over 1mm diameter using this method. Nigel
  6. Lost part arrived from Germany today. No charge. Sturdy cardboard box and bubble wrap, all for a basically flat piece. 1 x 1.5 inches. Excellent service in about a month.
  7. Following with interest as I have one of these waiting in the wings along with the Eduard photo etch and a nautilus wooden deck on its way to me.
  8. It could have been worse, you might have sat in it.
  9. NigelD

    Mis-heard words

    Poetry in motion, mis heard as Oh a tree in motion.
  10. Bear with me as I try and remember. You will need a double switch which fits in the same hole as the current single switch. This is an industry standard size. For access, you have to remove most of the innards. It is then possible to remove the switch from the casing by squeezing the retention clips in and taking the switch up and out. The current circuit has the lights and fan in series after the switch. Take a feed from the positive input and connect separately to one pole of each of the new switches. Connect the other pole of each switch, one to the fan and the other to the lights. Connect the other terminal of the fan and light to each other and then to the negative pole of the input. This then gives two independently switched circuits. Hope this makes sense, I'm a chemist not an electrical engineer! Nigel
  11. This is good to hear as I have a request with them for a part I lost!
  12. + 1 for the Dspiae. Superb piece of kit if you don't mind the price!
  13. Shapways list some 1/32 u boat details. Not cheap though. As they are 3d printed, thay may be able to print at different scales. Nigel
  14. L'arsenal do 4 Lewis guns in 1/144 for about 6 euros. Don't know about postage though. Nigel
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