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  1. A similar device was fitted to the sea King helicopter. As this was American designed, rumour has it that the MOD requested that the size of the top Cup be increased as it wasn't big enough for the British.
  2. I have just posted this image on The Great War forum. Lots of knowledgeable guys and gals on there who may be able to help. Nigel
  3. Welsh models have a Web presence with a contact us link. I'm sure they will help you.
  4. I bought one of these for about £70 from amazon. Very pleased with the performance. I replaced the switch with a double one and with a bit of rewiring light and fan are controlled independently. In use, I use a puppy training pad in the bottom to keep it a bit cleaner. Hope this helps. Just checked and my fan has brushless on it in large lettering.
  5. "the masters brush cleaner and preserver" seems to strip must things from brushes. It's a soap type thing which you work into the bristles and lather. Rinse with water. I am sure that they claim it will remove dried paint. I first used it on a brush which I had thoroughly cleaned. The lather colour showed that I hadn't got it all! Obtained from art shops or amazon etc.
  6. Mary had a little lamb Her father shot it dead And now that lamb it goes to school Between two lumps of bread.
  7. Meng 1/32 fokker DR1. Looks crisply moulded. Parts for F1 and early and late dr1. Decals for 4 aircraft and 2 different fronts for the engine.
  8. NigelD

    Model Shops UK

    Wicor models in Portchester, just west of Portsmouth. Mainly railway and dolls houses but some models. What appears to be the full range of Ammo mig paints as well as some revell and games workshop. Evergreen strip and sheet and some brass. Tools etc. Closed Sunday and Monday. I think they do mail order as well.
  9. Replaced the on/off switch on my generic folding spray cabinet with a twin switch (my purchase) . After a bit of re wiring, the fan and lighting are now independently switched. I'm wondering whether it will make a photo booth.
  10. NigelD

    Painting balsa wood?

    Back in my youth, many years ago, i remember using something called sanding sealer on balsa. It raised the grain so sanding was necessary but it gave a beautifully smooth and sealed surface.
  11. All crew accounted for.. 18 crew taken to hospital with minor injuries. Reports of 4 civilians also injured.
  12. NigelD

    Cataract op?

    My late wife had both eyes done a few years apart. She said that the result was outstanding. The thing that surprised us both was the time the operation took. I paid for 2 hours parking and had about 39 minutes left when we left.
  13. Fully dry in about 15 minutes. Resists rubbing. That was just a quick teat on un prepared plastic with one of the pens
  14. +1 for molotow. It may be possible to decant from the markers but is available as a refill which is basically a large dropper bottle. Sprays beautifully. Dries quickly as well Nigel.
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