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  1. John, That is my exact problem!!! The FS codes do not match between brands....ones darker or ones lighter.....funny you say you may travel to the states to pick some up, my wife said i should have our friends bring some back with them lol. But i think i am just going to stick with Tamiya & Vallejo as the two hobbie stores here in Edmonton carry a great selection of both. I will just have to experiment with all the different shades they have and pick the closest. Thanks for your reply Kurt
  2. Building 1/350 USS Intrepid (Vietnam era).... having trouble matching the hull/Island color to actual picks.... i'm stuck using either Tamiya or Vallejo. Apparently you can no longer get Model Master in Canada now....some BS about the label or something... And the FS code for a color are different shades between these two brands.... I'm frustrated as i do not want to screw this up. Any help would be appreciated
  3. kapland

    Hi all

    Thanks for adding me to the group. I'm Canadian and live in Edmonton, Alberta. I'm an Electrician, in my early 40s, and getting back into the hobby after 20 years lol. Hopefully its like ridding a bike!! I started building models around the age of 9 or 10 with my dad and uncle. My first model was a snap tite F-14 kit, obviously from watching the movie Top Gun hahaha... but i was hooked on Naval Aviation and the crowded decks they flew off from. I built up in tell my late teens and then cars, girls and work ended that pretty quick lol. Now I'm married, we have been blessed with one beautiful da
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