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  1. "...it came out ok..." You are the master of understatement! Lovely model, well done mate!
  2. I'm following this closely as I'm building one alongside you. Never done resin before and I find it quite daunting! Could you show the process of removing pieces from the sprue as I'm not sure what I'm doing is correct (I'm using a fine-toothed saw; leaving some waste (because I'm not very good at straight edges), then sanding back. There must be a better way, surely? What about the tiny or very fine parts (e.g the steering wheel) - how are you going about those? Thank you!! AJ
  3. Hi Roddy, welcome to Britmodeller - from up the road in Orkney! Adrian (AJ)
  4. By strange coincidence - I have just started the same model and it's a resin first for me so I will be watching this closely! I did have a drive of one when I was out in Cyprus - what a peculiar driving position! Detail on the kit is superb. I hope I can do it justice. Any hints and tips along the way gratefully received! Best of luck, AJ
  5. "... I'm rather happy with how it turned out!..." and so you should be! Beautiful model, well done Sir!
  6. Good morning - your build is coming on a treat! I like the support frame you are using - where could I get one from? Thanks and keep up the good work! Adrian
  7. Amazing build - how on earth were you able to see down to that size (let alone have the dexterity to make and assemble your model)? Well done!
  8. 50 years eh? I remember watching the landing at school in the assembly hall! Showing my age, or what?! Lovely build and a fine tribute
  9. Well, I have to say that you've proved yourself wrong to everyone! Fabulous build - well done Bonkin!
  10. Nice model, great build - well done mate!
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