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  1. Fantastic PE work - outstanding build and fascinating to watch! Well done Vaoinas.
  2. Unusual type and great modelling - well done Heather!
  3. Not bad at all!! ;-) Could we see more photos please? Thanks
  4. STUNNING - well done, you are an artiste!!
  5. Looks rather spectacular for an Airfix kit - WOW! My Grandfather worked on Blue Steel during the development phase (no idea what he did, as he never said) AJ
  6. Considering you are now in command of three warships - what rank do you now hold? (and should we all be calling you "Sir", from now on?) Well done Alun, this is going to be an exciting build!!
  7. Excellent model Сергей - looks like another model for my stash!
  8. Hi Nick - impressive work, well done! I'm watching this as I have both kits on my stash. Bearing in mind these models aren't cheap (for me at least), do you think that the PE is worth the additional cost? Keep it up - really looking forward to the next installment! AJ
  9. Nice one! You are right, not bad for a 60+ year old kit!
  10. What an amazing build! So glad I found it. Love all the research and links to photos - many of which I haven't seen before. Well done, keep up the good work!
  11. Never seen one before Milan - what an interesting build, well done matey!
  12. Wow - that's one MASSIVE 20p coin you have there!! Superb modelling there fella!
  13. Really beginning to look the part! Well done sir!
  14. What do you say when you run out of superlatives? Superb build and an excellent display of your craftmanship! BUT - oh how I wish it was a flyer!!
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