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  1. Hello, I can see that you still like the model after so many years. I am very happy and thank you for your opinions. best wishes
  2. I like it so much you do it, everything starts to look nice. best regards
  3. Thanks again for all the comments. I'm glad you like what I do, best regards.
  4. Thanks for comments Most are photos, plans MODELARZ from 1/1999 greetings
  5. Witam, przedstawiam gotowy przód, sufit z wyposażeniem, brakujące panele po bokach, prawe drzwi ładowni, oświetlenie i uzupełniłem drobiazgami tylne panele na rampie. Prace, które wykonałem, pozwalają mi zamknąć się na dobre. pozdrowienia
  6. Thank you very much for all the comments. I used ordinary SMD LEDs of various sizes. The pulsating LED SMD collision by OPTOSUPPLY. BEST GREETINGS
  7. Thank you all for so many nice comments. I am glad that you like what I do. I'm sorry I don't count the hours spent on the model. In a week, maybe 15 hours. Greetings .
  8. Witam wszystkich . Środkowa sekcja sufitu z całym wyposażeniem . Pozdrawiam
  9. Thank you once again for the words of appreciation for my work. greetings
  10. Thank you Tony C, and everyone for the comments
  11. Thank you very much to everyone. The floor is made of 0.5 mm hips. I put on it cut strips of sandpaper 1200. Wire clamps 0.25mm Plans can be found in the model magazine "MODELARZ " from 1999 Tony, I'm sorry but the translator does not explain well and I do not understand the questions.
  12. Hello everyone, I started to do the model at the beginning of 2016. Due to my personal reasons I gave it up for many months. I realize that this is workshop department and what I’m going to do is a monoloque, but I didn’t know where to present it. I spent a lot of time over a model and I think I’m only halfway there. Maybe someone will interest what I have done so far as I haven’t found any rewarding information in web about construction report of this model. If I return to work on this model I’ll post pictures from time to time. I have tried to choose the most interesting
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