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  1. Hello, you are very good at dealing with such a difficult matter as MACH 2. To start with their models, you need to be very remote and have modeling knowledge, which you have proven more than once with your projects. The model and the structure itself look impressive. The DC-8 is a very nice plane, especially in KLM colors. Congratulations and I wish you continued success.
  2. I warmly welcome. I didn't think the construction of the C-17 would appeal to so many of you and the thread is still active. Thank you very much. Kev 67 - Currently working on another project. I plan to return to C-17 in September. Mark Young- Thank you for your appreciation and kind words. Of course, if you need it, I have a windshield and I can send it to you, but I can see that my colleagues have already helped. It took a lot of work to make such nice exhibitions for the museum. I am impressed and wish you continued success. If anyone has any questions, please send an e-mail to rafal.podcie
  3. Hello, I can see that you still like the model after so many years. I am very happy and thank you for your opinions. best wishes
  4. I like it so much you do it, everything starts to look nice. best regards
  5. Thanks again for all the comments. I'm glad you like what I do, best regards.
  6. Thanks for comments Most are photos, plans MODELARZ from 1/1999 greetings
  7. Witam, przedstawiam gotowy przód, sufit z wyposażeniem, brakujące panele po bokach, prawe drzwi ładowni, oświetlenie i uzupełniłem drobiazgami tylne panele na rampie. Prace, które wykonałem, pozwalają mi zamknąć się na dobre. pozdrowienia
  8. Thank you very much for all the comments. I used ordinary SMD LEDs of various sizes. The pulsating LED SMD collision by OPTOSUPPLY. BEST GREETINGS
  9. Thank you all for so many nice comments. I am glad that you like what I do. I'm sorry I don't count the hours spent on the model. In a week, maybe 15 hours. Greetings .
  10. Witam wszystkich . Środkowa sekcja sufitu z całym wyposażeniem . Pozdrawiam
  11. Thank you once again for the words of appreciation for my work. greetings
  12. Thank you Tony C, and everyone for the comments
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