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  1. Thank You for that. I sent an Email to the supplier yesterday and have yet to receive a response. I will give them a call on Monday and try and move things along. Kind Regards to all those who have responded and many thanks David
  2. Thanks Mike Thats sound advice and many thanks for that. The reason for my Post was to see if anyone had experienced the same problem and also to get a handle on the likely source of the problem so that I can talk to the supplier with a degree of confidence. I must admit I thought the compressor was great from day one, it performed faultlessly until now. I was disappointed when it happened and I thought I would reach out to you guys. Many thanks David
  3. Hi Yes, that was one of the first things I did, starting with the air filter drain, then the tank drain, which emitted some dirty water but not enough to fill a teaspoon. Thanks for that David
  4. The compressor is fine to start with but as the pressure increases to about 2 bar (what I have set it too), then the rattling starts. As its a new unit, Iess than 6 months old, So I wouldn't think that it's worn bearings or piston slap. In the interim I have dropped a line to the supplier, informing them of the problem.
  5. I purchased the above compressor last December and until recently it was great but recently its started to sound like an engine where the bigs are failing, It rattles really loudly and i'm mystified what it could be. Can anyone help me to resolve this problem?
  6. I have succeeded in constructing the bridge, placed photos under the bridge arches showing cars passing through. Fitted it to the display case, it fits the background well and with the car sited within the display case. it really looks good. A good first effort since my last venture into models in the 70's. Many thanks to those who gave their time to respond to my questions. *** The final question! How do I fix the car to the base of the display case? *** Happy Christmas to all 'Britmodellers' The Lampost
  7. downloaded the suggested bridge, enlarged it and I'm mounting it on heavy card. Its looking good so far. So thanks bar side. The Lampost
  8. Bar side I have been on their site. they have what I have been looking for. Most are in Railway scales. but they give % upscale so that I can use them on 1/24. It looks a really workable exercise. I have downloaded what I need the appropriate bricks and will give it a go. Many thanks for you input The Lampost
  9. This is why I have asked for advice. The idea is good one but reality is a different thing. looking at the picture you have bricks around the Arches. how does one reproduce that. They only way that I see is to do it laying down on a base and build up from there. The biggest problem is the brickwork. I have toyed doing this with 'Plastruct' strip and cut each brick from that. Lengthy but better flexibility.
  10. Thats a great idea, the principle of measuring 5 times before cutting.Many thanks
  11. I am looking to build a diorama that features the arches under Windsor Station. The bridge is Victorian. The scale is 1/24 featuring a car parked Just under the bridge. What is the best way of progressing this.
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