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  1. Hello kaima! I've been working at the museum seven years now and it still looks same to me. When it arrived to our museum, it was already spent almost ten years at the surface, so the colours should have been neutralized already. I'm not sure what Kai meant. There was some amateur restoration already made when the Hurricane arrived to our museum for conservation. The fresh light blue and some yellow on the fuselage has been painted by someone when the Hurricane was storaged at Vesivehmaa, I think. We made some careful sanding when we removed the grey paint layer coveri
  2. Because the Brewster was underwater and no oxygen or ultraviolet affected, I would say the color tones are better preserved than the colours of Airacobra. The reference paint for the light blue color was not mixed well before the sample was taken, so unfortunately it came out too dark.
  3. Hei! Yes I know the coding and the standard samples made. The tones still varietes a lot what they should be. Anyway, there is more than just one Finnish olive green. But for the modelling that is more or less irrelevant.
  4. Our paints were ordered at some time from german Warnecke & Böhm -factory, paints called Ikarol. It is within the realms of possibility that the tone actually was the same as RLM 71.
  5. I'm not sure which Antti you mean, but the Fokker D.XXI in our museum is almost a replica. The fuselage consists parts of three original tubular frames welded together. Wings are 100% replicas, also the aluminium panels are new made. Still lots of original parts used. Most of the framework is from FR-110 which identifies it.
  6. Unfortunately the restoration of the VL Myrsky -fighter will not be finished until 2020. I work at the Finnish Air Force Museum as an "assistant conservator" and I've been participated in the conservation/restoration of the Hurricane and the VL Myrsky. It is very nice to hear that you guys appreciate our work and our collection. There are still many planes that need urgent preserving in better facilities. Unfortunately we suffer from lack of funding, as many other museum in Finland. You can follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/airforcemuseum/ and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com
  7. Loan agreement for the Brewster is renewed and is valid until August 2020. Most probably the agreement will continue as it has from 2008.
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