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  1. Glad you didn't go with the H&S Ultra. Can't comment on a Badger. I have the H&S Silverline 2in1 and it's fought me ever since I bought it. I plan on trading it in on a GSI (Iwata knock off) pretty soon here. Can make my Iwata run circles around the H&S.
  2. Bought a new 24" monitor with wall mount for the modeling room. Pulled out an old gaming PC that's been collecting dust. Heck it really only needs to search the net, pull files up from main PC and play music/videos. Saves me having to go to the shop or upstairs to pull up refs and what not.
  3. No pictures yet, because I had to rush to the computer with excitement. It took me 5 sheets to get the number 73 off of, but I've made it by the skin of my teeth. Had to use liquid decal film on the last one. I ended up dipping the decals probably for 10-12 seconds, let it set for like 2 minutes, dip another 2-3 seconds, sit for another minute. I think I even dipped a third time on the last 73. But it is all decaled up!
  4. First time looking at this thread..........all I gotta say is DANG! I like the small parts holders outta bottle/cork tops!
  5. I've have yet to find a putty that doesn't shrink/sink. On the Mustang I've been working on I've just used super glue as a filler. Even in the woodworking world, those that say no shrinkage always shrink/sink. But your picture does show you filling in the end cap seam. That was one I was questioning whether to do or not.
  6. Following with interest! Been wanting to do this for years. Did a test run with a 1/48 drop tank, but the resin I had got to hot. Found a youtube video of a guy doing something like this, but the resin he used wasn't from the US so I am not sure what to use yet.
  7. Ok, I am really just dumbfounded at this point. Bob sent me a new sheet (haven't tried that one yet) plus the two sheets he used the "73" from (his pic above). So immediately went to work applying the one 73 I needed. Slid off the backing paper onto the plane, went to adjust and it split into 3 pieces. Crud! Went to the other sheet Bob used, tried the other 73 and went to slide it off the backing paper and 3 split. Reluctant to ruin both 73's on the 5th sheet, I just walked away for the night. My procedure, which I have always done (but not in several years since I haven't been building)... Cut out decal and dip in luke warm water for few seconds. Set decal aside to let it soften/absorb/whatever it does. (Not for minutes and minutes though) Test if it slides with paint brush. (sometimes I'll re-dip a quick second if it doesn't move and let sit a little longer) Wet surface of model with either water or MicroSet. Slide decal off onto model. Adjust position Come back later and hit it with MicroSol Obviously Bob had success, so why they split on me using the other 73 from the same sheets he used is beyond me. Apparently I am just a gomer when it comes to decaling anymore. Didn't do a decal film over top as Bob had success. Did it on my first two sheets, with minimal success, so apparently it's all just me. BlueNoser the hopeless decaler!
  8. Hope to finish.... 1) In short order the Stearman. Although I apparently no longer know how to use decals (about to use my 5th sheet) so it may never get done. Kinda dumbfounded at the moment. 2) Both Mustangs for the P-51 STGB Would like to do.... 1) Spitfire MkI for the Seafire/Spitfire GB 2) Something for the In The Navy GB. I have a F6F and a F4F in the stash. 3) Would like to attempt my first ship. Have a 1/700 New Orleans and a 1/350 Fletcher (with a bunch of fiddly bits). But just getting back into the hobby I don't really have something that is just busting at the seams to be done. Although I have always wanted to for years and years to rebuild my spray booth, it's probably 20+ yrs old. and a few things bother me. I have a house remodel that really needs to keep moving. This do a little bit every couple of years just isn't cutting it. So maybe that will happen..........ah who am I kidding. The house is still stuck in the early 70's, so what's a few more years (or decades).
  9. Wish they would of...........like that color on it!
  10. Wait, the rear wheel doors are backwards? So I guess I need to fix the one on my Tamiya build. How much did you deepen the air grille holes? Was just thinking about this on my Tamiya just this morning. On the Tamiya I'd think it wouldn't take much and you'd be completely through. Which the only time it would be a problem is if you look at the right angle you'd see completely through. My fuselage is closed up so I can't do anything inside. Also, great progress so far!
  11. That's generally how I feel with modeling. Kinda use the old adage of...."If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be a duck." If I can add simple resin things, or simple PE things I might. Yes..........I have done that as well. Fortunately caught several posts about that.
  12. Modeling wise.... For me lately it's been a lot of YouTube stuff...........I subscribe to a lot of Overlanding/Bushcraft/Camping type YouTubers. Several of which produce hour plus episodes. So I've had those playing in the back ground while building. Music wise, once the YouTube stuff runs out I switch to my Glenn Miller station on Pandora. Just feels kinda right when working on a WWII era plane! Besides, if I was playing some classic rock or something..........I'd be interrupted by too many air guitar/drum sessions! Day to day wise it varies what I listen to while at work... Various stations on Pandora: Classic Rock, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, Honky Tonk, Old School Country (before the 80's), Chris Stapleton (which either gets you blue grass/country) Side Note: If you like old school country (Cash, Waylon, Willie and older) do yourself a favor and look up these newer guys; Colter Wall, Tyler Childers, Sturgil Simpson and even some Cody Jinks. Chris Stapleton as well, but I would argue he gives it a little more bluesy/southern rock feel.
  13. What the heck am I thinking? Just trying to get back into the hobby and I've gone mad apparently. My Revell 1/48 Stearman was meant to get my feet wet again after being out of the hobby for several years and it's on hold until some replacement decals show up. Building two kits for the P-51 STGB. Put one on hold as I didn't want to start messing with masking the canopies or painting until I get back from Vaca in a couple weeks. Waiting on some parts for the A-36A, so that one is on hold as I can't assemble the fuselage yet. This one is meant to be nothing more than a fill in model. Work on it in between this and that when I need something to tinker with until the Stearman and P-51's are done (or close). So who knows how long this will take. Plus my Christmas with the family doesn't really start until the 26 and I didn't want to just sit around watching TV or start any new woodworking projects yet while I am off on Christmas Eve. So this one will be a slower paced one as fill time is needed. Extra fiddly bits include; Ultracast Wheels Ultracast Exhausts Ultracast Intake Quickboost Seat Quickboost Cannon Barrels Aires Cockpit (only bits and pieces) Montex masks for a couple aircraft (maybe) Originally bought the Aires pit, but after the P-51B problems I am just gonna kit bash pieces from the kit and the Aires set. MONTEX masks............LIKE or DISLIKE? If anyone has any cool schemes let me know. Not sold on any particular scheme yet. Read that the wheel wells and the nose profile are wrong, but honestly I am going to just let them be what they are. Assembly begins by Jim Fox, on Flickr
  14. Lookin good! Nice clean paint job. How'd you accomplish the rough edges on the DDay stripes?
  15. It was fixed right after Ratch's post. Sorry!
  16. Wings are on the Blue Nosed B of Bodney. Think I am going to attack the missing screw (from sanding) around the cowl pieces with fine drill bits. Got some on order as my set is missing a few of the smaller ones. Might do some searching for smaller hypodermic tubing tomorrow, maybe with that I can replicated the ring shape Tamiya has. Wings are on the Bluenosed P-51B by Jim Fox, on Flickr
  17. On this Tamiya P-51B........anyone have any thoughts on replacing the bolt/screw heads, say on the cowl area after sanding/cleanup? I thought about a piece of hypodermic tubing and just pressing in, but I don't have one that small. Lightly with a drill bit and call it good? They look like nothing more than a ring indentation in it. Ideas? Thanks!
  18. Sweet! I was gonna respond today and ask if you had any references for it as I hadn't found any yet. Probably have a True Details in the stash I could of ref'd. Assume this just mounts behind the seat/support bar structure. Thanks again!
  19. Cockpit is done on the A-36. Tamiya Dark Green 2 was the color of choice. Ultracast resin seat, early version. On hold for a bit until the Quickboost gun barrels arrive (somewhere in the mail world). The assembly of the cockpit just seems odd to me. Might be a little finicky on those two pieces towards the aft. A-36 Cockpit Complete by Jim Fox, on Flickr A-36 Cockpit Complete by Jim Fox, on Flickr A-36 Cockpit Complete by Jim Fox, on Flickr
  20. While bouncing back and forth between this build and the 1/48 A-36 Apache build I've managed to get a little more done on the Bluenosed P-51B. Did manage to replace the molded gun barrels with hypodermic tubing. Don't know about anyone else, but I always seem to beat up the molded ones while sanding the leading edges of the wing. So this hypodermic tubing should be tough to mess up too much. Got a little whoopsie on the fuselage that hopefully fixes easy, then I'll start assembling the wings this afternoon. Pre-wing assembly by Jim Fox, on Flickr
  21. Sweet! Always wanted to build one. Years ago I bought the conversion resin for one...........what was it............Just Plane Stuff? Then the HobbyBoss came out.
  22. No personal use here, only what I've read about. The gist on how to use is to say spray aluminum color, spray this over it, spray your top color, then start chipping away at the top color to reveal the aluminum underneath.
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