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  1. Slowly but surely getting there. Work on this one (and the other GB mustang) have been slow going. Some of it is apprehension to diving into painting (I always stall at this point). Also waiting for a new compressor to show up Monday (old one works but is dying). Some of it is also back pain. Been doing IT stuff for what 27/28 yrs and my back is jacked. L4/L5 are basically shifting. Can't sit at a computer chair too long, or on the couch. I need to modify my workbench. I use a standup desk at work with a tall drafting chair. So I guess my model bench needs to be redone higher. Heck, sometimes laying on the couch makes it sore. Seems to go in streaks too, more pain that not on the streaks though. Enough about that. Progress has been made. It's about ready for paint. Didn't like the fit of the center cockpit glass piece. Something is off somewhere so I decided to get crazy and cut up the glass to pose it open like the Tamiya kit has the option for. Used the skinniest saw blade I had. It's probably off a tad but so be it. Besides, I put that Ultracast seat in there, hate to hide it. Hopefully that all turns out ok. PS: I hate masking canopies. Progress shot.... I also have landed on a final scheme from the Superscale sheet. This Apache from the 524th FBS with over 150 missions. Found a B&W photo of her in one of my many Mustang books. Should be interesting to try and some crazy weathering on her. Would be a test bed as I haven't tried any of the techniques seen out there yet.
  2. Guess I will be the odd man out on this one. Mine wasn't the Ultra, but I sold by H&S Silverline 2-in-1. Going back to Iwata (or GSI Creos). Love my Iwata HP-BCS (upgraded to 0.35 from 0.5), other than the separate cup being loose (old airbrush age thing). Can make it run circle around the H&S. H&S fought me every time even with a version 2 needle and nozzle. Probably go with an Iwata HP-B Plus (0.2) and something else for a little wide pattern.
  3. I got watch this play out. The colors for preshading gots my curiosity peaked.
  4. Working on the 1/48 Tamiya P-51B. Sadly I haven't built the Tamiya B before, just the Monogram Classic. Anyone else that's built it think the leading edge light glass is a god awful fit? I'm getting the feeling I'll have to glue it in then sand to fit and polish. It's hard to mess up the wing assembly so I think it's not the greatest fit.
  5. Is anyone else not seeing the pics on this thread? Only ask because I've seen some slowness on image loading the past several days. Another post, after a reboot, loaded just fine. Edit: One finally showed up after typing this.
  6. Who else gets bogged down when it comes to painting their model once assembled? Granted I am waiting on some Alclad to show up, but I always tend to put painting off. I can build a cockpit, assemble, clean seams and then when I get to the painting phase..........bam..........mental road block.
  7. Dets on the silver/bare metal paints? What did you use?
  8. Only built one of their kits, a review for IPMS USA. The 1/48 Junkers D.I is beauty to build. My 1/48 Roden Junkers D.I build...
  9. Granted I've been only hanging out here for a little bit, I think you just basically registered! Basically saying your interested and then starting, you are in!
  10. She's got a second wing! Got the ??struts?? and second wing on today. Now comes the part I am dreading........the rigging.
  11. Found the armor plate but didn't like it. Made a new one with the offset like seen in the Allison Mustangs Walkaround. Fuselage all sealed up, just needs to to be cleaned up.
  12. Got the Quickboost gun barrels in, installed and now starting to seal up the fuselage. One last shot before it's closed up. (Hmmm, I made an armor plate before going to Arizona for Christmas vaca........where'd I put that?)
  13. Thank you! That's what I am leaning towards as well. Just yesterday I watched Primedmodelworks on YouTube. He has some interesting techniques both on this Boneyard Mig 17 and P-38. More specifically his Boneyard Mig..........with the oxidation technique he used. Kinda almost gives you that hazed nmf look that some of the well worn stangs had on them. Got a mule drying right now that I am going to practice a couple things on. See what happens.
  14. Trying to get back into the swing of things after vaca. I remember that I hate masking canopies. I prefer bare metal foil but it's not so easy to remove after it's been on a while. Plus leaves a residue. I do not like using Tamiya tape. It's so hard to see edges. Plus I am not 40 anymore (almost 48), glasses need upgrading too, hands a little more shaky. BTW, did I mention I hate masking canopies?
  15. I'll second Tim's recommendation. Scale-a-ton does some great sea scapes!
  16. Glad you didn't go with the H&S Ultra. Can't comment on a Badger. I have the H&S Silverline 2in1 and it's fought me ever since I bought it. I plan on trading it in on a GSI (Iwata knock off) pretty soon here. Can make my Iwata run circles around the H&S.
  17. Bought a new 24" monitor with wall mount for the modeling room. Pulled out an old gaming PC that's been collecting dust. Heck it really only needs to search the net, pull files up from main PC and play music/videos. Saves me having to go to the shop or upstairs to pull up refs and what not.
  18. No pictures yet, because I had to rush to the computer with excitement. It took me 5 sheets to get the number 73 off of, but I've made it by the skin of my teeth. Had to use liquid decal film on the last one. I ended up dipping the decals probably for 10-12 seconds, let it set for like 2 minutes, dip another 2-3 seconds, sit for another minute. I think I even dipped a third time on the last 73. But it is all decaled up!
  19. First time looking at this thread..........all I gotta say is DANG! I like the small parts holders outta bottle/cork tops!
  20. I've have yet to find a putty that doesn't shrink/sink. On the Mustang I've been working on I've just used super glue as a filler. Even in the woodworking world, those that say no shrinkage always shrink/sink. But your picture does show you filling in the end cap seam. That was one I was questioning whether to do or not.
  21. Following with interest! Been wanting to do this for years. Did a test run with a 1/48 drop tank, but the resin I had got to hot. Found a youtube video of a guy doing something like this, but the resin he used wasn't from the US so I am not sure what to use yet.
  22. Ok, I am really just dumbfounded at this point. Bob sent me a new sheet (haven't tried that one yet) plus the two sheets he used the "73" from (his pic above). So immediately went to work applying the one 73 I needed. Slid off the backing paper onto the plane, went to adjust and it split into 3 pieces. Crud! Went to the other sheet Bob used, tried the other 73 and went to slide it off the backing paper and 3 split. Reluctant to ruin both 73's on the 5th sheet, I just walked away for the night. My procedure, which I have always done (but not in several years since I haven't been building)... Cut out decal and dip in luke warm water for few seconds. Set decal aside to let it soften/absorb/whatever it does. (Not for minutes and minutes though) Test if it slides with paint brush. (sometimes I'll re-dip a quick second if it doesn't move and let sit a little longer) Wet surface of model with either water or MicroSet. Slide decal off onto model. Adjust position Come back later and hit it with MicroSol Obviously Bob had success, so why they split on me using the other 73 from the same sheets he used is beyond me. Apparently I am just a gomer when it comes to decaling anymore. Didn't do a decal film over top as Bob had success. Did it on my first two sheets, with minimal success, so apparently it's all just me. BlueNoser the hopeless decaler!
  23. Hope to finish.... 1) In short order the Stearman. Although I apparently no longer know how to use decals (about to use my 5th sheet) so it may never get done. Kinda dumbfounded at the moment. 2) Both Mustangs for the P-51 STGB Would like to do.... 1) Spitfire MkI for the Seafire/Spitfire GB 2) Something for the In The Navy GB. I have a F6F and a F4F in the stash. 3) Would like to attempt my first ship. Have a 1/700 New Orleans and a 1/350 Fletcher (with a bunch of fiddly bits). But just getting back into the hobby I don't really have something that is just busting at the seams to be done. Although I have always wanted to for years and years to rebuild my spray booth, it's probably 20+ yrs old. and a few things bother me. I have a house remodel that really needs to keep moving. This do a little bit every couple of years just isn't cutting it. So maybe that will happen..........ah who am I kidding. The house is still stuck in the early 70's, so what's a few more years (or decades).
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