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  1. Well I am a little perplexed this morning. What to do? What to do? Starborad wing fits perfectly. Port wing not so much. Got it glued on only to find a huge step between the wing and fuselage. The wing is taller than the mating location on the fuselage. So after a few drinks with dinner last night, I went and cut the wing back off just to see if I missed something. But based on the pics below, everything is pretty tight together. We are not talking a hairline step, it's a noticeable step. Like maybe 1mm or so. Fortunately it's on the underside so less noticeable if I were
  2. I also was watching Flory's recent weekly show. So wasn't all the time fixing. Few spots of relaxing here and there. I thought about something similar, changing the size of the tabs, but adjusting the slots might be easier. The port wing looks only slightly off on the front and pretty good on the back. Not sure about the other yet.
  3. Should have one of these sets here today. Phew! Didn't look closely at the time, but I think I'm about 1h 30m to 1h 45m into just the fuselage clean up and that's without even tackling the two front upper and lower inserts yet. Minus those two parts I'd say I'm at 90% cleaned up. Just some panel lines (circular to recreate) once the above set shows up. I'm a little worried about the wings. Seems to be a slight step. Debating if their is enough contact to remove the tabs so I can align it all up nicely. As is it, I think their is going to be a gap
  4. So in other words, nothing important being produced by them anymore! I know I know..............the world also has modelers besides us Aircraft guys. It's all good.......shame though, I enjoyed several of their kits over the years.
  5. Forgot I built several Mustangs as well. I remember the 47s having issues, what on the bottom of the fuselage?
  6. Granted I just started really paying attention only in 2019 after barely paying attention for probably 7-10 years. But what happened to Hasegawa? Looking at some things on ScaleMates and a few posts, seems like they aren't releasing anything new. Saw a lot of New Boxes or New Decals in the past few years. Always liked building their stuff. (2 - Spits, 2 P-47s and a Hawker Typhoon). For the most part, their engineering was pretty decent, not Tamiya or Eduard quality, but other than a few minor issues nothing major.
  7. Remember the online builds AM posted to their website? I still have them! SBD, B25, F3F-1, F3F-2 and GulfHawk.
  8. Remember the online builds AM posted to their website? I still have them! SBD, B25, F3F-1, F3F-2 and GulfHawk.
  9. Looking good so far! Built a short tail F many years ago from the AMT Kit. Currently working on an AMT P-40N, in between Group Builds. Looks like yours is a much better shot than mine. My port side fuselage is the front part of one kit grafted with the tail of a second kit to deal with the short shots of both kits.
  10. Current read..............it'll take me many many months because just like any book, after about 3-4 pages I get bored. I need to find another book like this one below. Read it in 2014/2015...............was such a easy read. Would love to find more WWII books since I'm back into the hobby again.
  11. I have some OCD tendancies.........so I try to, but on the bench it doesn't seem to work. My office desk, kitchen and even the local bar I hang out at I have no issues keeping those tidy and organized. Yes, I get fed up with the clutter at the local bar and walk behind and wash glasses. I try to on the modeling bench but most the time fail because you need so many different items through the course of assembly. I will, when I get frustrated because I can't find the knife I just had, put things away or sort them into like objects just to get some organization back. But I can happily sa
  12. Get it! Just finished the Hasegawa boxing....................what a great kit. Easy assembly, with the only fit issue being the inserts that get added to the fuselage sides. Supposedly the gear bay is not right, but still looks like a Typhoon to me.
  13. Just a quick update. Got some more work done on the Mig. NMF on the inside kept fighting me. Don't know how many fuzzies I sanded outta how many coats....................just for the inside. Plus the ejector pin marks gave me fits trying to get a good flush fill on them. Trying the fuselage halves approach on this one rather than front and back assemblies. Hopefully get the halves joined tonight and start cleaning it up. Two questions though..... 1) Anyone recommend some good rescribing templates? I'm sure some circular panels will be lost or messed u
  14. Is it just me or is anyone else not seeing images? I just get a gray circle, with a gray disc and a white dash in it.
  15. Have you thought about going to a Phantoms Anonymous meeting?
  16. Although I can't find anything on it, this does reference (from Joe Baugher's link above) both pieces of nose art. From your link, which I did see early, does mention both. Just never seen a picture of the second nose art. So if Larry Davis does have a picture it's never made it to the Web. I think we are ok with the bulge kit on the bottom. Many were retrofitted in the field and the P-47 Detail and Scale does mention many of the later P-47C-5's had them from the factory. 41-6573 was in the second half of the last production run. And judging by the pic with
  17. So after seeing a RFI on a P-47, now I need to build one. Been a long time and I haven't gotten to try a Tamiya version yet. Built two of the Hasegawa kits many years ago. This will be a bit down the road yet, but wanted to get my ducks in a row prior to starting. Always wanted to build this one after seeing the nose art! So the old Aeromaster sheet says this is a P-47C-5. Which seems to jive with Joe Baugher's list online. P-47C-5, 4 FG / 336 FS by Jim Fox, on Flickr As you can see in the pic below it does seem to fit the P-47D-5 description. Does NO
  18. Regardless, still a great looking build. Jumping into my first two Hobby Boss builds..............and they are rough kits. Nothing like Tamiya, Eduard or Hasegawa. Think the few AMT kits I've built were better.
  19. Got some work done on the structure forward of the firewall, plus the cockpit done. Eduard PE set for the cockpit and Ultracast Seat w/ Sutton Harness. I think most of the PE survived with the exception of the rudder pedals and maybe a handle or two. I have since adjusted the yellow tank, just didn't retake pictures. HobbyBoss kits certainly are nothing like Tamiya, Eduard or Hasegawa. Giant sprue attachment points, questionable location references, etc. Sorry for the heavily cropped pictures. HobbyBoss F4F-3A / Martlet III Cockpit by J
  20. Look at my username...............seems like I need to do one or two. Especially since I didn't make it on time with my two builds in the last P-51 STGB. I'll jump in with at least 1.............and see how the bench looks with a 2nd (possibly).
  21. Dang, some of your guys gotta slow down and let the rest of us catch up!
  22. I'll order the set recommended for Tamiya. Think the Falcon set is recommended for Monogram.
  23. Wowzers! Nicely done! Hope my HB F4F-3 Early turns out 1/4 nice as that! Whose Vac Canopy did you use? Since I am converting it to a Martlet III I need to replace the canopy. Which I can steal from the Late kit, but then I would need something for that down the road. Looked at the Falcon Vac that I have, not sure it's going to fit. Was the Cro-mangnon man on the tail a later add? I built a Jim Sweet Wildcat, but don't have it on mine.
  24. That would be awesome James! Very much appreciated. But you'd be sending it across the pond! Granted it's not a big package. What do I owe you?
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