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  1. Started on a new build tonight, the Accurate Miniatures 1/48 F-6B Mustang. Stealing the nose pieces from a P-51A to get the wider scoop. I think I am going to go with this scheme, if I can duplicate the camera scoreboard using the box decal and hopefully making more on the printer. Need to find out the Crew Chiefs name as well. The SuperScale sheet doesn't have the camera stencils nor the Pilot and Crew Chief name. F-6B AX-K 67th Tactical Recon Group by Jim Fox, on Flickr I've also think I've gone mad. Hand painting the instrument panel so only the dials wer
  2. Feel like tackling another Mustang. I have the decals for this aircraft, but they are missing the camera mission scoreboard below the exhausts and the pilot and crew chief name. So I guess I get to try and make those myself. Anyone know anywhere to dig up the Crew chiefs name that's blocked? My searching so far has turned up nothing. Guess if push came to shove I could just leave it off, or make something up. Side note: The Superscale sheet, which touts Super Quality - Super Accuracy, has 3 schemes on it. 1 - P-51B, 1 - F-6B and 1 - P-51C. The little decals for the aircraf
  3. Well the show must go on. After getting frustrated with the Mig 17 (yet again), I've put that on the shelf of doom and started tinkering with this one again. Decided I'm just leaving the windscreen the way it is. I think I've manage to save one of my 3 vac canopies for the sliding portion and I think it's going to fit just fine. So now I just gotta figure out how to mask off the headrest area and then I'll sling some paint on it. Plus I'm actively looking at what my next project will be..............something way less fiddly. So want to build another Mustang. The show m
  4. Well sweet...........with some digging I finally found a nose art picture on the 4th FG Website. Aeromaster sheet is a little off though.
  5. Looks good! Just finished one recently. Looks like you tackled those fuselage inserts just fine!
  6. I got time yet. Fortunately with it being so close to paint, hopefully it'll get finished in time for the GB end. Think with the F4F and Mig 17 I am just done with fiddly nonsense. I just need to walk away from it for a bit. I have an AMT P-40N I'm working on too, even with the mold issues it's not nearly as fiddly.
  7. Putting this kit away for a while. I dislike it, I dislike it, I dislike it! Landing gear fought me! Windscreen fit is awful, IMO, but some of that may be from the cleanup. The sliding portion doesn't fit over the spine nor does it even come close to matching up with the windscreen height. I've lost all interest in working on it. This also irks me because Frank Boy was so gracious to send my decals over the pond. The Late version kit I also have will now be relegated to a paint mule! It's so close to painting too. Bleepin canopy! Don't think I'll ever build
  8. Don't have any shelf sitters. Although some days I believe these HobbyBoss Mig 17 and F4F-3 should go sit on a shelf (or maybe trash bin). Closest thing I have to a shelf sitter is the Revell 1/48 Stearman. It's basically done except rigging...........I hate rigging. It's been sitting like that for most the year.
  9. Aircraft wise I stick to 1/48. Seems to be the right size in my mind. 1/72 seems to toyish and anything bigger seems to diecast-ish. Now that's not to knock anyone in those scales...............some great stuff gets built in those other scales. I did a 1/72 Mustang once for a club group build but it's to small and fiddly for my taste. Since I build mostly Allied Aircraft I am mostly a 1/48 guy overall. Have built a couple 1/700 subs just because they were quick and easy. I have a 1/700 Minneapolis and a 1/350 Fletcher w/ photo etch to build someday. Bought those after playing a bunch
  10. Yeah, those inserts are a pain. Fill, sand, rescribe, fill, sand, rescribe, prime, fill, sand, scribe, prime................took forever. Looks like you got it sorted out though!
  11. Forward of B6 I would agree, but all around the Stars n Bars it looks like it's worn down........to me.
  12. Not that I need another project. Need to get the current pigs (HobbyBoss F4F-3 and Mig 17F) off the bench. But was looking through one of my P-51 Books and saw this bird. Would be interesting. DDay stripe removal ate away at the paint? Only picture I've found of it. Wonder if the wings have a similar issue? So many cool subjects, so little time! http://www.americanairmuseum.com/person/83437
  13. It's the US so basically it's just birds of the feathered kind. Once in a while the local rich guy and his buddy will fly their Stearmans around..........but winter is approaching so that won't happen again for a while. Maybe a commerical airline (yawn) every once and a while.
  14. Shame, because their 1/48 Junkers D.I and it was a awesome kit, even having to deal with the multi-piece fuselage and corrugation. It's also a weird plastic, seems way softer and odd feeling.
  15. I'm heavily leaning towards building only enough of the engine to get the exhausts out the bottom. Not much is going to be seen anyway with the cowlings closed, at least for how I want to build it.
  16. Went back down and quickly looked this morning. I must of have the cockpit tweaked or something, despite test fitting multiple times, as it fits way better this morning. Still not snug to the side walls, but it will rest on the tabs now. Definitly don't want to draw the fuselage sides in as the canopy parts overhang then. That does help, specifically the last picture. Also shows their is a gap (at the top tip) between that insert and the spine of the fuselage. Thanks Dennis.
  17. While waiting for a bunch of stuff to dry........pulled this kit out to tinker. Be forewarned that the engine portion if flat out awful! Didn't make it outta step 2 before putting it back in the box and reluctantly on the shelf rather than the trash bin. Two parts are mislabeled for sure. Glue locations you'd have a better shot throwing darts while blind folded and spinning around in circles. Maybe just have to build part of it, since most of it won't be seen anyway. And it's a weird plastic too. Wonder if Roden even tried to build the engine. Fuselage has no locating pins a
  18. Calling those that built the AMT P-40N. What did you do with the Reserve Fuel Tank, part A6? It fits, but there is so much slop side to side, more so at the front. So much that you can't even rest it on the provided tabs. The fuselage isn't bulged out to far because I can place the rear canopy on at it sits perfectly. Also I haven't found any good images in all my references..........but does it but right up to the back of the seat? If so, then it definitely won't touch the provided tabs. It's like I need to add some support in there for it to rest on.
  19. 1/48 Tamiya P-47D Razorback (possible conversion to a C) Eduard Brassin P-51 Bazooka Tubes (for a P-40 build......I hope) Rosie Riveter 0.75mm and 1mm 2 Iwata HP-C+ Needles (apparently I am a bull in a china shop with these needles) 2 Eduard PSP 1/48 Bases
  20. Sorry, its a reference to Trailer Park Boys and former Canadian TV series. Got lots of play in the US too.
  21. Thought about that, right now it has sprue goo in it which when dry should be pretty solid too.
  22. @Corsairfoxfouruncle May patience got the better of me so I went the route of slicing it opening along the seam on that fuselage joint where the wings attach. Went all the way forward and about 1/4" past the back of the wing edge. Then shoved some shims in there. Wing is back on now and I think will be ok for the most part. Any step is super minimal. Just some gaps to clean up. Which is to be expected for removing the wing from the fuselage. EDIT: Just looked again and just a slight ledge on top. Grrr........but way better over all. You can see how far fore and
  23. Coming along nicely. Don't forget the armor plate behind the seat. Built the A-36 in the Mustang GB. They are nice little kit. Really didn't think I likes OD mustangs, but after that I'm kinda digging them.
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