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  1. Done lots of spraying over the decades with a Paasche V, Paasche H and Iwata BCS (used Paasche VS cups) and never really had an issue spraying. Now I have this H&S Evolution Silverline 2-in-1 (.2 and .4 sizes) and I am getting spitting of paint at the beginning of the spray and then some random single spits while spraying across the project. In the past (prior to the H&S) I'd just toss some paint and thinner in the cup, back feed to stir and test. Add a touch of thinner or paint, depending on what's needed, and try again. Sometimes tweak the air pressure and viola. After a while
  2. Would you all stop it? Just trying to get back at modeling and you are making me want to join a bunch of GBs. P-51, Spitfire and now this? It's a possibility.............I lose 3 weeks on the Mustang build with vacations. Plus I got woodworking projects I want to do. I'll see how it goes and advise! I do have a Hobbyboss F4F-3 (Late) in the stash. Might have a Tamiya F4F-4 too, but gotta check. Standing by........
  3. So been thinking about what order to paint this in. I am thinking yellow first as it will b easier to mask the yellow on the nose/cowl instead of masking around the struts. Also would seem easier to mask around tail. Thoughts?
  4. Well, got seam cleanup done...........wasn't as bad as I thought. Sprayed some Mr Surfacer on there to see how things looked. Few spots touched up, re-sanded and now the second coat to check my work is drying. In my typical "bull in a china shop" model building tendencies I've managed to break off the tail wheel (I found it) along with one of the struts (about 20 times). This will probably be all for the weekend. Bro-in-law is in town and he's staying next to the room I use for modeling (model room is like a walk in closet). For the most part I am happy how it turned out hav
  5. Been trying to think back to why that top piece (cockpit piece) and ??cowling?? pieces didn't quite match up. I'm thinking that the registration pins/recesses that the cockpit/frame assembly were a little bigger/smaller from paint build up. Probably should of cleaned them out a bit because it is hard to firmly press them into place because of the cockpit/frame assembly. The back of the cockpit top piece fits good, the front is a little short compared to the back, so a small step is there. Afraid their is gonna be a lot of detail ost during the cleanup.
  6. The build continues...............dang am I rusty! Some times I feel like I am all thumbs. I'm a photographer....................I need to dig the real camera out and stop using the iPhone. Gonna have some sanding to do..............as some details to repair. Gonna end up sanding off some raised and recessed details because I am rusty. Revell PT-17.....the build continues. by Jim Fox, on Flickr Revell PT-17.....the build continues. by Jim Fox, on Flickr
  7. That's actually for the one below it. N2S-3 (US Navy Designation for PT-17_, 39123, ca. 1944. The aircraft is a mix of aluminum doped and Orange Yellow (FS 13538) areas. This aircraft has a wooden propeller. I don't have any references for any PT-17s or let alone this bird. So I guess I either do a different version so I don't have to worry about the forward exhaust or say it was a "FIELD MOD" . Don't really feel like messing with making a forward exhaust. Hmmmmm
  8. Oh man, putting the pressure on me now! Definitely replace the blobs they call seat belts!
  9. Trying to get the modeling juices flowing again with something not to crazy before the P-51 STGB starts in a few weeks. Other than the limited rigging on this kit, it looks like it will be a quick build........if my back will allow it. The molded in belts are flat out awful, so I tried to replace them with an old Eduard set that you have to build the lap belts piece by piece. I remember why I don't do photoetch much. So the heck with that and the pilots just need to hope they don't fall out I guess! Don't look too close at the seats......PLEASE DON'T. Other than a dull coat o
  10. STGB stands for Single Type. As in only P-51 Mustangs vs say like the upcoming Trainers Group build in February. Any trainer aircraft type would fit that one, just not say a PT-17 Stearman only group build.
  11. To each their own on the quick pull back thingie. The other thing I miss from the Iwata (or even the old clunky Paasches......loved the H though) I had was the ability to back feed air in then by holding your finger over the nozzle. Made mixing paint and cleaning easier. But I've only used the H&S Silverline brush a few times, so maybe I'm missing something on the hand over the nozzle back feed thing. I do like the ability to preset the stop to control how far back you go. Once my skills/touch becomes better after a while of using it I probably can max out the stop and kin
  12. If I can keep the modeling juices flowing (gonna participate in P-51 STGB in December)..........I am game. Just ordered this set, and would like to do the first profile. I'd have to order the Tamiya kit to do it.......already built one with Black/White bottom. I always like doing unique schemes.
  13. Being a newbie here and trying to get back at it..........I have no track record here. But with our club's group builds over the years I've had the same issue.........3 to 4 yrs later completing a kit.
  14. BTW Jamie, thanks for the the info. That'll get me started! Didn't wanna leave your response hanging!
  15. Boy dare I post what I am reading? It can take me a year to read a book, or like the 2017 annual edition of this book I read it in a month. But don't worry, I don't remember what I read 2 mins later. My current read (2018 Volume)...... (sorry, it's what I am into right now). The 13 page chapter on the importance of sheep, was a tough one to get through.
  16. Their is also 2 sets of decals for Preddy's birds (including his brothers P-51 before he was lost too) produced by Three Guys if you can find a copy somewhere. Includes his P-47 as well. I have them in my stash. I don't have the EE book.........off to see if I can find a copy.
  17. I have the H&S Silverline 2-in-1 version that I got a year or two ago, but never really played with it much until this weekend............well because I just haven't been interested in models lately or much of anything for that matter. Any who the only thing I think I would like is the quick pull back option (lack of the correct terminology) to clear clogs.......like you see on the H&S Infinity CR 2 model. Had some issues playing with it this weekend........but maybe I need to add some liquitex flow product to the mix. I like having it on my Iwata HP-BCS.......but that has other is
  18. Nicely done! Sharkmouth Blue Noser......a rare one for sure. Think I am going to tackle a NMF bluenoser for the STGB coming up, one with partially painted (or being undone) d-day stripes.
  19. I'll probably switch and buy a Tamiya P-51B so it's easier to mess with putting the flaps down and pose it just like this picture. Good reminder for everyone. Having built several VIII planes over the decades it's one thing I remember to do (or not to do in this case).
  20. Was curious about that too, as the Z is full here, rather than painted over like in the Profile. Haven't look for B&W references yet, but I always see that profile with the Z covered up partially.
  21. Right Tally Ho I'm in! Someone responded to my new member post about this GB coming up and in an effort to get the modeling juices flowing again, I am game. I do lose 3 weeks with Vacations in that time frame, but let's see what I can do. Started rummaging through the pile last night. So shocked I didn't have a D model. Got lots of Accurate Miniatures models though. So what the heck, let's pull out a bagged Accurate Miniatures P-51B. Now to find a bird to replicate.....but I tend to think the OD Mustangs are just yuck. Maybe a Blue Nosed would help with the OD Green. Then I saw the
  22. Nothing in particular really. Kinda intrigued by stuff in epoxy/resin bases rather than on a stand. Built a 1/700 USS Los Angeles SSN-688 several years ago because it was cheap and on sale at Sprue Brothers. It was a innocent victim of a resin accident. Built a 1/700 German WWII sub that's on a simple water base. Have a Trumpeter 1/700 USS Minneapolis and a Tamiya 1/350 USS Fletcher with some photoetch fiddly bits that I bought last year. Not sure why I bought the photo etch.........glutten for punishment I guess.
  23. Well, I signed up last fall in the hopes that it would spark some building time, but that never happened. Haven't had much motivation for any of my main hobbies (Woodworking, Photography, Models) over that past couple years. The one hobby that has gotten most of my attention, but not a lot with zero motivation, is woodworking. I also do photography, but that has I haven't done any of that since basically Fall 2018. So as my username would suggest..........I like Blue Nosed Mustangs. I build mostly 1/48 Allied Aircraft but might have strayed a few times. Been playing World of W
  24. Newbie here (to the forum that is). Signed up on the forum last year with the intentions of trying to spark the building again........but my lack of motivation over the past year or so has done me in. Modeling and Photography have been no existent. Woodworking has been a little here and there. Been playing a little World of Warships here and there and decided to get a kit, well actually a couple, and see if I can get motivated a bit. So I am going to be building this kit........guess it's a 1942 version. The kit instructions call out Mr Hobby Aqueous and Mr Co
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