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  1. Nice build! While I am not a Luftwaffe aircraft fan, they just don't peak my interest, the He-111 is one I could get into a build on. Was watching BoB the other night and said I need to get me one of those. Now to find a good 1/48 version.
  2. Where to start..............Bad back, neck and knees, unnecessary lockdowns (not that I really listened), European Starlings, overpriced drinks, allergies, too many projects and too little cash. At least it's clear and sunny and not rainy/sleety and cold today. So I got that going for me.
  3. @lasermonkey I hear you on the over active brain. I don't think I'm quite up their with you (or where you were rather) but I to have those issues. Sitting at work and trying to work on something, the phones are ringing, other people talking about stuff that I might have to help on and my brain starts to spin outta control into an actual panic attack. Gotta get up and walk around. Sometimes it does cause falling asleep issues. I can't read, listen to audio books or podcast. By the second sentence I've already forgotten what I read or heard because my brain is has already hit 10 other sub
  4. Nice! Always liked the early Spits with their B&W undersides.
  5. Looks like you are making good progress.........for a kit that nothing fits worth a darn. My is sitting on the shelf of doom in a similar progress. Had to move onto something else for a while.
  6. Nicely done! Finished that kit myself last year. Even with the rough fit of the fuselage inserts, it's still one nice kit to build.
  7. Nicely done! Finished that kit and scheme myself last year. Hell of a kit! Love the idea for the last photo, of Lochridge superimposed over the model. Gonna have to try that someday.
  8. A replacement Master's brass pitot tube for my Martlet III that I dropped on the concrete floor and spent 10 mins searching for, even sweeping the floor. Only to find it about 10 mins after ordering it's replacement. Just like i knew would happen.............can't find something order a new one.
  9. I feel your pain! If I had a nickle............. Also, I've never seen that scheme before. Always like finding new Mustang schemes.
  10. Personally I will never get an H&S ever again. I cursed at mine for 3 months straight before I sold it and went back to Iwata. Right outta the box I was spraying, but that is also what I had been using for the last 15 years or so. Now to each their own.......you'll see plenty of people that love their H&S. I went with the Iwata HP-C+. Eventually I will add one of the 0.18mm GSI Creos that you see on SprayGunner. Compressor wise......for years I used just a spare tank like you'd fill a tire up with. Then I switch to a Campbell Hausfeld "Quiet" unit, which was decently
  11. I started using UHU white tack after reading about it on here. No residue and it seems softer and easier to work with. It can leave a slightly different shade (not every time) where it was, but that goes away with a clear coat.
  12. FYI......Gotten a 500 error probably 6 times or so today. Now it's very slow to load. Windows 10 and Firefox here.
  13. While waiting for the wing roots to dry on the Accurate Miniatures F-6B to dry (this one didn't fit as well as the A-36) I grabbed the P-47D outta the stash and began making some mods. Will be doing this aircraft from the 336 FS / 4 FG. P-47C-5, 4 FG / 336 FS by Jim Fox, on Flickr BEVOAPABML by Jim Fox, on Flickr Robert Lehman - 4 FG / 336 FS by Jim Fox, on Flickr The decal artwork isn't completely correct...........but I'll tweak a little bit and call it close. I'm going to just go with the Tamiya cockpit, add a L
  14. I like that...............not sure what we have flat tooth pick wise in these parts. But I have many $1000's worth of wood working equipment in the shop, I can probably manage something.
  15. HobbyBoss's F4F-3 Early converted to a Martlet III (F4F-3a) HobbyBoss 1/48 Martlet III by Jim Fox, on Flickr HobbyBoss 1/48 Martlet III by Jim Fox, on Flickr HobbyBoss 1/48 Martlet III by Jim Fox, on Flickr HobbyBoss 1/48 Martlet III by Jim Fox, on Flickr HobbyBoss 1/48 Martlet III by Jim Fox, on Flickr
  16. And that's a wrap! Overall I am probably 85% happy with it............we are our own worst critiques, right? Canopy masks could of been a little more crisp. Weathering/chipping might be a little heavy............but hey, it was fun to practice and try new things. Landing gear gave me fits, sits a little high. I struggle every time with aerial lines.......super glue never wants to bite. Glad to have it done.........can't say I am a big fan of HobbyBoss kits (between this and the Mig 17). Eduard Cockpit PE Ultracast Seat Master Pitot Tube Eduard Masks for the
  17. Ok, what is a Bunfight? Two guys throwing hamburger buns at each other at the local burger joint?
  18. Anyone, specifically those in the US, found some good narrow sanding sticks (or sometimes called twigs)? I have some of the Flory sticks, but would like to find something narrower yet. I picked up some cheap sanding twigs and while they work for a while they break down or they crinkle up relatively quick and are not usable any more. Something that gets in the tighter spaces. Maybe I'll just buy more of the cheap ones, it's like $30 for 300. But I tend to use the finer grits more and am stuck with the a bunch of unused heavier grits.
  19. Took advantage of a recent sale at Sprue Brothers and got a 1/48 Tamiya F-51D and F4U-1A Corsair.
  20. Spent the last two nights working on oil weathering. 75% of the top is done (and maybe 5% of the underside). Still need to address weathering the decals. I used Mig Panel Line washes as my filters, as I don't have any specific filter materials. What do you all use? Hard to tell in pictures, but in person it definitly is darker now. I may mess with some over spray techniques to trying and bleach it out a bit.
  21. Decals are all on and drying. Hopefully I'll get a clear coat over them and start on some weathering...........maybe later today or tomorrow. Have to be careful with the Mr Mark Softer, at least with these decals, as it will eat up decals. Had to replace the portside upper wing roundel with a spare after in disintegrated in a few spots. Hair spray chipping might be a little over done, but what the heck.............why not have some fun.
  22. Started on yet another Mustang. This time the F-6B from Accurate Miniatures. I will be adding; Ultracast Wheels, Exhaust and Seat. Didn't take many photographs on the cockpit......just started rolling on the build and forgot. I am planning on building AX-K from the 67th Tac Recon group. The supercale sheet doesn't not contain the markings for pilot and crew chief, so I got to work making some up. F-6B AX-K 67th Tactical Recon Group by Jim Fox, on Flickr Jeanie F-6B Markings by Jim Fox, on Flickr For the instrument panel, the th
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