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  1. I hate to be "that guy" and play Devil's advocate here, and I'm not going to defend Didier or Mach 2, but I do want to be a bit more diplomatic. I adore the VC-10, it's one of my favourite aircraft, and perhaps I have more money than sense and modelling skill but I jumped at the chance to have an injection moulded example in The One True Scale (the Roden 1/144 is exquisite but just doesn't cut it). It would be true to say I'm a little disappointed with the plastic but it's better than all the other 1/72 IM VC-10s (you know, the ones that don't exist). I know it's not a great representation of an iconic aircraft, but I'm grateful that someone has had a go. I've yet to take the plunge and spend the big money on a resin 1/72 VC-10, mostly because I know it will only be added to the loft insulation, but I think that may be coming soon; I am perhaps naive in hoping that a lot of Mach 2 boxes under peoples' arms at Telford, and a good long term sales result, would inspire another manufacturer to do a better job. The same hasn't been true of the Comet yet, but I am ever the optimist. Well, I suppose we know we're getting a project when we buy a Mach 2 box, this one's a bigger project than perhaps we hoped before it came out. If I get the time tonight I'll post some sprue shots, unless someone beats me to it.
  2. Superb! Thank you for showing her off! Plus you took me down the rabbit hole of checking out your RAF Ouston website, which made for a very distracting lunch break and certainly looks like a project I'll keep an eye on as you add more aircraft. I'm also intrigued to read your experiences with rigging; I've used a similar method and it may not be the most delicate way, but it works.
  3. I take your point about the museum management, and they do well in the rest of the museum. It is after all a museum of Flight, not exclusively military aircraft. Let's hope they manage to get the Vulcan and the couple of outdoor airliners, indoors. On the subject of the Airfix Vulcan, I have no disposal stash and will be clinging onto my old mold Vulcans, as I prefer to chuck an old one together before embarking on a new mold type. I recently built a Matchbox Swordfish then an old Airfix Swordfish before embarking on the new Airfix one (well that was the plan, but it stalled mid-Airfix when I got distracted by something else). I'll do the same with Vulcans when I get around to it, I'll just change the plan so that the "celebrities" like XM607 are "new tool" and the old tool generic Vulcans can go to the back of the shelf. As a result of that I could be interested in any old Vulcans or AM that you want to dispose of, if the wife will let me acquire a few on top of the various resin bits, new tool Vulcans and Mach 2 VC-10s that will no doubt be taking up space in my ever-tinier modelling room very soon! Chris
  4. Always worth bearing in mind there is an engineering lineage between those two machines (Lancaster and Vulcan), though. Not only was there less than a decade separating the designs - which I always find incredible - but I've always heard that the main wing spar is almost identical between the two, and I think the Vulcan was essentially designed around this (admittedly much evolved) giant girder that they already had the jigs for, which had been the spar in the Lancaster, the Lincoln and then the Shackleton before the Vulcan.
  5. Sadly true. I went last year while working in Edinburgh, and she was looking very down at heel on a bitterly cold December Saturday. Very exciting to get my camera all over one of the Shrike pylons that were mounted on the Skybolt hardpoints though. On the subject of a new tool Airfix Vulcan I'm very excited if it's true but a little disappointed that it got leaked before the Saturday announcement. Will definitely be looking to add several to the stash as I have several Vulcan projects in mind...including XM597.
  6. roy107

    Airfix 2020

    Historic now of course but I would've thought Matchbox would have been a prime candidate. After all, they gave us the Victor.
  7. Likewise but I don't want to get my hopes up too much, just in case. At least it should be easier to find than a Fujimi example in the years to come. I want to pick one up just to compare it to the Airfix Phantom, but I'm not going to walk by other kits to get one, so if it is at Telford I might have to wait until the end of the day and see if I've still got any cash left.
  8. roy107

    Airfix 2020

    Maybe but I'd be much happier with a Hunting H.126
  9. roy107

    Airfix 2020

    I've just made some for a relatively simple Zlin 142 and while rewarding, it's no fun when the paint wicks under your Tamiya tape. Apparently I need stickier tape before I tackle the 30+ individual masks on a Fairey Fulmar.
  10. roy107

    Airfix 2020

    That's an excellent idea! That said, I really should get a Herc and add a W2 to the "one day" list. It even has a family connection so now I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it sooner. Might have to look into getting a couple of Zvezda C-130s when they're released next year. Unless Airfix' big announcement at Telford is a C-130 of course. As the arguments are all showing that it won't be a Vulcan I'd take another C-130 in 1/72. Or instead of a Vulcan and a C-130, a Shorts Sperrin.
  11. roy107

    Airfix 2020

    I've been planning on Luftwaffe Green/Grey for mine, like a Transall C-160. I suppose as per the option that comes in the box. I don't object to grey in moderation but there are certainly better schemes to paint an aircraft in. I've shied away from getting an F-35 for a variety of reasons but the lack of interesting colour schemes is certainly one of them. That said, I do enjoy What-Ifs so an ETPS raspberry ripple F-35 could be interesting. Or an ETPS A-400M! Now that gives me ideas.
  12. You are correct, perhaps he was going for DC-10 instead of VC-10 at the nose? I'm honestly from the "Close enough is good enough" school of modelling so if it looks (even sort of) VC-10 shaped and I can paint it in a VC-10 colour scheme, then for me it will be sufficient; I get that's not to everyone's style but I'll see how I feel when I've got the plastic in front of me. I'm not against a bit of very amateur scratchbuilding or modification so I shall wait and see.
  13. roy107

    Airfix 2020

    My wife is an occasional dabbler in the world of plastic models, and after a couple of summers chasing XH558 around the country she decided she wants to build a model of it. So I bought her the XH558 boxing of the Airfix Vulcan. Of course, it came with the exhortation "please, at least remove the TFR blister from the nose if you do nothing else!" Chris
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