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  1. shood, quick tip on the tyres. Using a sharp knife, remove the inner ridge from the rubber so you can turn the tyre around and install the tyre on the rim with the numbers on the inside. You can then decal the clean side, without worrying about rubbing down the moulded numbers or ruining the tyre surface. I know the pain of these kits, been building NASCAR models since the late 90s and still have loads left in my stash (though a 6 yr modelling hiatus has slowed my building a lot).
  2. Definitely a nice build there. And to keep you going, I found some additional pics of the 037 in the Race Retro main hall from 2008
  3. The details you've added, for that scale are amazing, Juanjo. If you ever want to try another, I can offer a couple of pictures of the cockpit area and centre console from the 2007 winning car for you
  4. Looking good, I've got this and the Hasegawa versions in my "To-do" pile eventually And for all those wishing they had seen some Group B cars in action, you still can ! A group called Slowly Sideways showcase some of these vehicles regularly and are due to have an open air rally event as part of this years Race Retro in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. http://www.raceretro.com( http://www.raceretro.com/live-rally-stage/4586764460 for the details about the live running.) To still see the Escorts, Lancias, Audis and 6R4s blasting around is amazing stuff. A little on-topic taster of what was running there in 2008 (and somewhere on my Video Camera, I've got some cracking footage of when I last went in 2010 and the limited edition Aston Martin rally car .)
  5. I'd happily sign up but I am notoriously bad at completing any lengthy GB. One option that you may wish to consider and that happens on other sites is the Le Mans 24 hr Build. You start at 2pm GMT on the Saturday and finish at 2pm GMT on the Sunday. Basic prep work is allowed before but when the flag drops on the Sunday, that's it. And for a 24 hr build, it may be able to miss the Britmodeller GB calendar backlog.
  6. He's had 10 negative feedback left in the last month alone. I thought eBay pulled an account after some many in such a short period.
  7. Quick update on this. Time's being shared out with another couple of group builds on other sites so I'm not as progressed as I'd like. The boiler has been joined and ball bearings are in place to give it some weight. Front has a coat of X-18 Semi-gloss black and the rest is Railmatch BR Loco Green enamel. Annoyingly, the green doesn't work with Humbrol enamel thinners so the first layer went on a bit inconsistently. Piston and gear rods are Alclad Polished Aluminium covered with Alclad Steel to darken it down a touch.
  8. Nice clean job though to correct you, Slixx stopped making NASCAR decals in 2003 due to high licencing costs. The decals are JWTBM Decals for Jeffs' 2005 Daytona Pepsi 500 winning car. And the kit is Revell's 2003-2005 Chevy Monte Carlo. I'm guessing you got them as a bundle from Mike's Decals. He's a great guy and I've bought a lot from him over the years. AMT are currently selling pre-painted snap-fix versions of the 2010 Chevy Impala SS COT but in 1/25 scale. Andy
  9. Also from Airliners.net from April 16th pics Erm, weren't Phantoms retired a couple of decades ago ? Seems the Iranian AF is happy to keep them going.
  10. Thank you all. That's 14 up so we only need another one to make the GB minimum and we'll also need someone to co-host. And I acknowledge your point, Wayne. Unfortunately, I had to draw a line on what to accept somewhere. "Railway Related" would open up a can of worms as to what could be accepted. Keeping it to "running on rails" still keeps it widely open and in theme with the original idea without allowing the proverbial kitchen sink.
  11. Good question Wayne, and one I hadn't put much thought into. I guess it would depend on how much kitbash is involved. If it's from the chassis up then that's fine. If it's simply reworking a coach interior, then it'd have to be looked at on its own merits (is it enough modelling to warrant an entry?).
  12. Thanks for the support, folks. That makes 8, another 7 needed for the GB to be recognised.
  13. Guys, this GB will be as open as it can get. Any scale and any type is okay..... the key phrase to remember is "as long as it runs on rails" !!! Armoured cars, rail guns, coal wagons or even scratchbuilt handcars are acceptable. Special mention will go to any builders of that Dora or an O Gauge Princess Class in brass plate
  14. This idea has come out of the volume of support I've had with my BR loco build in the Out Of Box GB currently running. The idea is simply to build a kit related to the railways, the only physical requirement being that it must run on rails. Scale, Country of Origin and type are all open and by keeping it open to anything related to railways and not just locomotives allows the armour folks to join in (can a 1/35 Dora be built in a GB timescale ? ) Any thoughts and is anyone interested ? Interested so Far: HappyMartian Bexxy Cuprar Daz Greenwood Shar2 Darius RichEllis Arpie AndrewE wkennerley GlenT Obi-Jiff CPNGroats worm
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