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    Aviation. Mainly WWII and post war era till 60's

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  1. YAY!! Outstanding!! he he he good reference for My Wildie and Vincents 6 in stash and I plan to buy more RAF FOR LIFE !!!
  2. Sosezi

    Skua 1st Prototype (Short nose)

    Hi Guys! if you have any photos/reference about Short nosed Skua prototype please post photos here Cheers! Andrey
  3. Sosezi

    Blackburn Skua/Roc TT's HELP!!

    Folks, as always I'm looking for photos of the Target Tugs this time Rocs and Skuas any help appreciated Cheers! Andrey
  4. Sosezi

    1/72 Fairey Battle Target Tug

    Lovely "BEE" colored Tug always loved that scheme Cheers!
  5. Just opened my started 10 years ago Battle TT (MPM) well I'd say WRONG CANOPY!! Airfix Pilot's sliding section looks more BATTL'ish to me there's no ideal Fairey Battle but we love it anyway hehe can't wait to put my hands into Classic Airframes's TT box!!!!!!!!! How cute she is!!
  6. Sosezi

    Fairey Battle TT

    complicated topic but yes.... IRA "problem" makes sense
  7. Sosezi

    Airfix 1/48 Walrus

    Lovely Walrus Cute aircraft by all means ! well, waiting when it will say"Woo Woo" to me gonna get one or two
  8. Sosezi

    Fairey Battle TT

    Of course I'll get one!! Thank you! by the way my most favourite in the battle interior is instrument panel because of landing gear marker in front of eyes Love the PORT and STARBOARD written on it~Simply Great! as for my background I am Ex Air Force Cadet of the Russian AF School back in 2009 so I know the things well and Fairey Battle's instrument panel looking Simply Great! layout is just perfect to me Sadly I didn't flew Battles..... I was ground crew guy and later Airfield Guard Unit member. and of course NO BATTLES in Russia (now I'm living in Japan) my dream is to visit UK and of course RAF Museum, as far as I know there's one of the MkI's I'm correct? Cheers! Andrey
  9. Sosezi

    Fairey Battle TT

    THANKS A LOT!!! Seriously Great Help!! Cheers!! Andrey
  10. Sosezi

    Fairey Battle TT

    Many Thanks Tony!!! Okay! Will build her in 1/48 as EARLY Irish #92 with black undersides (Classic Airframes giving that version) and buy Max Decals for 1/72 one many thanks to everyone who helped me with the reference and explanation!! I appreciate it!! as for me Fairey Battle is the most favourite British Aircraft so I'm obsessed with this one and a Bomber with the Trainer is on the way ~ so Fairey Battling continues ~ P.S which is the best reference book for the Fairey Battle? if you know please tell me Cheers!! Andrey
  11. Sosezi

    Fairey Battle TT

    It seems at that time Irish/UK relationships weren't that bad
  12. Sosezi

    Fairey Battle TT

    So Irish Bought this Battle? Well, you mean LOWER wing has RAF roundels overpainted with Irish ROUNDELS? not the stripes? that makes me think that we know NOTHING about this Battle. because lower wing number 92 given in Black while Classic Airframes painting manual shows undersides painted black~ and that Donald Duck nose art was painted by Irish or was it painted since the RAF service?~~~ or perhaps never existed? OR!!! was she repainted several times? This photo was taken soon after force landing~ no nose art as far as I can see... and perhaps she has Yellow/Black undersides (see drogue container fairing and tail cone) this photo clearly shows that at least once in her life she has black undersides (see tail plane section and underside part nearby) ~ still many questions left but it gives me motivation to build this "QUACKING TUG" Cheers Andrey
  13. OH! Thank you very much!! Brilliant photos! Cheers!
  14. Sosezi

    1/72 Italeri Short Stirling Mk IV

    how about wingspan of this one in cm?