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  1. Hi The first three U-Class submarines (HMS Undine, HMS Unity, and HMS Ursula) had a very distinctive bow, a straight bow -or so it seems-, rather archaic looking. I have seen some illustrations, but never a single picture of this bow. Does anyone have something ?
  2. Thanks a lot for this definitive answer about overall 507C and for the explanation about her patchwork style after the battle (she is much prettier in 507C by the way). Thanks for sharing this interesting photograph.
  3. Hi I wonder what were the colours of HMS Exeter at the time of the Battle of the River Plate. I believed it was overall light grey, but looking at the pictures of the return to home port, I am not so sure. The hull seems much darker than the bridge, and the turrets, and the torpedo tubes, almost white. Moroever, we can find in the IWM website an artwork from C. E. Cundall, painter, depicting the arrival at Plymouth after the River Plate action : the hull is medium grey, the superstructure is beige (beige ?) and light grey, the turrets and torpedo tubes are almost white, and the funnels seem buff. So, overall light grey, really ? I am sure someone will help.
  4. So, definitively SCC15. Thanks a lot. I was heading the wrong way.
  5. Hi This topic has already been explored in 2010 in this forum, but I am afraid the answer was not clear-cut. So, what was the colour for Centurions Mk.3 during the korean war, SCC or rather Deep Bronze Green ? There are some colour pictures of Centurions in the IWM collections ("The service of Sydney Sherriff in the Royal Armoured Corps in Korea") showing a rather deep green. Deep Bronze Green ? I am not a british colours specialist, but I am sure you can help.
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