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  1. I’m also gonna base the JT I’m building on a 512th vehicle and was curious to the scheme on those vehicles as well. I found a few color photos online but they don’t lead to much information haha. One looks to be mostly dunkelgelb and the other seems to be mostly olivgrun with a third in an ambush scheme. Here’s the photos I’ve found, not sure if the third photo is 512th tho:
  2. A little update, got the suspension and rear of the vehicle mostly assembled. Hopefully today after work I can work on the gun breach a little bit! Sorry for the poor lighting on the photos. I forgot to get pictures yesterday afternoon so I took them this morning before work and I leave for work while it’s still dark out. Maybe one day I’ll be able to get my photography skills up to par
  3. Mine too haha. I will usually just put on some music and go to town. The music helps a bit but it’s still a tedious job.
  4. Well here’s an update on the JT after a few hours of work. Road wheels galore! Suspension up next!
  5. I agree, I’ve only used both one time but I enjoyed working with the masterclubs more. The fruils required more clean up and what not to get them to fit together well. The masterclubs required almost no clean up. The only problem I had with the masterclubs is some of the little resin track pins they come with backed out after I burnished the tracks. But I think that might have been a bit of operator error haha.
  6. Yup that’s the footage. And they certainly do look like they moved along quite well for a near 80 ton vehicle when they were moving haha. This kit does include the belt type track and link and length type as well. But I might order a set of fruil or masterclub tracks this weekend.
  7. I was thinking of having all the skirts knocked off haha. I do agree they look much more “mean” (not that they don’t as is) without the side skirts. The kit comes with decals for the 653rd heavy Panzerjäger battalion but I might try to represent a vehicle from the 512th. Edit: I seem to be having problems inserting a video clip, but there’s a few good YouTube videos of the 512th. Good jagdtiger footage of them roaring into a town square.
  8. Hey everyone, looking forward to starting this jagdtiger! Here are some shots of the box and a quick spruce shot. I bought an RB metal barrel and Eureka wire tow cable set to add a little extra detail. This will be my first group build so I’ll try to keep up on the updates and show the progress as I go!
  9. I had planned to build a takom full interior king tiger for this group build but a new project at work will be cutting into my modeling time drastically. So...... I picked this kit up today as it might have a chance of being finished in 3 months time opposed to the full interior kit! looking forward to this group build as it will be my first one!
  10. Hindsight is always 20/20 haha. Good to know, thanks! I picked up some Vallejo parched grass from the local hobby shop the other day and it looks a little aged so I’ll probably try it out on my p-61 which is about to be my new test bed vehicle haha
  11. Haha I’m about at that point with a p-61 I’ve been working on the past few months. These things happen tho! Are there any problems with the kit I should know about before I get started? I’m still a few months out from starting it as I have a few other things on the bench right now and a few more to get thru after those.
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