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  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation! That will be my first attempt with alclad so that will definitely help me in my process. I’m gonna try it out on a test bed tho first haha. What grit sandpaper do you use to sand the mr surfacer?
  2. I love the od green p-51’s! I’m going to be building a model of “happy jacks go buggy” from 20th fg as soon as I’m done with a 110 I’m working on currently. It’ll be my first attempt at a bare metal finish, on the fuselage atleast. What type of paint did you use for your aluminum because it looks great!
  3. I love the greif! I have this kit in my stash and I’ve been wanting to start it sometime soon. This is a great take on it as well!
  4. I used a mix of tamiya orange and taniya yellow when I did an A7M1 a few months ago. I think I mixed it 70ish% orange to 30% percent yellow but I can’t quite remember. I think next time I paint a trainer or experimental Japanese aircraft I’m going to try some of Mr. color 58. It’s an orange yellow color specific for Japanese aircraft and looks quite nice. Not too orange, not too yellow.
  5. This is great! I too love the spent casings on the floor. Hard to believe it’s a model!
  6. Tamiya 1/35 Jagdtiger Vehicle “X1” S.Pz.Jg.Abt 512 Iserlohn Germany April 1945
  7. Alrighty, I’m calling this one done! I had a blast participating in this group build. The tiger series of tanks are some of, if not my favorite tanks. The jagdtiger is a giant and it was a big build, but I enjoyed The whole process of it. I chose to represent a vehicle of the 512th s.Pz.Jg.Abt. Specifically vehicle X1 belonging to Hauptmann Albert Ernst. Thanks for looking and please excuse the poor photography skills!
  8. I have some woodland scenics foliage I’m going to use. It looks pretty decent and in scale. It’s a bit “bushier” and thicker than I’d like so I’m going to try and thin it out a bit and then add some different tones of green and brown to hopefully give it a good appearance. I’m very interested in creating some sort of diorama base but I’ve never created one before and am really not too sure where to start haha. I need to pop into the diorama section of this site and get a few pointers!
  9. Thank you very much! The dot filter came out much better than I anticipated it would but still a novice attempt haha. And painting tracks is probably one of the most stressful parts of the build to me. It’s hard to exactly replicate what they look like in person. I work construction so I try to eyeball what our companies excavator tracks look like and draw inspiration from those a bit.
  10. Thanks everyone for the kind words! This group build has been fun and it’s awesome to see such great work being done in here. Whenever I feel a little lull in creativity or ideas coming on I just browse thru everyone’s builds. It really keeps me inspired and enthusiastic about my build even during the tedious parts like tracks haha. I did take a day or two break this week to work on a panzer iv I set aside a month or so before this build. I had to step away from building tracks and do something more interesting. But I completed my tracks this week, primed, painted, and a little rust wash over
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