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  1. Many thanks Paul, I've got the Air Britain Book. I think I will go with the Q6 Blue. It's also a restoration but more blue than the Brussel Aircraft... I dont know if it's more accurate for my project but I prefer! Cheers, Lionel
  2. Hello, I'm in the same "impasse"...! I would like to make this Vega Gull ans I'm not sure for the exterior color... I think pale blue and may be silver for the wing and back wing. What color for interior???? Not easy, even with Air Britain Book about Percival...! Lionel
  3. Hello, May be it's possible to make something with the vacuform model here: http://www.mtaonline.net/~zdk/kit005.htm But I'm agree... A good Cessna, we need! Lionel
  4. Hello Moa! What a beautiful Miles I see here... There is a lot of work to arrive at this result... Bravo! I hope make mine as well... Cheers Lionel
  5. Yes, some hours in the loop... Marvellous! I'll come back!
  6. Hello, Thank you for your help! So I'm come back in France and I went to the Porthmadog shop. It's a good sellers. I bought AModel DH60, a MikroMir Mile Aerovan M57 and a small Austin in 76scale, I think that will be good for 72 scale aircraft! The Mile is really original! I would like to start the built soon and I'll post on the Forum for sure! I found another shop in Aberystwyth. Lot of Airfix models. Also some cement and Milliput in stock... Thank you again Bye Lionel
  7. Many thanks! I will go for sure in the Porthmadog shop! It's near my location (Cymerau Farm) May be in Bangor but it's a bit far...
  8. Hello, During the next week, i ll go in mid and North Wales for my holidays... Il would like to know where i can find a good models shop... I hope to see some low pass in mach loop too...! Thank you for yours reply Lionel
  9. Good! I'm actually on the same project... But with Airmodel Vacuform conversion. I stay with you!
  10. waahhouu... 7 years... Some models again and he will be a serious competitor for futurs model shows Bravo Lionel
  11. A lovely biplane. Very nice and the figure give a "good ambiance" I' ll just spray a matt green on the grass i think too glossy Very great work. Lionel
  12. I like, no i love Crusader... And this one too! This colors scheme you chosen are really beautifiul for this interceptor! Big Bravo!!
  13. Superb! You've got a realistic 1/144scale. I prefer clear windscreen and resin for window as decal... Really beautiful. Lionel
  14. Hi everybody! My second model i present you, it's a Desoutter Mk II. I thought when i bought this kit i could make with a French registration... After some research, no, she will be English! It's a resin kit (Kora) and just out of the box. Only window and windscreen made with clear acetate. Paint and mask by airbrush The registration on port and starboard fuselage is too higher so i dont put the fine white line . Best regards Lionel
  15. Hi Dave, Thank you very much for the difference between the wingspans... I'm arrived near the painting process but i think i will cut wings to make longer... 4,2mm per wing, it's loud... For the cockpit, it's will stay be the same for this model !! Too smaller to do something! I don't find anything in "Bent Throttles". Only a number of their magazine, the December 2006, n°39 . I would like to pay and download it but it's not possible... Lionel
  16. Thank you Carlos for remember me the very good Fligth Archive... i found a good drawing of the cockpit and panel. I think the color was Black as the uppers surfaces I' try to make something like the liverbird you show Trevor, with my paintbrush... I'll post in the WIP in the day Lionel
  17. Marvellous! really good york... Art of scratch! Bravo Lionel
  18. Ohohh... Very nice ! Thank you very much for this technical manufacturer documentation... I can work now! Lionel
  19. Thank you very much Graham. It's will be more easy now to find the good drawing... I must paint this bird in 72scale! 3 or 4mm high no more... And may be both sides! Thank again Lionel
  20. Hello everybody! I would like to know what is drawing of the noseart on this beautiful AEKL...? It's like a bird but which bird? No, it's not beep beep...!!! And the upper color, Black...? I hope finish my Dekno model with no big mistake. Thank you very much, and my apologize for my mistake english... Lionel
  21. Superb! You've got a very beautiful model. Do you have the size of the winglet...? Thank you very much Lionel
  22. Waahhoww... A oob really very beautiful. A fine work and paint. Well done!
  23. Hello, This is my last built. A French speed record from 1931, the Farman F231. It's a resin, a good quality resin by a french craftsman, GLLOKIT. He make also a Kelner Bechereau, Glider Alérion or Payen PA101. The red is painted with Tamiya spray and white is Gunze by airbrush with homemade mask. The propeller is scratch built in two color of wood . The next post will be a resin too but english! Bye Lionel
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