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  1. A very quick build OOB of the good old ESCI Phantom, for testing purposes of my resin production MJ1, decals are Wolfpak sheet 72-011.
  2. After about a year of work (with many pauses) I also completed the two loader MJ1 in 32 with a couple of figures, other images and downloadable instructions on my site.
  3. My last project, a couple of MJ-1 loader in resin, 1/72 for now, within a couple of weeks will also be available in 1/32 with driver figure.
  4. As usual the ventral fin in the "G+S" artwork is wrong.
  5. Available the 1/72 version of this Tug, some parts are in photoetched.
  6. I would like to present a couple of jobs that I have done, will be part of my next online catalog at videoaviation.com, the Clark is in 32,48 & 72 scale while MJ1 is in 32 and 48 scale, price TBA, available i hope later this year or early 2013.
  7. correct, it's a piece of history exposed for the commemoration of fifty years.
  8. Seem true, the Meteor it's a IV or so, i'm not a expert http://www.hk-models.com/eng/p2_05.htm
  9. Plus a Lancaster and Meteor, all in 32 scale http://www.hk-models.com/eng/p2.htm
  10. Best match is 50% 50% of Gunze H-25 & H-46.
  11. mmmmm no. catalog 1296? are you sure of this? this is the ubiquitous rebox of old mold by ESCI.....
  12. Italeri reissued the CF-5B biplace (ex ESCI) not the monoplace F-5A Italeri CF-5B
  13. Yes indeed, it's a great little kit, fine recessed panels and overall good shape, i've buy some on Ebay (original ESCI) for just few euros.
  14. Now I understand, they were too good to be RAF personnel.....
  15. Correct. The Phantom pilot resembles Paul Weller (Style Council and The Jam)
  16. I have this short film, well directed and filmed, on Oversight the people seem professional actors but reading the credits should be real pilots and crew from RAF Sqn. A must for any (UK) Phantom enthusiasts.
  17. This is mine An-26, not a easy build indeed: AN-26 Russian Navy
  18. Italeri not interested in this subject, keep in mind that for them the Italian market is less than zero, maybe Special Hobby in Czech are interested, maybe.
  19. I'm looking for a lost instructions sheet of this decals, the second sheet with 4 Mirage's camouflage, if possible a good 300dpi scan due to the typical bad quality of Carpena print. Thanks in advance. This is a scan of sheet i have:
  20. look at this site, maybe help or a initial point for search info: ORDATA
  21. Maybe a repost, if not enjoy (from DashOne)
  22. Sorry for the microscopic size but this is the only picture of radio bay i've seen on the net after hours of research, hope it help
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