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  1. As my usual fast build oob (less than one week), great little gem of a model, I really like the whole last airfix production, top value for money imho. Decals are a mix from Model Alliance and Airfix, Houchin 25Kva are from my production.
  2. Best value for money, set of five USN figures, two previously released (with Chocks & Holdbacks) plus two Shooters and a Fly Operator, these new mold. Only 29,00eu.
  3. First news of the year is a set of 4 CBU's, widely used by various airforces around the world. As usual price is 10,00 eu.
  4. 1/32 MHU-191 Munitions transporter with GBU-38 JDAM (modified/new tool) with new figures and 4 bombs, decals included. 22,00 eu
  5. Available again Usaf crew figure (NEW TOOL) with Halon extinguisher and three hand extinguishers plus decals and cable. 12,00 eu
  6. These subject are simple but effective model of GPU present on RAF stations for many years, it provides power to various aircraft like Hunter, Phantom, Harrier, Jaguar, elicopters and many more, ideal to complete all the dioramas with RAF aircraft.
  7. F-15C 65th Aggressor Sq. 57th Wing, Red Flag 2006, built oob with only minor modifications, imho the Hasegawa is definitely superior of Academy one, i own them both and will notice the difference. Paint with Gunze, decals Superscale 48-1095, gpu are my production.
  8. The A/M32A-60 Generator Set, commonly called the "dash 60 start cart," is a trailer-mounted power unit capable of providing AC and DC power for aircraft electrical systems as well as high volume air for starting aircraft engines. The U.S. Air Force and other branches of the military, as well as many allied nations around the world, used thousands of these units in several variants over the years. Many are still in use today. The McDonnell-Douglas F-4 Phantom II was one of the aircraft for which the unit was designed but but virtually every military NATO aircraft can be associated with this generator. 25 resin parts, decals sheet for three different versions, electrical cables & air hose. Price 28,00 EU.
  9. WCMD (Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser) is a tail kit for cluster bombs (CBU-87, 89 & 97) wich convert these in GPS all-weather precision-guided munitions. Currently use on F-16C and F-15E. Set of 4 bombs with decals, 10,00 eu price.
  10. Available again this revised (new tool) figure with 6 holdbacks, price 8,00 eu.
  11. Set of 8 Mk82 AIR bombs with BSU-49/B high drag tail, caps, lugs & fuzes, with decals. Price 10,00 eu as usual.
  12. Scaled down version of the previous 1/32 model, two trailer in the set, with bombs and missiles support, price 14,00 eu.
  13. First in a new series of USN Deck crew that replaces the old figures, others will come later with different poses and accessories, this costs 8,00 eu.
  14. April news, set of two BLU-27 unfinned with decals, price 7,00 eu, a "finned" version will be available later with photo etched fin.
  15. Thanks indeed, i try to do my best when I can.
  16. Very good model, rock solid, easy to build OOB. I chose an alternative version to the three supplied, numbers are from the spare box.
  17. Small update for one of the first subjects made, added a missile loader for the MJ1B, typically used for the AIM-120. Also a price reduction for the "A" version, now at 20,00 eu.
  18. The AFV is 99,99% dead project, imho. despite some early criticisms the Italeri F-104 is a good model after all, with a bit of A/M look good.
  19. I prepared a small update for the LAU-3, I added two types of rockets as option, plus a couple of LAU-32 7 tube launcher.
  20. Giorgio, from what i know talking with friend in AM there is no rules, only best offer from car sellers.....typical "gara al ribasso".
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