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  1. The new kit is based on the new HC.4 Sea King mould and not the old rivet monster that has been released over and over again.
  2. Very nice, I must admit from the box it is not a bad kit. But then again I have never really been out of the box type builder. I still have a mould for a better shaped canopy when I can get around to polishing it.
  3. 1/72 Sea King HAS.3/3A 1/72 Sea King HAS. 5/6 1/72 Sea King HAS2A/ASaC 7 1/72 Sea Fury 1/72 Spey Phantom 1/72 Buccaneer 1/72 Attacker
  4. You wish......I am thinking Sea Fury
  5. Think British and fastest piston fighter built....
  6. My money is on a Naval fighter being considered......
  7. More detailed photos to follow as there is a limited internet signal at work. Interesting things to note is the option to fit a electic motor to spin the main rotor head and the option of having it fully folded. Also there are no pilots included in the kit.
  8. Well I now have three test shots on my desk in front of me. First impressions is very good, I have the instructions but no decals but that can be easily sorted. I will post some photos this afternoon.
  9. I now have three test shots on their way to my office......I cannot wait to see if my work has paid off.
  10. Back on Britmodeller, will I regret it?

    1. logical


      You won't. Your wallet might.

  11. Finally back home and back to modelling...

  12. I have built both models and I stick with my selection of the Airfix as the better kit (also easier to build). The Xtrakit (which Special Hobby re-boxed with additional detail parts) is pig to make especially as many came with a canopy that just simply did not fit at all and Hannants just did not care. But I agree with Bill though that the best F/A.2 is the new Kinetic 1/48 offering. But if you did want to make a 1/72 model then a Italeri/Esci FRS.1 kit with F/A.2 conversion might be a better option although will require extra work. These links may help Link 1 and this one Link 2
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