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  1. I will be using pva glue in each hole I think. It dries a cloudy clear and diffuses light beautifully.
  2. Ok so since receiving my custom etches and while I finish off the decals and lighting on my refit I have made a start on the enterprise e which I am going to finish as seen in Nemesis. Here is a picture of my custom etches. After many many hours of drilling and filing I have managed to complete the windows in the saucer top. I added the extra array of windows to the port side which for some reason do not appear to be moulded on the model. Looks better and is more balanced to as a result. I still have a lot more windows to drill before this project is done!
  3. Deleted- no traders, not the buy and sell area and 100 post rule.
  4. Nav deflector in place. Will take some lit shots with it soon. Just working on more paintwork and decals at the mo.
  5. Thanks. Yes I used a soft propelling pencil which I then went over with a very fine brush with damp bristles as the pencil tends to draw on the edge of the groove leaving a white line in the bottom. The water helps to even out the pencil in the grooves.
  6. First lighting test after mating the saucer. Still a fair bit to do including the nav deflector, but getting there!
  7. Cheers Dennis. I'm glad you like it. The colours are strong but its really starting to come together now that the decals are going on.
  8. Decals begin! And a cruel close up of the starboard docking port!
  9. Is it a 1:32? Could you get a 3D print for the figures? My printer could easily print figures at that scale.
  10. This is a stunning piece of work. I am not a fan of the MkVII in the show but it makes a change to see one modelled as everyone does the MkII. Will you be adding figures to the deck?
  11. I little more tonight. Detail painting and tidying up. Tomorrow I will do the outer warp grilles and then it will be decal time.
  12. Blue added to pylon conduits. This was my second go as the first was far too dark/green for my liking.
  13. Hi and thanks. The paints are a mixture. One is a water based paint used for taxidermy the others are Alclad interference cellulose based laquer. The effect is strong on dark colours but very subtle on the white.
  14. Wow that sounds awesome. I was at destination star trek in Birmingham this year which was great. Anyway a little more on the secondary hull. Not far off now!
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