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  1. This is a stunning piece of work. I am not a fan of the MkVII in the show but it makes a change to see one modelled as everyone does the MkII. Will you be adding figures to the deck?
  2. Father Cool

    1:350 Polar Lights Enterprise A Refit

    I little more tonight. Detail painting and tidying up. Tomorrow I will do the outer warp grilles and then it will be decal time.
  3. Father Cool

    1:350 Polar Lights Enterprise A Refit

    Blue added to pylon conduits. This was my second go as the first was far too dark/green for my liking.
  4. Father Cool

    1:350 Polar Lights Enterprise A Refit

    Hi and thanks. The paints are a mixture. One is a water based paint used for taxidermy the others are Alclad interference cellulose based laquer. The effect is strong on dark colours but very subtle on the white.
  5. Father Cool

    1:350 Polar Lights Enterprise A Refit

    Wow that sounds awesome. I was at destination star trek in Birmingham this year which was great. Anyway a little more on the secondary hull. Not far off now!
  6. Father Cool

    1:350 Polar Lights Enterprise A Refit

    Not sure what the moment was! Care to enlighten us?
  7. Father Cool

    1:350 Polar Lights Enterprise A Refit

    There is no reason to not do the aztecs on the 1:537. It will still look better than without. I look forward to seeing the build. Anyway I finished painting up the main colours on the strongback of the secondary hull. The panel lines around the edges need some treatment but I'm also not 100% happy with the colour. Looks much too dark I think. I will probably tidy up the panel lines and then blow the lot over with a grey/white to knock back the richness. Its amazing how different paint looks in the mixing pot compared to when you get it on. Please excuse the buzzard collectors too, I haven't finished painting them yet.
  8. Father Cool

    1:350 Polar Lights Enterprise A Refit

    The initial layer of aztec'ing being applied. This was a loooong time back!
  9. Father Cool

    1:350 Polar Lights Enterprise A Refit

    Hi Steve thanks for the positive comments. The aztecs were done with aztec dummy masks, not cheap but worth it. For the extra panel details I cut my own masks from frisket sheets based on the ones used by Paul Olsenwhen he painted the motion picture ship. For the 1:537 scale, is your version the one with the panels scribed in? That will make painting tough as the model should actually be smooth apart from the shield grid lines, aztec dummy do do masks for it though and there are some online with the patterns masked off. There are people who have filled in the scribes on theirs too but damn that's a tedious job.
  10. Father Cool

    1:350 Polar Lights Enterprise A Refit

    Hi yes. The main aztec pattern is formed using aztec dummy masks applied to the matt white base colour. This is sprayed over with gold/green interference paint to create the main colour and contrast. Its subtle and looks like a matt/satin constrast but with a gold on the reflected light at certain angles. The whole thing was then covered in further masks based on the frisket masks made for the studio model. These were done in several variations for use with blue/violet and red/green interference paints. Again this is pretty subtle and you only see the colour at certain angles when reflecting light. No where near as rainbow effect as the motion picture version or some other models I have seen online, although they do look excellent. It still adds a certain interest though which is what I was going for. When catching the light at an angle where it doesn't reflect then you get a darker shade much like satin/gloss paint verses matt which gives a nice panel variation.
  11. Father Cool

    Scratch-built Airship

    Well the Wanhao resin I use is black but it is transparent at the layer thickness so cures well. I usually give the Wanhao a tad longer cure between layers though. I do post cure yes. I use a UV nail lamp but you need to replace the bulbs with 405nm ones as the ones that come with them are no good.
  12. Father Cool

    Scratch-built Airship

    No problem. The resin is quite pricey but you don't use much unless printing large solid objects. Mostly you can model the parts as shells though to save resin. I currently use Wanhao resin as its easier to get hold of but the anycubic resin makes a much better job. The runabout was anycubic. The Wanhao needs a lot of practice prints to work out what layer thickness and exposure time is needed for the model that you are doing. Still worth it though as it means that you can model things that are truely custom parts, or replicate parts that you just cant get hold of for whatever reason. This was it off the printer.
  13. Father Cool

    Scratch-built Airship

    I have an Anycubic Photon DLP and it is incredible. The price was only around £350 and the quality it produces is insane. This is a 1:350 DS9 runabout I printed as a test. The model is 65mm long. And brush painted.
  14. Father Cool

    Put a Face to your Name Mk.II

    Do modellers get cooler than this! Probably.
  15. Father Cool

    Hey all

    Thanks Circloy. This one is 2mm scale. N gauge. This is the scale that I model myself currently. The photo of the layout above is my current N gauge offering, a model of Burton on Trent station UK set in the 1990 period. Trackwork is all scratchbuilt as well for a more finescale appearance, no proprietary track systems here!