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  1. I make models to order, the problem of space on the shelves is already a problem for customers
  2. F-4 "N" Phantom II Tamiya 1:32. I make models straight out of the box but here I made a few minor changes for the N version. However, all items still come from other Tamiya F-4 kits + aftermarket decals. Model painted with Hataka Hobby At the begining 1:1 F-4N Phantom II Tamiya 1:32
  3. Of course, I will be making the F-14 if someone places such an order. I have already made several F-14 models, you can probably see them on the forum.
  4. I build this one straight out from the box + aftermarket decals.
  5. This time jet from my country. A very interesting jet with a unique main landing gear design. MiG-23MF Trumpeter 1:32 Polish Air Force About the set, it is quite difficult to build.
  6. My last project, this time I wanted to make a model in markings not often presented. A-7D Corsair II 120th, Colorado ANG. Trumpeter model 1:32 Painted with Hataka Hobby Red. A-7D Corsair II Trumpeter 1:32
  7. Ho-229 Horten To mój pierwszy model Zoukei Mura, który zbudowałem. Muszę napisać, że nie rozumiem dobrych ocen tego zestawu. In short, it is a weak set Ho-229 Horten Zoukei Mura 1:32
  8. F-4J Phantom II Tamiya 1:32 As always model straight out of the box. Painted with Hataka Red
  9. MiG-23MF Trumpeter 1:32 As always model straight from the box + Techmod decals
  10. 95% of the models are made to order, so the problem with the space on the shelf is the customer's problem.
  11. A-6A Intruder Trumpeter 1:32 As always, is made straight from the box without any additional resins, but with aftermarket decals.
  12. As always model straight from the box AH-1G Cobra ICM 1:2
  13. When I writing about disappointment, maybe I wrote too much. I just don't think these cockpit panels are worth the high price.
  14. The model is not often seen on modeling forums, i.e. the EA-18G Growler Trumpeter 1:32 It's basically a version of the F-18F from Trumpeter with additional hangers, so it's a lot different from the original. The model itself fits quite well, so there are no major problems with folding it. The model is basically a boxed version + a Red Fox printed cockpit which is generally a disappointment for me, especially since it is quite an expensive accessory.
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