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  1. Thanks Bertie I did look for a picture of one that looked like it but couldn't find one.
  2. Hi All A while ago I came across this picture and thought 'that would make a good little diorama' Fast forward a few years to earlier this year and my club decided to hold a diorama build. Originally the theme was build a diorama of a picture on an A4 base but the picture requirement was dropped. This then was an opportunity for me to recreate the picture in plastic. A Zvezda Bf-109 was duly purchased and built but I was unsure of the colour scheme as the fuselage sides seemed very dark. Fortunately fellow Britmodellers came to my rescue after I posted the picture and it was revealed that this aircraft, with another, was captured by the Russians in November 1942 and given to the Americans who repainted it in Olive Drab and Neutral Grey (thanks Troy Smith, Lusitanian and GRM for the detailed info). See below. For some reason it looks like the bottom engine cowl was left painted in RLM 65 when you look at the first picture. I duly finished the aircraft as 'EB-1' and managed to cobble together two figures in poses as close as I could get to the mechanic and the cop watching him. Thanks for looking Mick
  3. Hi Thanks, no they came with the kit (kit no 03025, from 1997) except that the yellow lines were not long enough to go from the doors to the rear so I made those by painting some bare decal sheet yellow and then cutting the lines to size. Mick
  4. Nice one Pappy, great job. You have given me inspiration to go back to mine. I got as far painting both the kashtan and sa-n-7 kits grey and then got sidetracked onto something else.
  5. Thanks Graham. I have looked through my paints and I have some xtracrylix Olive Drab ANA613 that looks quite dark do I will probably use that unless someone says it is not suitable.
  6. Just thinking that the Olive Drab in the picture Troy posted and mine looks very dark, more like the OD on vehicles than the colour I have seen on other aircraft.
  7. Thanks GRM So it sounds like the aircraft should be painted olive drab and neutral grey however the lower nose panel on the grounds looks like RLM 65 to me.
  8. Wow thanks guys that was quick. The guard with his hands on his hips made me wonder if it was in Germany because of the uniform. The guy on the wing does look American though. This is what I have done so far. I will have to repaint a couple of the pipes back to silver I think as they initially looked brown in the photo. Any ideas what the top colour would be at all if it is the US marked aircraft?
  9. Hi All I am currently trying to reproduce this scene in 1/48: I have been told it is probably a 109F. Looking at the upper camouflage it looks like it could be RLM 70/71all over. Did they have that kind of scheme on a 109F. I thought they were in mottled sides by the time the F's were in service. Regards Mick
  10. Thanks Jerry.
  11. Hi Terry Thanks mate it is a nice kit and I enjoyed building it.
  12. Thanks Bernd and Lolo Bernd there wasn't really any trouble. I needed to sand the seams more than I usually did the two halves didn't line up perfectly and left a small step but it might just have been me. I repositioned the pylons and tanks closer towards the fuselage after reading a review. Lolo I was happy with aluminium finish in the end. Mick
  13. Fantastic Corsairs. I like the Corsair and you have certainly captured the look, especially the weather-beaten aspect. Well done.
  14. Thanks Paulero and RMCS
  15. Thanks Lord Riot I used Vallejo's Model Air Aluminium and gloss metal varnish.
  16. Thank guys. I went for the JASDF scheme as it looked different although I also like the Norwegian scheme.
  17. Thanks everyone for the kind words. It was an impulse buy from the local model shop.
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