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  1. Bryan71

    Bit of advise please

    Thanks everyone for the advice looks like it’s going to be a Spitfire.
  2. Bryan71

    Bit of advise please

    Oh sorry guys should have said WW2.Either British or German.Thanks
  3. I’ve been building 1/35 military vehicles and quite fancy trying a plane never built one before was thinking 1/48.So any suggestions on a good kit please
  4. When i started the hobby I purchased quite a few bottles of Vallejo Air.For the life of me I couldn’t get it to spray right did everything.Took everyone’s advice just got so fed up with the stuff.I never looked forward to getting to the paint stage.I now much prefer Lacquer based paints.
  5. Bryan71

    Mr Surfacer 1500

    Purchased a bottle of Mr Surfacer 1500.I only own fine brushes 0.3 being the biggest so thinning thought about 60% thinner with Mr Color levelling.Heard people add a drop or two of retarder in.
  6. Thanks for that.
  7. Just after recommendations for a cheapish airbrush.For primmer only use Mr Surfacer 1500. I only own very fine brushes biggest is 0.23. Don’t want a trigger version.
  8. Looking good wish I could paint figures as good as that
  9. Thanks guys given up to Acrylic now moved over to Mr Color and Mr P thinned with self levelling Got my confidence back I now enjoy spraying Now just got to sell my 32 odd new bottles of Vallejo model air before I buy any more paints.
  10. Nice work.I’ve got this model to do next.I had a go with panzer putty but struggled a bit
  11. I’ve recently switched to Mr Paint from acrylics.Using Mr Color thinner does seem a waste to use it to clean my airbrushes.Looking at buying some Lacquer thinner but having trouble sourcing some that isn’t the same price as Mr Color.Is Cellulose to harsh to use I have a bottle floating around.Cheers
  12. Only been modelling a short time.Doing 1/35 military vehicles i enjoy building but when it comes to cracking on with my airbrushing I keep getting frustrated with inconsistent results with acrylic paint and the tip dry issue.I started off using Vallejo Model air but gave up to them. Tamiya is not bad but been using Mission Model Paint. Thinking would I see better results using Tamiya with Mr Color Leveling thinner.Even of thinking of switching to Mr Paint. I’ve watched Doogs reviews.Both my airbrushes are good quality and are clean no needle or nozzle damage.
  13. Thanks how much thinner is needed with Mr Colour is it 50/50
  14. Thanks for that be a much lower psi needed I expect.
  15. Not been modelling very long and been using acrylic paints in my airbrush.Vallejo model air which I didn’t get on with.Tamiya was ok. Using Mission Model Paints.Which is about the best acrylic I’ve tried.How ever been looking at Mr Paint.Understand that being a lacquer base they are much finer and less prone to the dreaded tip dry.I model 1/35 Military Vehicles.Any advice would be great.Watched Doogs review.
  16. Bryan71

    Super Glue

    Can anyone recommend the best super glue for say putting photo etching
  17. Being fairly new to modelling.I bought a decent airbrush set up.And tried Vallejo couldn’t get on with it tried all sorts lowering pressure less thinner more thinner.Then i tried Tamiya great paint but kept thinking there must be better out there.Heard about Mission Models Paint.Bought a couple of bottles and there own thinner and the poly.To my surprise it’s amazing stuff.Mixing a little thicker than the others.But sprays extremely well.No tip dry and didn’t lift when you remove masking tape.Clean up is a breeze.
  18. Unbelievable attention to detail well done.Looks amazing
  19. Bryan71


    Oh right never used them.I will hang on.Cheers
  20. Bryan71


    £44 toying with buying some fruil tracks
  21. Bryan71


    Thanks for your advice just ordered the Dragon 6386 managed to track one down at a good price
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