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  1. CC I will look in to it! why not? Have a nice weekend.
  2. As I mentioned, I was going to work in the lighting and here is my progress: one light is on (right) the other is off. these are the first units, the main ones are in the process and as well as the ones in the fender. This last ones (the fender ones) are much more complicated since I need to figure out how I will sort out the wiring to provide power to them, ( I think I do have a potencial idea) I use 5mm diameter leds, being my main stream for lighting. I will keep you posted. Have a great weekend to all!
  3. No dought your passion is there!! You do not need to be chewed to do it! Congrarulations ones more!
  4. How did you got the expertice to build such parts like the ones you describe in the thread? You do CNC machinery, as well as bending tubing among other thins.
  5. CC, it looks that your way of living is in machinery, due to the way you manage to solve the construccion of some of the parts, like the exhaust, levers, etc. How did you got such of a background?
  6. CC I had just started to read the thread and I was shock with the impresive capabilities you do have for the construccion of this model, You have demostrated to have tremendous skils and hand capabilities to do what you had demostrated to build with such detail and originality. My full respect for you! Even you mention in the thread you say that you are learning (with no dought) but you are perfecty qualified as a MASTER with what you have show to all of us. Hat's off too, you deserve it. Keep updating us with the great work you are doing. My best regards!
  7. Codger, you are correct, modifying a parcially build is not easy. You have a point, regarding the radiator, I will asure it is perpendicular and for sure adding material to the hood will be needed, I will add material in the front and assure it matches in place with a reasonable gap. I f you see the hood in the close area to the radiator is the gap I need to fill as well as the bottom part with the rail, but I think I will be able to manage it. The fender, is the wan not looking good! the other side I think is better in finishing. On the other hand I can tell you that the LC from Molotow it requires a long time for drying, after a week I was able to live fingerprints but yesterday (about 4 weeks) the story is different. I'm confident that some upgrades will be made and be good for the model.
  8. In the mean time I´ve done some additional work to the RR, the door windows frame, it was a challenge, since the vehicle is built and is not easy. The rear door has it now, working in the rest of the doors, I hope I will have them by the end of the week. Also I did start to adjust the hood, many might say why I was doing this the wrong way, unfortunatly the conditions of the vehicle are in such manner that I see very difficult to dis assembly to do this I have to run some risk and hope I will end up in a good shape. This is what I done to the hood, the back side is adjusted, now I will have to work in the front adjusment. Isn't going to be easy! After the adjustment is done I will paint the hood with LC from Molotow as the fenders are. Good day to all.
  9. Hi to all. Thinking I will explore to work in the lighting with LED's and I will look in to the Chrismas Trees light series, I've seen small led bulbs and different colors, white, red, green,yellow can be use, of course will require to know how can I do the electrical arrengement and/or defining the wiring diagram initially. As I said the wiring will go from the vehicle down to the case base where I can do wiring in the base and have switches for front, stop, direccional, fog lamps etc. so will be very interesting how can I will be able to work out. Give me some time and see what I can come with, and I will update my outcome. Have a nice week.
  10. You are correct, the issue this time (unfortunatly) was that I came late to join part of this forum, but I will try to work out thomething to improve my car. Thanks
  11. Thanks Codger, never the less, it is very important to have great refferences where we can learn from, and any recomendations are very well welcome at any time. To the way my car is, I might not do to much to the body itself I think I can work out the lights, have some detail around but not to much, I think it is too late to think on rebuilding the vehcile, even taking apart many things can be damaged and will have a severe risk. From what I have seen I think I will slow down a little, look around all the information I got and then, define a plan and then come back to finish the vehicle, in the mean time I can do other things around the vehicle, like defining the case for it, it will made out of christal clear and wood and of course lighting will be the issue, for the case and providing the power to light the vehicle. Any project like this will require more thinking than the one I thought before, but looking to the information I have seen came to me too late and I will have to work it out. Regards.
  12. You are correct, it is an Enzo! my appologies. Have a nice weekend.
  13. Thanks, but I think there was nice at the end because I polished after sanded. Regards.
  14. Wow! The issue with that way of working lights is that he will be the ONLY ONE to make it work! Very interesting There is allways 1000 ways to do the same. Mine, may not be the best! Learning from others can help you think out of the box and have fresh ideas!
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