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  1. 14 hours ago, Lightningboy2000 said:

    What an incredible aircraft and your model has done it justice. 

    Very nicely painted as well.


    14 hours ago, stevehnz said:

    I've been able to view this on a decent sized monitor now, it just looks better & better. 👍 Whose paints did you use for the RLM72 & 73, they look very good on this to my eye & suit the scale really well. :)



     Steve, I used PollyScale paints for the main colours (RLM73/72/65 and RLM70 for the propellers) which for me were among the best acrylic paints since sadly they are now long defunct and once my stock is gone, it's gone. From my experience with a Do 18 I built last year, I lightened the RLM73 with some Vallejo white since otherwise there would be little contrast with the darker RLM72. The end result looks good to my eye too. For other details I used Vallejo paints and for the weathering I used Humbrol enamels. The latter are better for dry-brushing.


    13 hours ago, europapete said:

    Well done Miguel, that is a very nice model. Regards, Pete in RI


    12 hours ago, Ish said:

    That looks absolutely beautiful Miguel, and you've got great skills with the brush.

    Was it an enjoyable build? I mean, were thee any pitfalls in the kit I should keep an eye out for?


    I did enjoy this build. There were no major pitfalls and the major problems were related to the usual problems when working with resin, in other words removing pour blocks and warped parts. In my case the nose area gave me more work but nothing insurmountable. Just more filling and sanding! The parts that needed much more care to clean up were the propellers as the remainder of a pour block is attached to one blade of each and are nasty to remove. The opening in the tailfin for the tailplane was too wide and had to have some filling to get a nice tight fit and there was a little bit of a step on the underside of the wing roots on the fuselage. Some of the float retraction arms had to be shortened. FInally, Anigrand's instructions were pretty much useless for painting and decals. If anyone is interested, I made a WIP at the Kampfgruppe144 forum as this was part of a group build, which you can see at http://www.kampfgruppe144.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=7231


    8 hours ago, zigster said:

    This looks very good! I like your weathering!



    8 hours ago, Xavante said:

    Very Cool in this scale!


    6 hours ago, Sky Keg said:

    Miguel………that is WAY COOL!!!!!!!!! 😎.  What a unique subject that you did a great job with.  It`s beautiful!!!! :goodjob:




    1 hour ago, Bertie Psmith said:

    Outstanding work on such a big aircraft. Resin + brushed paint = briliant!


    Once more, thank you so much to everyone for your wonderful comments


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  2. On 04/11/2021 at 22:42, stevehnz said:

    That looks quite wonderful. Seeing it makes me wish someone would do a 1/144 one in plastic, it would look well alongside a Me 323 one day.


    Thanks a lot Steve.  I always thought it was a shame that Revell never downscaled some of their lovely newer 1:72 kits of large German aircraft, namely the Ju 290, Fw 200, He 177 and, of course, the Bv 222 which covers the A-series prototypes with radial engines.



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  3. 23 hours ago, mick b said:

    Excellent and not often seen so gets my vote 😀👍




    22 hours ago, Allan31 said:

    Well done, excellent results with a brush both for the colors and weathering.


    22 hours ago, Shorty84 said:

    Hi Miguel,


    your finish and weathering is really 1st class. I initially thought the kit is 1/72 and only then read it is the Anigrand kit in 1/144. Really impressive 👍





    13 hours ago, Remus389 said:

    A flawless representation of this giant aircraft. 👍


    It would be excellent to put this in a water diorama.


    10 hours ago, Toryu said:

    Excellent! The only way to see of such big aircraft modelled seems to be 1/144. It should look huge next to your fighter models.

    The height of the fin is around the length of a Bf 109!!!


    10 hours ago, VolkerR. said:



    Thank you very much to all for your wonderful comments!


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