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  1. Beautifully finished! Very nicely done indeed. Miguel
  2. Very nicely done. It looks great! Very interesting info too @Bertie Psmith. Thanks. Miguel
  3. A wonderful job on that old kit. I built one some decades ago and it's among the older kits that I still have in my collection and it's hard to believe yours is the same kit! Yours has been superbly finished indeed. Well done. Just one note. I did the same and put both torpedoes underneath but I later found out it was rare to do so due to how much it degraded the aircraft's performance and so, we could say that the standard load would have been just one torpedo. Miguel
  4. Outstanding work!! This is one of my favourite nightfighters and you've done a great job ! Miguel
  5. Simply fantastic! I would be very happy if the one I have in the stash came out anywhere nearly as well as yours. Well done! Miguel
  6. Smashing job. The first photo looks real!! Well done. Miguel
  7. Very nicely finished indeed regardless of the aerials! Miguel
  8. Superb job! Nice to see the Defiant in a different way and scheme. Miguel
  9. Smashing work and very well finished! Miguel
  10. Very nicely done, regardless of the mistake most of us wouldn't have noticed! Miguel
  11. That looks great! Well done for a 25-year comeback! Miguel
  12. Lovely! Nicely done! Miguel
  13. Simply superb Roman, as always. Very nicely done. Miguel
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