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  1. That looks fantastic!! Great work! I have this kit in my stash in a 1970s or early 1980s boxing... bought in 1990 ! Just hope it comes out as nicely as yours... if I ever get round to it! Miguel
  2. Wow!! The scheme looks great on the Corsair. Superb work! Miguel
  3. Outstanding work all around. The faded finish looks great. Miguel
  4. Smashing work! The paintwork and finish is superb. Congratulations. Miguel
  5. Great pair!! Beautifully finished both of them. Miguel
  6. Lovely work all around and nicely finished! Miguel
  7. Simply superb work all around! Your perservernce has really paid off. Miguel
  8. Lovely!!! As above, I too haven't seen an SAAF Mossie before. Miguel
  9. Apart from the already mentioned tailplanes, that looks great and it's a real eye-catcher with the german markings (being different)! Miguel
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