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  1. Knight Flyer that looks brilliant, even with the poor fit of components, hope mine turn out half as good as yours, whats next on the build list!!. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Jim
  2. Rich The Scania looks the business, as does the scratchbuild, i was an apprentice with as then British Leyland, loads of Leylands,,AEC and Scammells to cut my teeth on, wish someone would do kits or conversions for them, ATB Jim
  3. Good to have you back Amanda, the comet is looking in great shape, looking forward to the next installment. Keep up the great work ATB Jim
  4. Rob that is another beauty, all your models are superb, please carry on showing them. Regards Jim
  5. Thanks for the reply Knight Flyer, there are replacement barrels for the Cannons i think, not sure about the guns themselves. did you position the guns by the mk one eyeball or did you take pot luck, either way they look right, looking forward to the next installment. ATB Jim
  6. Thanks for the reply Ced, i still like the BOAC scheme even with the thin cheat line along the Fuselage, will have to see if i can find an old kit the BOAC markings. Lovely model Ced ATB Jim
  7. Ced, have just caught up with your build, absolutely brilliant, she was/is a most beautiful aircraft, you have done her proud, what would Concorde have looked like in the BOAC colours of the VC10 and 707 (sorry perhaps not a good thing to include the 707). Well done Ced ATB Jim
  8. Knight Flyer, your solution seems to have worked well, I have two Mk 4 Hurricanes, one with rockets and one with 40 mm canon, so any tips you can give would be much appreciated, looking forward to seeing this with paint on, what markings will you be using or will you be using the kits decals. ATB Jim
  9. Looking good Knight Flyer, would building the top and bottom wing together before fitting to the fuselage mean less filler, will have to check my kit for the landing light positions. Good work ATB Jim
  10. That's a fine piece of work on a difficult kit, mine ended up in the bin, keep at it, the people on here very good with giving constructive criticism and always offer good advice. ATB Jim
  11. ' And you want to do what with my new nap place, human', mean looking cat, bet its a softy really Jim
  12. Don't agree with the boring comment, i have a mk4 Hurri with 40mm cannon, produced by AZ, so will be watching with interest, a quick question, what colour will you be doing the cockpit, interior green or grey!!. Good luck with the build, will be watching with interest. Cheers Jim
  13. Ratch This is the first time i have seen this kit built, what was it like to build !, what was the proper scheme if this might be wrong. Great build, what next ATB Jim
  14. Sorry for your loss Stix, as others have said remember the good times, take care of yourself and the family. regards Jim
  15. Lovely work on the Angel, you have got me wondering now what would it look like with Typhoon decals or the silver and black Hawk decals on, might have a think about that, Great build, well done Jim
  16. Brilliant, can't think of anything else to say, every time i look at it i see something new. Model making at a new level. Regards Jim
  17. Brilliant Darby, showed Mrs Dieselweasel made her laugh, great idea. Jim
  18. Bar side, that looks superb, i have a few jags to build, a 17 Sqn one being the first, hope it turns out half as good as yours. Jim
  19. very nice and well done to your son, hope he keeps his interest, i think that letting him build a variety of kits and in different scales is a great idea. Keep them coming. Good job Jim
  20. Roy Please can we see more, i just love to go round places like this, not many around now. Many thanks again Jim
  21. Yes please general Sah, but please don't let Darling near the thread again, Balldrick is still limping and wearing a surprised / shocked expression, where Darling left the needles laying around and he sat on them. Jim
  22. Steve You may have been asked this before, if so please forgive me, would your enhancements work in other scales, i.e 1/48 or 1/32, depending on the kit, i have some Airfix 1/48 and Premiere 1/48, also the Revell 1/32. Your build is brilliant keep up the good work. Thanks again Jim
  23. Another truly great build Bob, please keep them coming, Agree with Steve your builds are refreshing. Jim
  24. That's looking good that is, can feel the early morning chill in the 4th piccie. Thanks for showing Jim
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