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  1. Nice looking hawk, did you re-scribe the panels, nice weathering ATB Jim
  2. Thanks Graham and Grey Beema for your prompt replies, will definately pursue your suggestions Many thanks Jim
  3. Guys This may seem like a dumb question, a bit of background if i may i was attached to 17 Sqn at Bruggen in the late 70's early 80's and want to research the squadrons history, so i can put together a list of aircraft and sqn codes and possibly a collection of kits showing the aircraft used by the sqn. Have been on Google and Wikiapedia, is there anywhere else i could look, any Archives etc. This is all new to me, so thought i would ask the experts on BM for help. Many thanks in anticipation Regards Jim
  4. Hi Dennis, apologies for being late to the party, can i blag a seat near the front please, don't want to miss anything. ATB Jim
  5. This would scare the S--t out of me if i were building this, do you not have nightmares of this thing salivating over you as you sleep, i would. ATB Jim
  6. Welcome back Mrs P, its not been the same without you working on the dinos, will take a seat at the back if i may!! ATB Jim
  7. Ratch, that looks so conviencing in grey/green camo, your stash must be huge all the figures and different kits you build, anymore!!! ATB Jim
  8. Christian, that is a brilliant build, having watched and read about all your builds i am in awe of your work, what's next on your list!!!! ATB Jim
  9. Brilliant pictures, very atmospheric somewhere i had never heard of. Thanks for posting ATB Jim
  10. Martin, how did you manage to get so close and personal with the aircraft in all your pics, did you work on the ramp or were they taken at Open Days etc. Either way they are brilliant, please keep them coming ATB Jim
  11. Roman, i agree with cnaero, yours is an excellent build, i can only dream of my Lancaster coming out half as good as yous, i will be a happy chap. All the Best Jim
  12. Not a bad effort, you have learned a lot so the next build will be better, modelling is a hard task master, if your build were mine i would be pleased with it. Although i know 'nowt' about floaty things. ATB Jim
  13. Not one of my favourite cars, but you have done a really nice job on it , i agree when i first looked at the pictures i thought it was a gold colour. ATB Jim
  14. They are brilliant mate, is this the scale you usually model in or were these one offs so to speak. Well done mate ATB Jim
  15. Can i have three sets as well please, what scale can we have 1/72 and 1/48 !!! ATB Jim
  16. Fantastic display bill, who's kit is it, another of my ' I want to build this' projects. Great build ATB jim
  17. That is brilliant, so much to see and think about, would take me years to attempt something like this Once again brilliant ATB Jim
  18. Jim That's a nice woodie, can just hear the Beach Boys music streaming through the open windows ' Surfs up' ATB Jim
  19. Well done a fantastic model, worthy of being shown in a museum. Happy New Year to you ATB Jim
  20. A really nice group there Ratch, i think i have some in the stash, wish i could get some more, will keep looking on the 'evil bay' ATB Jim
  21. Well done Harriet, you and Dad should be proud of your model. Keep going with the models perhaps your Dad will let you make one of his spare kits !!!!! ATB Jim
  22. Ratch, they are brilliant, the painting of the uniforms and the description is really interesting, whats next. ATB Jim
  23. Welcome to the Madhouse Rob, us inmates are pretty harmless, lots of briliant builders/modellers in every scale, the Saab looks tasty in that scheme, enjoy yourself on here, hope to see more of your work. ATB Jim
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