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  1. Hi Pascal Many thanks for your advice, I will drop Tim K a PM, somehow I managed to get a set of instructions from Revell after weeks of hearing nothing, the only thing is there is no scale on the instructions, but they do carry the correct item number 7489. Thanks for all your help Pascal and all the others who looked but couldn't help. ATB Jim
  2. Hi folks Am still looking for the instructions for the Revell 07489 1/16 Ferrari F40 Pace Car, I have downloaded the instructions for the 1/12 scale version of the F40 and tried to match up the part numbers with the sprues for the 1/16 scale, not having much luck is there anywhere else I can look or can any one help me. Will pay postage if anyone can help. Thanks for looking Regards Jim
  3. @Matt Crane and @dbostream, many thanks for your help, Matt I gave the Revell website all the kit information off the box, but they still asked for the item number, @dbostream many thanks for your offer, will bear your great offer in mind if I can't find the proper instructions. Many thanks gents Jim
  4. Thanks Michael, I have not posted for a long time and forgot where I should have posted my question. Many thanks Jim
  5. Enteries of the Hive mind, I have just been given the titled kit by a friend who wants it built, however, there is a problem in that it has no instructions or decals/transfers. My question is How do I get hold of said instructions and decals/transfers. I have looked at the Revell site, but they are asking for item number which I cannot provide. Help please Dieselweasel
  6. Thanks again Mr C for letting us see your masterpieces, a real pleasure for us. Are you still building !!. Please show us more of your builds ATB JIM
  7. Evening Mr C. seeing your big kit builds it was well worth waiting for, they look brilliant, i have a few Tamiya 1/12 kits to build, if they come out a quarter as good as yours i will be a happy camper, how do you keep them so pristine, are they kept in an hermatically sealed room, the colours are so vibrant and clear. Thanks again for the pictures of all your big builds, hope to see some more of your builds soon ATB JIM (Dieselweasel)
  8. Sorry Adam for the thread drift, your Vulcan builds are terrific and the conversions. ATB Jim
  9. Will we be seeing more of your Vulcan builds Rob, hows the music side of your life going, can't wait to see your next Vulcan. ATB Jim
  10. Codger the Countach looks brilliant , would like to see all of yours together, bet it would make an awesome display. ATB Jim
  11. Two really nice Wimpeys Ratch, whats next on the bench.!!! ATB Jim
  12. Hi Rob. Sorry to hear your news, it must be devistating for everyone affected, did your good lady manage to salvage any of her work and things, can understand her reaction. Hope you get a respite from the weather soon. ATB Jim
  13. Have just managed to get my greasy mits on one of these from a friend for a reasonable price, so yes please Bill to the offer for a Perdu teach-in. ATB Jim
  14. Lovely line up PC, as others have said i hope any of my attempts are half as good as yours, keep the faith, hope the mojo comes back soon. Happy New Year to you and the rest of the BM massive. ATB Jim
  15. Pat That looks ace, what scale is it, i have the same Tamiya kits in 1/24 and 1/12, if they come out half as good as yours i will be a happy bunny. Well done and thanks for sharing ATB Jim
  16. Driving along Lytham front this morning saw a lovely MG Magnette it was in really good nick. ATB Jim
  17. Pete I was coming down the M6 this afternoon and saw 5 or 6 TR6 heading towards Lancaster, perhaps these were the same ones you saw, all in very good nick Cheers Jim
  18. On the way up the A1 near Retford, thought i saw an old Ford something, when i got close it turned out to be a Mk1 Escort estate done out to look like an Escort Mexico it was white with all the Mexico blue decals, looked rather nice Cheers Jim
  19. Renek That is one terrific model , where did you get your information from, i have one in the stash, can i use some of your ideas when i do mine. wonderful model Jim
  20. Nice build, as has been said can see Radars face and voice shouting 'choppers' ATB Jim
  21. Fine model, could i ask what you used as rigging line please ATB Jim
  22. Coming back from Workington on the M6 called in at Teabay services, there was a really nice Aston Martin DB5 in a light blue colour and it was on a C plate. ATB Jim
  23. Well done Lauren, long may you continue building, whats next, perhaps your dad will let you have a look at his stash!!!! ATB Jim
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