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  1. Hi everyone, thanks for looking in and comments. Here is the flak gun in stages. I've made 3 now. Very slow. Chris
  2. Many thanks guys. I have made one of the 20mm flack 38 guns. The pics show the kit part vs the pontos one. The kit one has 3 pieces where as the pontos one has 25 parts. I will show a break down of parts when I build the rest. This one took an hour and half to do. Chris.
  3. Thanks for looking in and your nice comments guys. I have made up the main turrets and made all the blast bags from resin sculpting clay. I also made the twin 10.5cm guns. They just need the PE fitting to them next. Chris
  4. Thanks for looking in and nice comments. I have now made the 2 cranes which were a royal pain in the backside to make. You need 4 hands to hold things and glue things. I think these are not bad. Would probably do differently next time. Chris
  5. There isn't any black trim around the forward structure. I think it looks that way from the shadows. The only black paint on the ship is the hull banding. Chris
  6. Hi guys, thanks for looking in and nice comments. I have now done all the boats and finished painting and adding the rest of the deck items. Leaving me the railings, all the guns and cannons then the masts and rigging. Chris
  7. Many thanks to all who posted and looked in. Here I have sprayed, weathered and fitted the breakwaters and the cranes. Had a few problems with the paint. It kept blocking the airbrush the bottle is nearly empty but has gone off after 5 months. Yet the other bottles are fine. Have ordered another light grey to replace it for weekend spraying. Chris
  8. Thank you for your nicth comments and for looking in. Here I have made the catapult and installed it also I have started to make the breakwaters. Chris
  9. Hiya guys, thanks for looking in. I have now primed and painted ready to fit. Chris
  10. @steve5 I use dark brown acrylic watered down quite thin then brush lightly around edges. Build it up slowly with a couple of layers if needed, also I make different shades of brown and thin them slightly less and do the odd plank. Practice on the wood thats left over surrounding the actual deck on the sheet. That way you can get it right first. This was my first attempt so you should be able to do it quiet easily. Thank you so much for the nice comments guys and for looking in. I have made the last rangefinder and made the brass mast to fit on too. I have also made the last pice to fit on the rear structure. I have primed but no pics until next time as they are drying at moment. Chris
  11. Hi guys, thanks for your nice comments and looking in. @steve5I cut small squares of masking tape (Kabuki or tamiya) then just stick them on carefully and peel off carefully. It can be stressful and time consuming but worth it. I have now done the camo pattern and weather it. I also installed the steps and glue the section to the hull. Chris
  12. Hi guys, I saw this kit on line and simply had to buy it. This is the limited edition 3000 kits. Joy yard Uss Missouri 1/350. I had to buy from Australia as couldn't find it available anywhere else. They seem to be a new company. The kit comes in great packaging. It has plastic/polystyrene molded box so all parts fit in without becoming loose. The manual is in colour but from reviews I've read they are not the greatest with many bits incorrect but that didn't put me off. The plastic sprues are very well molded but quite a few have flash but not to much of a problem. There is also 10 sheets of PE. This kit is designed in a way that you use the PE parts no optional but compulsory. The detail is removed for you ready for the PE and all the holes pre drilled for the steps etc. There is also some brass cannons too replace the moulded ones. There is also a deck masking sheet. I also got the Artwork deck to go with it. Well I will let the pics do the talking now. I won't be building it for a while but thought you all might like to see this kit. Chris
  13. Hi guys, thanks for your nice comments. Sorry for the delay in posting update but I lost my father to covid a few weeks ago but am back now building. I have installed all the vents and then made a start on the rear structure. Removing and adding detail both PE and scratch built. Then giving it a coat of grey. I also bought a new kit which I will post pics for you all to drool over the detail. I personally was shocked at the amount of detail it has. Chris
  14. Thanks guys for looking in and comments. I have started to make the Skylights. I removed them at the beginning as the moulded ones are completely naf even with the PE fitted on them so I have made them out of styrene. I had to make a jig to cut them. There is 28 to make. Also I have started the other skylights on 9 of these ones. Also made 2 more boat stands. Chris
  15. Thanks all for looking in. Here I have weathered to what I think is enough without overdoing it. Chris
  16. Thanks guys, for looking in. I have now masked, painted and stuck the deck down on the upper structure and temporarily fitted in place the range finders to see what it all looks like. just needs weathering now. Chris
  17. We must be, aircraft models = approx 2 sheets of PE. Ship models = 4 sheets unless doing 1/200 then my pontos set is 18 sheets of it. Thanks for looking in and comments. I finished the second Rangefinder then Primed with badger stynylrez primer. I thought I'd try it out after reading a few reviews. I must say its very good. Thinned 50% with UMP thinners and a few drops of WN flow improver. I then gave it a coat of the Light grey, now mark out and mask for the Darker grey. Chris
  18. Hi Guys, Thanks for looking in, I have now finished the first Range finder. Chris
  19. Hi guys, thanks for looking in. Here is the next update. I have started on the main rangefinder and radar antenna. These are fiddly and very small. But very enjoyable to make. Chris
  20. Thanks for looking in guys. I have had another few hours on it today and done the next level and started the next one. Then it can have a coat of Primer. Had to scratch a few parts as one or two PE parts went ping to the monster. Plus a few additional parts. Chris
  21. Hi guys, Thanks for looking in and comments. Sorry for the lack of pics, I did do 21 pics of this stage but my Memory card packed in while plugged into Macbook. It's now un recognised by any device. So had to use an older card for now. This section is ready for primer but will move upwards and make more so can prime at same time. Chris
  22. Hi Guys, Hope all are well. Thanks for looking in and the nice comments. I have made a start on the rest of the main structure section by section. I have also weathered the deck slightly to make it look worn and dirty. Chris
  23. Awesome build Kev. Love seeing scratch built wooden ships. I've always wanted to do one at some point. My wood ships are normally kit form. Your pics of Falmouth are great too, we are there every year (barring this one) always visit the maritime museum. Lunch in the Quayside Inn watching the boats and ships. Even see the same National trust guy at edge of carpark year after year lol. Lovely part of the world (going to live there one day when kids left home) Chris
  24. Awesome build beefy. It's nice to see different types of ship being done. You've done a great job on her. Chris
  25. Very wells done with those cranes. Can't wait to start mine lol. I finished my hatchette Hood after taking 7 years to make. It's wood, brass and plastic. Would love to do the trumpeter version. I also have Uss Kittyhawk and Uss Nimitz in 1/350 sat waiting to be built. Waiting eagerly for a HMS Queen Elizabeth RO8 to be produced eventually. Thanks also to Roger too for the photos sent to me.
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