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  1. Hi Guys, Thanks for looking in. Here I have layered different weathering colours. I added salt streaks, Dark streaks, Rust chips, Rust streaking and then Rust wash. I think this side is all done. Just needs a clear coat to seal it and see what all looks like. Then a Flat coat. Chris
  2. Stunning work. Just seen your build of a great ship. I started mine years ago and haven't finished it yet. The rigging plans I have are rubbish so at some point I will get round to it. I will use the HMS Diana book and various other books to get it right. Here is a link to it so far.
  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for looking in. I started by spraying Klear then once dry masking off the lower hull then Sprayed the first grey coat. I masked off the camo pattern sprayed the next grey then masked off those areas so I could do the final dark grey. Im giving a couple of days before doing anything to the hull. Chris
  4. Thanks guys for the nice comments. I have now done both sides of the hull. I added more slime to the bow and now think thats all it needs. Onto painting the upper now. Chris
  5. Thanks for the nice comment Chris. Thanks for looking in guys. I have done some grey paint chipping then added dark streaks, salt streaks, and a little green slime. I will be adding more slime to layer it. All this is trial and error so if it looks over done tell me so I can learn from it. Chris
  6. Hi guys, Thanks for looking in. I have never done this weathering before so probably wont look so good. I started with a coat of Hataka RN hull red, then 2 coats of Worn effects from AK. Gave it 10 minutes to dry then a coat of AK Deep rust. I waited 5 minutes to dry then rubbed off half of the paint. I then gave it another 2 coats of Worn effects then a coat of the correct shade of Hull red From AK. I rubbed off various areas then sprayed random areas with a mixture of deep rust and the hull red. Then a watered down coat of the proper hull red. This is the results. I will be
  7. Great start to your build. I have a 1/200 Iowa with photos to do but plenty of 1/350 carriers to build first lol. Looking forward to your updates. Chris
  8. Great to see another Revell Tirpitz build. I've used ebroins videos for a lot of my changes on mine. Some of the changes I wouldn't see so haven't done them. The WEM portholes are quite small but the MK1 portholes are better if you can find them. My last set I had to get from Germany. The inifini portholes (water tight door set,) are hard to get too. You will need between 3 and 4 sets as there isn't many in the set. The book is great for info on where all things are as the kit has many portholes and walls in incorrect places. Good luck with your build Chris
  9. Absolutely awesome. Truly stunning. I went on F101 HMS Yarmouth when I was small, open day in Yarmouth after Falklands war. You were only meant to go in designated areas. But got lost and ended up in the bridge. I got a full tour of the bridge from the captain before being taken to my parents an hour later lol. I still have a picture of the bell on deck with a very young me underneath it. Chris
  10. Looking great. Didn't even know there was one called HMS Rhyl, I live in Colwyn bay a couple miles from not so sunny Rhyl. Chris
  11. Thanks guys, I have sprayed the decks where you don't get wooden deck for it. On Tirpitz these two are wooden Colour. From pictures I've seen Bismark has them Grey. I have masked them off now ready for painting the camo. Chris
  12. Hi guys, Thanks for looking in. I have now primed the hull and the First of my sections. I used Alclad grey Microfiller primer. Really good stuff. Chris
  13. Hi guys thanks for looking in. I have installed the main decks and masked them up. Then started adding more PE ready for priming. Theres still a way to go before priming though. I was wondering whether to put the main railings around the hull before or after painting. Chris
  14. HI guys, sorry for the delay. I have re-made my work bench and spray bench then tidied the drawers out to get it all more organised. Here are the latest pictures of where I'm up to. I have glued the aft lower deck to the made deck and started on the railings. Chris
  15. Hi all, Thanks for the comments much appreciated. Here is the start of the next section. One side nearly done. Chris
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