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  1. Hi, - sorry, wasn't meaning to be vague - it was Alclad II Chrome lacquer for plastic - sprayed with an Iwata double action airbrush - it was sprayed onto Tamiya TS-14 gloss black applied straight from the rattle can. I prepped the unpainted plastic with triple grit sanding sticks till I had a high sheen (and still missed some blemishes over and over....) The Attempt at a new YP-38 I posted earlier is shown below - no white wash was used on this as it was intended to be straight off of the shop floor....same paint combo was used....
  2. Hi, thx - yes - very thinned acrylic white -I mottled it with brush and used it about twice as heavy on the seams (scientifically speaking I coated the seams twice - the Hasegawa kit has raised panel lines) - anyway, it kinda looks like the start of oxidation...
  3. Hi, thx for commenting - Minor sanding of some flash on the sides and smooth the aft section that butts up to the forward landing gear bay - the ladder entry point doesn't align well with the hatch opening on the fuselage, it's about 3mm too far forward - I used filler to close the gap there and it turned out okay....it was a nice addition in my opinion...
  4. Hi, thanks! it's a highly polished gloss black undercoat, Alclad and a white acrylic wash(very thin mix)
  5. Hi Paul, yes a scratch built one from a monogram P-80 wing tank .....
  6. I hope these arent aren't too large ....
  7. Sorry, I'm trying to figure this out....apologies
  8. Straight from the box with a Pavla interior
  9. Thanks for your comments and the warm welcome - the finish is actually Aclad - I highly polished the plastic prior to applying the gloss black finish followed by Alclad chrome - hard part is actually buffing the plastic to a high sheen - it's a bit single dimensional but okay.... Morris
  10. This is my first posting on this site. There are some great builds and articles here. I thought I would show my Trumpeter 1/32 scale P-38L back dated to a YP-38 (except for the boom intakes - my limited attempts at that surgery didn't work out. Thanks for looking...
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