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  1. Thanks Alanmac. I have been screwed out of $200 on a set of figures from a US individual in 2003 and actually involved the Sheriffs Office in this guys county! When I went through the song and dance with E bay, this jack.ss actually contacted me, and used his own name and contact information! He laughed in my face through E mail of course or he would still be undergoing dental surgery! Long story short, I caused this dude so much trouble with the cops that he had to move at great haste - I wasn’t the only person he had screwed over, so revenge was sweet! If I can ever get a photo posting app
  2. Thanks Chris. If I purchase any, I’ll post on the appropriate site. Marty
  3. Hey guys: Does anyone have any experience with the multitude of new 1/35 WWII military figures from China that are popping up on EBay? Some are obvious recasts but the majority look like new CAD products http./1/35 Resin WWII German Officer & Soldier Panzer Crew Unpainted Unbuild BL535 from “Fashonzon” is an example. Has anybody ordered from any of these companies? Thanks, Marty
  4. If I had mad skills like you, Richard, I would scratch the rest of the Tank where needed, and have the definitive, world class, museum ready Churchill. Don’t mean to be the little devil on your shoulder, but........ Marty
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