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  1. Hi guys I'm building a 1/350 hobby boss hms Lord Nelson and have decided I'm going to buy resin lifeboats to replace the kit ones. Only problem is I'm unsure what boats I need to buy. Micromaster make a range of resin boats and Lord Nelson had several different types. Unfortunately the instructions don't refer to them with their real types. I've had a look to see if I can get a book on this ship but seems to be lacking. I just wondered if anyone knew what boats she carried? I have the Anatomy of ship book for HMS dreadnought would it be fair to assume she had the same
  2. Thanks nick I'll probably use those sets. What spotlights did you get from northstar? There's many different ones available
  3. Thanks for the link some useful stuff on there. The white ensigns one is also designed for the zvezda kit but they mention on their site most parts should fit the trumpeter one. I'd definitely like to see if anyone else has used it before splashing 60 quid on it though. I'll have a look on here
  4. Thanks, looks like I'll be buying several smaller eduard kits and I think I saw a white ensign kit too. Real shame there aren't any major sets for it. Having said that the trumpeter kit comes with quite a bit of PE already in the box
  5. Hello Does anyone know if there are detail up sets available for the trumpeter hms dreadnought kit? I've seen several eduard kits but I wondered if anyone make a all encompassing kit like the Pontos kits? Alternatively I could try the Pontos kit intended for the Zvezda kit. I've heard this has been done but I'd like to see how well it fits before buying it. I'd be interested to see results from any who's gone that route.
  6. Hello Building U-boat type VIIC in 1/350 scale, model is from AVF club. Decent little model but upon looking at the paint guide the numbers for Mr color paints appear to be incorrect. The numbers it gives would have the below water line area sea grey and the above area bright white. Any recommendations as to the colors for this boat? The bottom appears to be dark grey or black whilst the top is lighter grey. Help appreciated Thanks
  7. OK great will the decals be available on your website once you have them? Think I'll be ordering a pontos detail kit soon for my next project once I've finished with this one.
  8. Hello Currently nearing completion on 1/350 Hms Lord Nelson pre dreadnought battleship from Hobby boss. I just wondered if there are any aftermarket decals for the draft markings available for 1/350 ships as the kit lacks these. My other 1/350 model warspite had the decals included with a PE detail kit I bught. Any ideas?
  9. This is one I'll be looking at once some PE is released for it. Also anyone know what the cruiser is next to it?
  10. Thanks. Yes I used AK interactive naval wash for grey warships and AK naval wood deck wash thinned down for the wood deck. And AK interactive naval salt stain wash.
  11. Almost finished the AA guns which I've found to be very fiddley and difficult. couldn't get the ammo boxed to line up 100% but I'm sure it will look ok once painted Rigging on forward tower as per illustration, not sure on the accuracy but I'm happy enough at this stage for a representation rather than perfect historical accuracy. On my next build think I'll buy some books at the start and aim for more historical details. I managed to ruin the PE for the top bridge level wind deflector so I made one from thin plastic strip I've since learned you can request replacement parts so
  12. I'm looking for a 1:350 scale RN pre dreadnought like hms majestic or similar. I've seen hms agincourt and lord Nelson by hobby boss so I'd consider either of those but wondered if there is any more. I've also seen Iron shipwright kits of hms royal sovereign pre dreadnought which is a resin kit. Anyone got any experience with these IS resin kits? Seems very expensive but if they come with extensive PE might be worth a look.
  13. Thanks for the extra info, do you know what colour the life rafts mounted to the super structure would have been? Cheers
  14. Thanks for the Info so it's just the AA tubs around the catapult? What about the tubs on the turrets? Hopefully I won't have to try remove them
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