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  1. Thanks for the extra info, do you know what colour the life rafts mounted to the super structure would have been? Cheers
  2. Thanks for the Info so it's just the AA tubs around the catapult? What about the tubs on the turrets? Hopefully I won't have to try remove them
  3. Thanks for the Info I didn't know when was the catapult decommissioned? I think the box says it's a 1943 depiction. That's a real shame I was hoping to have one plane visible through the open Hanger door and the other on the catapult. How come the kit and pinto's set include these parts?
  4. Thanks for the replys major problem is the missing cockpit and nose canopies. Anyone know how I could either replace it scratch build these?
  5. I have an old revell 1:48 scale PBY Catalina kit number 04520 from the mid 90s. I built it as a kid and I've decided to strip the paint dismantle it and start again using same method I used in a tamyia chieftain model Does anyone know if there are any after market photo etch or resin parts for this model? I'm also missing a couple of bits such a some clear canopies. Any ideas if these parts can be sourced aftermarket? . Cheers
  6. Added some washes/ streaking and a Matt coat. still deciding wether to add the black camo or not as I like it with just the green. Still to paint figures and add some camo nets.
  7. Noticed that the top of the white turrets is supposed to be dark sea Gray so I reprayed and added an AK interactive wash
  8. Added wood deck kit and started paitning the turrets. Still need to paint some of the gun barrels and the bags Think I'll try stain the deck a little to darken it since I think it looks too clean. painted the kit stand tried to do wood effect. it's not a bad stans but still might get a wood one.
  9. Built up some more of the PE. Finding its going together very well. I've built up the catapult there's quite a bit of detail in it it has several ribs and some structure that gets covered up with the top panels(see pic) Does anybody know what these panels were? I assume they were removable pannels that would be removed when launching the sea plane. I might have mine off so the details are visible I might try make it with the sea plane in the launching position
  10. you are correctI made a mistake they are supposed to be the same screws on each side. Outward turning I think. Managed to pop them off without too much trouble. PE arrived so made a start on that. It's very tricky much harder than I expected. One thing I'm definitely going to do is narrow down the boot stripe a bit as I feel it's a bit too thick. At the moment This 1st first ship model and 3rd model since I started this hobby.
  11. The hull needed some filling along the bottom as the two halves were not level. Other than that the fit is good so far minimal sanding. I've yet to find sink marks or any issues with the kit. The details are excellent too I've ordered a PE kit with wood deck but the standard kit is good.
  12. Hmm probably a mistake I made. I'll have to have a look in the instructions. I might have to pry them off
  13. Added Some weathering and streaks on the grey portions of the hull. Still to weather the light grey areas and add a wash. Now waiting for a wooden deck kit and PE to arrive before I can continue.
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