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    Looks like the rate and number of cases in the area is on the rise, (like it is in many other places). https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/local-hubs/telford/2020/08/20/coronavirus-cases-spread-wide-over-telford-wrekin/
  2. Nord Star more like - as they do both patrol "work" boats and leisure; says the person who is not far from the Halberg-Rassy UK dealers! Anyhow - to get this back on topic - I commend the organisers for their forward and joined up thinking, and common sense. They now have the time to sit back and absorb the industry and museum requirements for a future event, and can glean from what I am going to call "professional " events, and I hope anyone from that club reading in, will take that the way I put it, as they are hardworking volunteers who all have other lives, but come together to put on the Cosford Model show, as opposed to some professional organisation that puts on events at say NEC and Excel, and the model club volunteers
  3. chrism


    A number of SIGS that I support have now all stated their plan is to not go this year;. I am just waiting to speak with a couple more of my own SIG who have been incommunicado for a few days, to see if they want to put on a display. Comments from both Safety Dad and Jenko are in-line with my own view. I am also aware of a number of traders who have opted to have their deposit transferred over ready for 2021, and are thus not going. If I were to go, a lot of the people I would like to meet up with, I already know, will not be there; as they have categorically said "Not going" and it is thick end of £200 gone by the time I have put petrol in car, paid hotel bill, and bought food by way of meals out etc; before I start buying things at the show, and imbibing a few beers etc. I don't bedrudge that money, as that is what it costs, and I enjoy the pilgrimage up to Telford each year; but, this year - that money would be wasted. The atmosphere and ambiance of the weekend will not be there. Part of the weekend is the catching up with folk you only converse with on forum, having a beer and a natter; and a good look at finished models you have only seen as WIP etc for months; wandering round the traders looking at stuff, impulse buying something and gandering other stuff. All the perspex and screens that would be needed to have those taking money behind screens or wearing decent PPE; trying to stamp the membership cards and issue wristbands - running a membership desk, the list of areas for problems just keeps growing and doesn't bear thinking about; trying to run kit-swap and have everyone socially distanced all the way round, and the queues in there are wicked at best of times as they check things off and write in books and cross reference sheets etc. Remember - employees who have returned to the workplace are advised not to share items like books and stationery - and all the roles undertaken by volunteers throughout the event change every hour. The latest moves from the UK Government on Friday 31st, July have more than proved, that you cannot have anything arranged at the moment and guarantee with any certainty it can go ahead. Those who had assumed after the last announcement by Boris, two weeks back, that their wedding reception for 30 would proceed today, or in coming weeks, are today scuppered. Those who booked hotels and travelled to Sheffield for this weekend and next few days; and bought tickets to attend the Crucible Theatre snooker championships in the trial indoor event being held in a conference centre; are now frustrated and at a financial loss with their hotels. (People who were in the conference centre on Friday when announcement was made, were allowed to stay in there for the rest of day, if they had tickets for afternoon; but everyone else for sessions today and thereafter has been offered a ticket refund - but has stumped up hotels etc and are now at a loose end.)
  4. chrism


    No matter how much you try - and put notices up asking people not to touch - the tables and stuff at front does get touched.
  5. chrism


    Things have changed. Attending a model show is not going to be like it was last year. Going back to playing a sport or using a village hall has changed dramatically. If you hire a village hall (and I have spoken to people in other villages around us, who do likewise and the village halls are in neighbouring counties Hampshire and Wiltshire, and all our respective village halls are requiring us to thoroughly clean everything BOTH on entering the building, AND before we leave. This covers cleaning toilet seats, washbasins, mirrors not touching curtains which have been roped off and secured out of way; we cannot use any fabric covered chairs any more, soft surfaces and soft furnishings are out, totally forbidden. Chairs - only plastic ones, we must wipe walls and doors and other things, anti-what-not clean all seats and tables, walls, doors, ... make sure we have windows open all the time in there, (it gets worse when you involve the kitchen and the ladies who make refreshments etc). Then I have to wipe everything down after the morning session, and before the next group come in to play in an afternoon .(because that is technically another booking of the venue as it involves a load of different people) ... along with the detailed registers we have to keep of who was in the hall.... That is just the requirements from the parish council over the hall, I then have a few pages of legislation over positioning and spacing of equipment, and wiping and cleaning that, and what I can/cannot do with chairs and numbers in the hall at any time imposed on my from the County association/affiliation we have to the sport, as we rely on the affiliation membership for public liability insurance. That now totally limits/drastically reduces the numbers I can have in the hall at any one time, and in turn makes the cost of hiring hall unreasonable for the limited few we can have, unless we put up fees a lot. The restrictions imposed on what we can /cannot do and cleaning etc of the specific equipment necessary for our activity and appropriate social distancing is horrendous on its own, in addition to that for the hall. I have to compile a risk assessment for my county sport affiliation body, and send it to them with any nuances pertinent to the hall we play in, they approve that, once I get that, I supply it to the parish council, who if they are happy, will allow us to re-convene playing in the hall ..... (this is going to takes a few weeks yet to get in place)
  6. chrism


    This week the IPMS have published a news update, which alludes that things will be different, if indeed they do happen in some form. Yesterday I also received an email (as a SIG leader), which asks a couple questions, and invites a response. Both of which I will copy in below. First the IPMS general info release: Now the text of the email: Whilst there is so much up in the air, and there is no information forthcoming by the society on "how" or what they even think they might try and organise, if they can, get the go-ahead, it is hard for members ( and clubs etc to know whether it is worth the expense of going still. The prospect of not having very many chairs around the venue, or only being able to have 2 behind a table; queuing to get to a traders stall, and what if you then want to go back to another one at the other end of that hall or in another aisle? would you have to walk through all the other halls and back in again like doing a lap at the grand prix? If there is a one-way system around all three halls, in such a manner as if you need get from hall2 to hall 3, you have got to go via hall1 and out and round and back in again, it is going to make the idea of the event an absolute farce; going to the refreshment areas and having to stand, as the government are saying to reduce chairs is not going to be much fun, toilets likewise have to be limited. This is the information we need to have an idea of, so as to make fair decisions . The government and trade show bodies have put together a hefty list of conditions, and the TIC will I guess still have to work through them, and then feed that down to the IPMS who inturn will have to feed down to traders/clubs. The Association of Event Venues have published guidelines for future events. I will attach a link to some documents which anyone who is interested can download and read. https://www.aev.org.uk/.../Industry-All-Secure-Standard.pdf https://www.essa.uk.com/covid19 https://www.aev.org.uk/__m.../COVID-EGUIDE-APPENDIX-2020.pdf How will this relate to a model show? – the cloths on table coverings – most clubs and sigs have bed sheets, table cloths or some such chairs behind tables these would have to be cleaned and spaced out so much and technically should only be sat on by the “nominated” person…. (all well and good until someone moves and shuffles chairs to get in/out of aisles. One chair per 6ft of space … 2 people behind a 12ft space, and the chairs needing cleaning everytime someone different sits on them. They also suggest that entry is staggered throughout the entire day. (not really sure how that can work well for a model show though, if you are going for a day.) The display that a participating club puts on would also need to be regularly cleaned too, or else be behind a perspex screen … there would then need to be strict “no touch” by those wandering round. Perspex screens are regularly mentioned too, as is the need to wear face masks all the time. they recommend that the use of chairs is drastically reduced in eating areas, and consequently there would be less chairs anywhere to just sit on and rest, and/or at each display, and that cleaning on stands/displays is carried out throughout the event, I am in the camp of having the belief that the show ought to be shelved/postponed/cancelled/whatever word you like to use for 2020. One thing for certain – is that this will involve every model club and SIG preparing a few more pages of risk assessment ….
  7. chrism


    Around the UK any and indeed many hotels which are reopening, are only working at 50% occupancy, and have to do this, so as to "air" the rooms at present. That coupled with them unable to serve self-service style buffets for breakfasts, which the on-site and other large nearby hotels do or did; and then they now will have to wipe down seats and tables and everything else between punters is going mean a lot of congestion around what few they can seat, as to the hotels in the area - many of which have not yet given any indication on websites as to when they will reopen - such as the Ramada, the International and Holiday Inn. Not forgetting that the University have cancelled all bookings - for however many they could accommodate there...
  8. chrism


    Shops now have to quarantine goods for 72 hours that have been touched by customers. As a for instance: Exbury Gardens in Hampshire, is a 200 acre outdoor site, they are now open again, and are allowed 500 guests a day, with staggered entry throughout the day (75-80 guests per hour can enter throughout the day from 10am.) They have toilet blocks that have I think nearly 20-24 cubicles in them; and they are allowed to have 4 available to use, based on how they are grouped with the doors opening and people/access to them. Likewise out of umpteen urinals most are cordoned off. Market traders, have to have a queue and a barrier up, so customers queue and get served one at a time. Telford just cannot work - even if they try to restrict it to those who are members or have bought tichets in advance. Who wants to queue for half an hour to look at what stock one trader has, then do same for the next.... its bad enough if you do opt to queue for kitswap, and/or at some point queue up to get your Hannants pre-order. Many traders are quick to comment about how much it costs to trade at the event, in the past. Now it can only get worse. The IPMS committee and organising crowd are all volunteers who often remind us that they are volunteers and all have a life outside of the IPMS, surely now it is sensible for them to sit back, call time on holding an event this year, and watch and see how the world evolves and how shops, and hotels. the leisure industry, and travel in terms of coaches, and trains and planes, and all other trade shows worldwide all re-surface, and then work and move forward with that knowledge to form a new format (which is what will be needed) for the event moving forward
  9. chrism


    I was contacted by a member of my SIG end of last week, and he said that his booking for the Telford University rooms has already been cancelled for the two nights he had booked for SMW weekend. That then poses interesting questions. If and it its big IF.... some hotels are allowed to reopen, with strict reductions on guests, and some bars are also allowed to reopen but with smaller numbers of punters in them, where will everyone who attends (assuming that people do go) stop, or eat. as there are also an awful lot of people who stop in an awful lot of small B&B and older type establishments within a very wide area around Telford,, that are going to be severely hit in terms of when they can (or even if they can) reopen as they have got narrow corridors and limited space, The larger modern hotels with wide corridors and multiple lifts will be able to reopen sooner, but with reduced guest numbers; and we all know that "everywhere" gets pre-booked up for that weekend, so quickly... Anyone who has been and knows how Mr Models or Pat Lewerne to name just two, set out their stalls, they are very hemmed in/enclosed with how visitors go in and around their stand, generally having to knee others and stepping on feet to see and get round when it gets busy. For the clubs and SIGS who attend, there may be 4ft of space infront of us, but behind the table it is a free fight trying to navigate your way round past other people, coats, chairs and "stuff" to get to the entrance spaces to get up the aisles to our displays - so there has got to be an awful lot of space between the tables .. it just is not going to work. Where will the overseas contingent do their 14 days quarantine ? if that element of travel into the UK comes into force; they cannot do it at the hotel, as most of them only do B&B - requiring you to go out to one of the pubs and restaurants in the area for food; Then they will in all likelihood have to do a further 2 week stint when they get home again! There is a lot more to Telford than just getting into the international centre; all the hotels and restaurants and pubs, in the area who get our custom; then there is also the matter of transport to get there. We are urged to not use public transport, but some thankfully have done in past years, which alleviates parking spaces, but still there is never enough parking; but if locals who live in the area are now using their cars and needing the local car parks and that show goes ahead, where will everyone park
  10. chrism

    Airfix 2020

    The airfix club is due to be relaunched. There always used to be a special kit for club members. So if you want to get take up for membership of your club you obviously need a nice kit to tempt people to sign up and join to get as the carrot or reward for joining ....
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