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  1. Hallo again My intention is to show the wood grain in scale. I did not get this result by brush. The distance of the fine lines was too big. Therefore I changed to the sponge. You may see the photos. There are two WNW a/c from my husband. And two actual a/c in the workshop. The Albatros without clear vanish and the sailing plane with a dark clear vanish. Happy modeling
  2. The Sufa will come soon on the RFI.
  3. Hallo again This time I started actual building my model. I had the idea to get on with real wood. In the way as I already experienced it after a long fight with very expensive aftermarket products. My goal is to achieve a very high quality of modeling with not expensive material. Just to buy it in a paint or color shop. You will see all the paint I used. To tell it clearly, this idea is from the WingNutWings website. However, the procedure is a mess. Everything what is not used promptly has to leave the workbench. Get the way clear for cleaning your hands afterward! So lets go spraying in different shades of basic brown. Whatever you like. Afterward take a sponge as I showed in on the photo. A new one from the kitchen. Cut it in a manageable size. Put oil color on the sponge with the soft side. Then start rubbing the brown wood surface. For managing the corners, take a brush with stiff hair. Do not use any dilutor for this process. Stop the procedure, when the outcome satisfies you. You may have seen, no part was glued in advance. If you would do so, you cannot get in the edges of the glued parts. Now get your workbench and all tools and your body and fingers in a clean shape again. Wonderful wood without decal and Ushi. Be patient. Do not touch it for at least three days. Than we will give all parts a gloss varnish before doing anything else. Happy modelling
  4. Hallo again To answer your questions: · WIP for this: No. The model I built approx.. 8 years ago · Are the 600 gal tanks used a lot Yes. In the IAF they are common! Happy modelling
  5. This is the third F-16, the F-16 D (Barak). I built the F-16 D Block 40 "Barak 2" No. 687 from the Scorpion Squadron. The kit in 1/48 is from Kinetik. Additional parts are from Aires (cockpit, wheel bay and exhaust), Dr. Pepper (Sidewinder), Isracast (fuel tank 600 gallons) and Eduard (masks and etched parts and the ladder). External stores are: Station 1/9: 2 AIM 9 L Sidewinder Station 2/8: 2 Python 4 Station 3/7: 2 JADAM (GBU-31) Station 4/6: 2 Fuel tank 600 Gallons Station 5: 1 Fuel tank 300 Gallons The original is from the book of Ofer Zidon „ Israeli Air Force Cutting Edge“on page 18. However, in the book the stations 2 and 8 are empty. Happy Modelling
  6. Hallo, Black Knight, Thanks for your proposal. It is according to my intention. I just needed a verification. Happy modelling
  7. FE.2b Early My next project is the FE.2b early of Wingnut Wings in 1/32. The machine will be the FE.2b with the number 6352 “Baroda 15” from 23 Squadron in March 1916. His opponent was Immelmann, with his Fokker E.II I will build it afterwards. Until now, I did not find an original photo of this machine. If someone has a photo of this machine, so please put it into the forum. That would make me very happy about it. If somebody has the book about the FE2b from Cross & Cockade, which is out of stock, and the pdf not ready yet. Maybe. One thing more: You suggestion for the top color PC8. What did you use in opposite to PC10? In Hendon, RAF museum, I only saw the black FE.2b. Happy modelling
  8. F-16 C Barak This is the second F-16, the F-16 C (Barak). I built the F-16C Block 40 "Barak 2" No. 531 from the First Fighter Squadron. The kit in 1/48 is from Tamiya. Additional parts are from Dr. Pepper (conversion set), Wolfpack (litening Pod), Isracast (fuel tank 600 gallons), Aires (exhaust nozzle), Flightpath (Siedewinder), Eduard (masks and etched parts). External stores are: Station 1/9: 2 AIM 9 L Sidewinder Station 2/8: 2 Python 4 Station 3/7: 2 Rafael Spice Station 4/6: 2 Fuel tank 600 Gallons Station 5: 1 Fuel tank 300 Gallons The original is from the book of Ofer Zidon „ Israeli Air Force Cutting Edge“on page 12. But in the book the stations 1 and 9 are empty. Happy Modeling
  9. F-16 IDF Introduction My intention was to represent the F-16 of the Israeli Air Force with the entire development of the F-16 A, (Netz) via the F-16 C (Barak), F-16 D (Barak) to the F-16 I (Sufa) faithfully. I had the chance to see the F-16 A and the F-16 I at Hatzerim AFB very closely, in flight I saw all variants of F-16 which are presently in IAF service. F-16A Netz I built the F-16 A Netz Nr. 234 from the Flying Dragon squadron. The kit in 1/48 is from Italieri. Additional parts are from Eduard (Cockpit, ladder the FOD), Exhaust nozzle from Aires, Conversion set from Isracast. The F-16A was on a training flight: Therefore, I mounted a tank and one Ehud pot (in the body of an AIM 9 Sidewinder) on the tip of the port wing. This configuration has really flown like that For the F-16 A, Ofer Zidon's book "Israeli Air Force Cutting Edge" has beautiful photos of the F-16A. Happy Modeling
  10. ruth


    Hallo, I am a female modeler from Vienna in Austria. I have about 200 plastic kits of a/c already built. From scale 72 to 32. From WW1 WingNutWings to F-16I from the IAF. Since about 25 years, I am modeling. Since my husband introduced me to this marvelous forum, I would like to join in too. The ideas to get and the information to share could boost my modeling! Happy modelling
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