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  1. Thanks for the feedback chaps. I'm actually just planning to build the doors rather than the whole structure (it's challenging enough measuring those to be honest and making the whole affair would be tedious and result in a large and boring surface). However, the doors and the external framework have plenty going on. I did photograph the rear end with the exhaust vents but as any aircraft would be parked outside the front, I'm much more interested in that end. The idea is that it would be a backdrop for various RAF Cold War types. The St Mawgan ones were selected entirely on the basis of opportunity; if I still lived near Honington or Lakenheath and could access those, I'd be doing one of them. However, Cornwall is convenient as I can usually steal a day to go measuring when we are on holiday there once or twice a year and I can get to one easily. That's a sound tip regarding the laser ranger - I recall my surveyor using one but never thought how handy it might be for something more useful like this. Having said that, I suspect that a long measuring rod might be more useful as there isn't always a reflective surface available and I can see the potential for false readings if the beam is insufficiently focused. Trying to measure something long with an unsupported tape measure did prove a bit challenging though so hopefully a 2-3m rigid rod will be a better bet. I'm primarily a 1/72 player, with a recently acquired interest (and stash) in 1/32 but this would be built (if it ever is) in 1/72. Each door is more than 9m wide after all. However, I'm drawing it at full size so any scale is possible. If you want one in 1/16, have at it So far I've drawn up some of the components but not tried to assemble the structure yet as I'm still battling with some of the software's features like how to cut parts at an angle without deleting the entire RSJ I've just drawn. I know this is simple but it's not working yet! Also had to remind myself of some long forgotten trigonometric principles to derive dimensions for some parts. And inevitably I've realised that despite some considerable planning and experience of this game, I missed some vital dims when clambering over the various RSJs and bracing struts, so I can't finish it yet anyway. However, by July, I should have a shopping list of the missing ones I need and another day of field work might see off the task (apart from the drawing part anyway). Gratifying to learn that others have contemplated such a project anyway. Any assistance gratefully received!
  2. Hi I know this thread is a couple of years old but this week I spent a day measuring up part of the door framework for a HAS at the former RAF St Mawgan (now Newquay airport), a design which was used at other UK stations. I’ve started drawing up the components in Sketchup so scaling for any size is possible but there’s still quite a bit to do and as I’m not hauling a ladder down here for my holidays I’m limited in how accurately I can depict the bits that are out of my reach. It probably needs at least another couple of days of measuring (inevitably I missed some dims and ran out of time to do some areas) but I plan to be back in July next year to continue the job. If anyone knows of any accessible ones that are closer to Swindon, I’d be happy to continue the task on those though
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