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  1. I went to my LHS today looking for three Humbrol paints only to discover that they had no Humbrol products at all. They didn't even have the racks they used to use for enamels or acrylics. Its like the entire brand has vanished off the face of the earth. What's going on!
  2. I have a chronic lung disease and so have recently migrated from enamels to Vallejo acrylics but find they simply don't adhere firmly to plastic and don't adhere at all to P.E. (Even their primer doesn't adhere to P.E!) Does any one know if AMMO paints are any better in this respect. Also, can anyone vouch for the accuracy of their colours (I mainly model British/allied WWII armour).
  3. For some months now I have had a Bronco 17 pdr in my stash waiting for a suitable tractor but there is still no sign of the promised Bronco offering (which I believe represents a MK II). Would a quad MK 1 be an appropriate substitute in a Normandy setting or should I just give up ?
  4. A brass mast set is the one thing I've been waiting for to complete my model. I've tried using the supplied plastic ones but they are way too fragile and unstable, they won't stay upright while they glue dries and tend to break as soon as you look at them so, your post was the best news I've had for some time.
  5. Thanks to both Troy and jack. I suspected body colour would be the answer but felt I aught to confirm this because these parts would not be accessable for a repaint after a certain stage in the build. I've decided on a late model with single piece nose plate painted in SCC15 since I already have a quantity of the excellent Vallejo mix for this colour.
  6. Hi guys This is my first post in the AFV section so I apologise in advance if I violate any conventions of this section. I have just purchased Dragon's sexton II with CDP and cannot see anywhere on the instructions where it refers to the colours of the gearbox/final drive assembly (or indeed any of the other interior features). Since it appears that these parts will be visible on the finished model, it would be kinda nice to be able to paint them in the appropriate colours. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  7. Welcome to the club. This happens to me at least once on every model I make these days. My carpet monster must be so well fed I should probably put it on a diet!
  8. My default setting would be Colourcoats NARN 22. You could try Humbrol 127 which is a touch darker and bluer than 147 and is also available as an acrylic. Be warned however, These Humbrol paints need a lot of stirring to get the consistent light Blue grey which is probably what you are looking for. I break up the sludge with a wooden coffee stirrer and then use a master tools electric stirrer. This seems to work. Regarding the deck colour, you are right. Humbrol No 9 is Gloss and is totally the wrong colour. I have in the past got good results from Humbrol 148 (Radome tan) + 10% 110 (Wood) Hope this helps
  9. Just don't fix them in place. Then you can replace them when you've saved up the money for a set from Shapeways. By the way, the barrels of the Shapeways set are produced individually with the "business end" bored out and can be separately elevated if you so wish. They really are a worthwhile upgrade.
  10. Thanks Jamie. I use a DSLR so it sounds like Village Photos is the one for me.
  11. I am also looking for a photo sharing website so that I can post pickies of my feeble efforts. Could I enquire what sites you other guys use and how do you rate them?
  12. After a long delay for health reasons, I am just about to try adding my own Funnel platforms. Wish me luck.
  13. I'm very pleased for you. Life can be difficult with something like that keeping you in limbo so to speak.
  14. That's exactly what I did using UPS projectors from WEM with scratch built splinter shields. My point was, to illustrate the Pacific bias. I actually quite like doing conversions like this but changing a KGV or Warspite into (for instance) H.M.S revenge would be betond my capabilities.
  15. I second that! it annoys me that Tamiya, for instance, only produce a KGV in her very late war configuration when she was in the Pacific and totally ignore her as of May 1941 when she took part in the sinking of the Bismark, probably her most famous action. I believe that the major reason none of them produce a large scale Royal Sovereign class is that they did not play any significant part in the Pacific war. All this makes me more pleased that Trumpeter have issued Exeter in River Plate condition first rather than the Java sea version.
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