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  1. Never give up (well, almost). RFI post for this one has been up quite awhile now
  2. I feel you. It's the same with the Trumpeter 1/32 Kingfisher I'm currently working on. Every hole, pin, stab, slab, etc has to be reworked / re-drilled in order for things to fit. The instructions are a sorry excuse for what they should be. The plastic seems to have been cooled too quickly, being ver brittle and grainy. I too will persevere due to the investment and the admittedly nice surface finish of the kit's outer shell. Keep going!
  3. Calling it quits. I am omitting the elevator rigging since it is too difficult for me to drill shallow holes there now that it's assembled. I will buy the correct LVA version (Bü-131A) and do it all again, taking the lessons of my first Biplane to make it even better. Happy with end result though!
  4. I just checked your Stieglitz thread and you did a mighty fine job! Looks to be a lovely kit indeed. I've bult only one resin kit before (1/48 CAC Wackett) and found it though "different" but not very much more challenging than styrene, and it turned out great. Many thanks for that reference thread, I have it bookmarked! I haven't read anything about the release date for the SW Tiger Moth but hope not too long.
  5. Well I'll be d*mned! Just found the news of the new Silver Wings 1/32 Tiger Moth. Count me in for at least two. Still going to built the Matchbox one, maybe in parallel with the new one for kicks.
  6. Thank you very much! I do constrict myself (my eyes actually) to 1/32. And, the extra detail in that scale is a plus for me. I frequently visit LSP, maybe time for an account. Very lovely and friendly forum, just like this one! Do you have a thread going on the Stieglitz? Untill now I only built Dutch military subjects, but just the other week I bought an Eduard 1/32 P-47D to depict an example that was briefly stationed at Fliegerhorst Venlo in march / april 45. I grew up there and remember strolling over the old german runways. One could pick up hand-sized (allied) bomb fragments from the run
  7. Oh my God, what have I done not preparing the rigging with the parts still on the sprues! Well, learned a lot and am getting there. Even when not to scale I am quite content with the overall appearance of the rigging. This is/was a very valuable build for me when I am going to tackle my next biplane (Matchbox 1/32 Tiger Moth, for which strangely enough there is NO aftermarket stuff available ). On to the next round of rigging the other wing and stabilizers...
  8. Exceptional achievement, I am very impressed. Quite a unique model, and so great other kits get recycled. Cheers!
  9. Well, it's starting to look like a Dutch Jungmann. I am awaiting arrival of a set of micro drills, and then start installing the rigging. The roundels came from Dutch Decals' mulit-scale national insignia set. "Dutch Decals" can sometime be "Dutch Disaster". In this instance, they were fragile but workable if I had taken a little bit more care. Had to touch-up the white in two of the roundels due to ripping. Daco Strong setting solution was a tad too much for them, Daco Medium worked okay. I plan to sink these home-made excuses for turnbuckles in to the wings, and then superglue a
  10. I did some more work. I am starting to see the fun in working with PE as in some cases, as this, it really adds much to the appearance of a model. Those trim tabs look great. Most of the painting is done. Still have to paint some details and then add the rigging. More to come.
  11. Jonathan, I have to say this is a very inspiring build. Great job on the PE parts and the ladder, very clean job. Looking forward to seeing the finished model!
  12. I have managed to make some further progress on the little Bücker. Getting the wings assembled to the fuselage together was relatively straightforward and easy to align, partly so due to the excellent near-snap fit of the struts. The Eduard PE engine access door and cockpit doors are really nice and add to the authentic look of the finished model. Once again I had to pass on some very small parts but overall I am content. Still, as with everything, practice makes you better and I am learning. I realize my efforts can't hold a faint candle to most of the work I see on t
  13. Cockpit mostly done, and today I fitted the engine. Fit in this area is really good, except for the upper engine mounts against the firewall. I had to expand the holes outward to make them fit dead-center and without bending te rods. Maybe it was me....
  14. Some progress. Some observations so far: Plastic is very soft. Do not use a sprue-cutter near fragile parts (and there are many). On the plus side any irragularities sand away quite quickly. Just be gentle. Fit is very very good. Nothing like dry fitting a nod panel, applying a little thin cement along the joint with a small brush, applying just a little bit of pressure to make the part bite, and giving it the nod when it stays put with no visible seam and no oozing glue. The PE set is very nice, but some parts are just simply too small and fiddly for me to be able to handl
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