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  1. ....simply out-of-this-world skills! Polish modellers are the best in the world, I see many many truly amazing builds by Poles. but this tops them all. Hat off to you.
  2. Looking really good! Keep it up. I have built the ICM IX Spit years ago, and it came out wonderful. Just needs a little care here and there.
  3. OMG. Yes, obviously I made a mistake and it is Revell 99, not 66. Why is there no dot on the lid?
  4. That's what I did. After spraying the U/C in this colour I decided to use it over Tamiya X-32 for the entire model. I placed this Sabre next to my HK 1/32 Meteor F.4 in Tamiya X-32 to see the difference, and it's no contest. Revell wins this one even though I haven't been fond of Revell paint in the past. I am aware of the various "magic" NMF paint lines available, but given the prices these days of a jar of paint I experiment, like you. As you pointed out, compared to the pictures the overall impression of the finish is quite pleasing (Non-Fiat below though).
  5. Thanks Malcolm! Overall it's Revell 66 99 silver (Thanks Joseph), and after gloss coat and the decals I used Humbrol 135 semi gloss as a final coat, but as you can see it came out quite mat-tish. I power-stirred the jar for maybe 5 minutes. Still, I think the looks befit the model this way. For the muzzle area, fuselage panel, and exhaust I used Tamiya X-32 with a drop of black added.
  6. Long time wish come true: a 1/32 Dutch F-86K, 702 Squadron, sixties.
  7. Calling it a day with this one. Summary kit: satisfying build, but testing my personal attention span limits, especially the extra clean-up required. Instruction sheet full of vagueness, parts call-out wrong, but manageable. Outside shell fits great and looks good. VERY nice surface detail, ideal for weathering. Worth the price IMO. Summary Eduard Big Ed set: very nice and very extensive, but overpriced (got it in a special). Summary Dutch Decals: fragile, inaccurate (the dash that makes a "Q" a "Q" is way too narrow, had to correct it), inaccurate instructions (no discrimination between the U.S. and Fiat built examples in regards to the differences in the anti-glare panel)). Not worthy of a Dutch company doing Dutch subjects IMO. Plus side: roundel colour looks very good, react well to Daco Medium. More in RFI.
  8. Yes these panel lines and rivets will really come to life easily with a black wash later on. I primed her with Surfacer 1200, and then Revell 66 silver, which I chose over Tamiya AS12 Titanium Silver after painting the gear with the Revell color. The tanks will be AS12 for some contrast. Apparently even Dutch Decal is not to be trusted with the Dutch Air Force subjects. My plane will be Q-900, a Fiat-built example, which had a differently painted anti-glare panel compared to it's North-American built counterparts. The DD instruction sheet shows all as identical is this respect. Luckily I noticed. Here's Q-900 (55-4900, scrapped mid-1964) albeit earlier in life, with a ZX-1 squadron code instead of Q-code: Here's Q-902, also Fiat-built. Compare anti-glare panel with the images earlier in this thread. Anyhow, it was a quick fix: )
  9. Have had a little time for it again. The discoloration around the gun ports is too far aft, I will have to fix that. Don't be a dork like me and mask and paint the exhaust area BEFORE you attach the horizontal stabilisers, this will save you an hour of your life for something else Gear is ready also, and I will now start weathering that and the wheel-wells first.
  10. Nice to see a D XXIII built up. Such a beautiful design and ahead of its time. Would have been a great combo together with a Fokker T.9. Very nice build, congrats. Can't wait to see how it look finished.
  11. I admire your patience and dedication, and I am in awe of what you have accomplished. Hats off!
  12. Today I got a real education about working with PE. I really never used it, so it is a new aspect for me modelling-wise. I have ordered a stand-alone magnifying glass from Amazon All vortex generators are on now. Eduard have you use a PE template for exact placement, but that is more in the way than that is is any kind of help, especially when removing the template which sits way too tight around the generators is almost impossible without tearing them off again. I just Tamiya-taped a path and placed them on one by one freehand. Not very perfect, but okay for a first attempt. I noticed I got better at it along the way. On a side note: I learned that each individual aircraft had them in different locations and quantities! Like the lead weights on car wheels. They were placed where they were needed. Did they test EACH plane in a wind tunnel to assess where they should be put?? The small fuselage intake was overlooked by Kitty Hawk (which is strange since it is included in their F-86D kit). Eduard came to the rescue. Not sure if I like it yet though, might make a new one from stock. I will see how it looks under a coat of Surfacer first. These intakes were present on some aircraft but mostly not present. Maybe a seasonal thing. She's starting to look like one:
  13. Thank you sir! These come in handy once in a while, I keep a few at hand. The seam on the tail-to fuselage going will need some putty and sanding, the didn't mate too well. Good on one side, less so on the other. I have started on the gears, and replacing the vortex generators with the ones from the Big Ed set. My poor eyes just don't cut it anymore.... I have to start looking for some stand-alone magnifying apparatus. I have barely managed to glue each individual generator in place, 16 of them. Luckily the larger one is one part and one just needs to bend the vortex generators 90° upward.
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