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  1. I am using AT&T and have not have any problems since it was fixed a week or so ago. I can run it if you want but it won't show the problem they are having.
  2. Someone already posted it up over there! It is nice to finally be able to get back on. I was just about over the withdrawal symptoms! Thanks for getting it fixed!
  3. It is a wireless cart for the 22 Set. Here is some more info on the different carts and pictures of the types: WS 22 handcarts
  4. Oh please don't say that! I already spend too much on my 1/48 aircraft and 1/35 armor modelling.
  5. Thanks for the input. It looks like I will go with a WNW model then. In that case I might also look at one their Camel models with the USAS markings.
  6. Thanks but no German. I have zero interest in German and not spending money on it if I have no interest.
  7. So I am looking to perhaps take my first foray into a stringbag but not sure exactly what I am about to get myself into! I want to build a model of something that the US air corp used. In looking for one of those I have narrowed it to either a Gaspatch or WNW model of a Salmson. My question is what would be a better kit to build? The Gaspatch or the WNW? I know there is the scale difference and a decent price difference but that isn't much of a concern. Looking for best quality followed by easiest build. Thanks!
  8. Sign me up. I have always like the Panzer III. It had panache!
  9. While I appreciate you responding you might want to review what was written there might be some confusion. First there is no information at all on your webpage or on any one distributing your decals to provide answers to my question as I posed in the first post. You provided more information in your post that is slightly helpful, but all that is out there is a short description from your page: Nothing in that description tells me when that aircraft is identified to him and hence why I wanted to confirm what he flew on D-Day and of the decals covered that time. And I can't find a sin
  10. Wow that is a great photo and I would have probably never have found it through the searches I was doing. So do the eagle decals have decent descriptions? I was able to find some illustrations of the 1/72 sheet with his plane on it but there didn't seem to be a lot of info on them. I guess I am spoiled from my recent aviaeology sheets.
  11. Thanks that seems to confirm it was an A-8. The eagle decals had little to no information in them that I could find and the accounts I read just mentioned him flying a 190.
  12. So I am looking to try and build one of the German aircraft that flew on the initial day of Overlord or in the immediate days after Overlord. I was thinking of doing the FW190 that Major Bühligen flew for JG2 in 1/72. I found a set of decals that has a FW190 identified to him but I am not sure of the time frame those decals cover. It is this one here: http://www.eagle-editions.com/aircraft-decals-for-the-modeler/72/fw-190s/eaglecals-10-fw-190-doras-fs-and-as.html I have also been unable to find out exactly what model of the 190 he flew and if those decals are in the d
  13. Yeah my current weathering brush are well worn. They don't get babied at all and get a lot of road travel rocking around in the box with my weather pigments and paints when going to shows! All of what I have has come from the local big box arts & crafts stores but they are all the cheap nylon stuff that come in the mixed packets. However if I am going to spend money on dedicated brushes I don't want ones that will disintegrate after a few uses. Some of those series 7 brushes are over $30 a piece so I don't want to flush money down the proverbial toilet!
  14. So I am looking around to get some better detail brushes than the taklon ones I currently have been using in weathering my scale trains using acrylics. In looking around I was interested in getting some nice sable brushes like the Winsor & Newton series 7 in 0 and 00 sizes to do detail painting on things like cockpits but I see that there seems to be recommended for watercolors and not to use any harsh cleaners like thinner. I plan on using acrylics and enamels so not sure if those would work or not. So what brushes (and materials) would be good that can be used with both ena
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